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13 November 1999


Message: 2334From: Monvel MaskewReceived: Sa Nov 13, 1999 3:21


Hi folks,

I just recieved the following information from Teri Bell at AIAA:

News has been recieved directly from the folks at the Basundhara Orphanage
in Orissa. All of the children are okay, but the building has been
devastated and they will not be able to use it.

They are taking in more children who have been orphaned by the Cyclone and
also assisting some of the poorer people of the province. It has been
reported that the children are out helping clean up the carcasses of the

They will be obtaining some help from IMH in Calcutta, but they are in
desperate need of food and money. AIAA has offered to organize the relief
effort for any and all agencies and individuals who would like to
contribute to this effort.

You are asked to contact Teri Bell at AIAA if you would like to help:

Phone: 651-687-0259


Trish Maskew