Mumbai couple could not develop emotional attachment with their adopted child, Bombay High Court canceled the adoption.

4 February 2024

The Bombay High Court has canceled the adoption of a child given to a couple in Mumbai. The couple had adopted this 4-year-old child just 5 months ago. The child was handed over to Bal Asha Trust from the police station. The child has a habit of overeating

Mumbai: Bombay High Court has canceled the adoption of a 4-year-old child in his interest. In August 2023, the court gave the child for adoption to a couple. The couple had adopted the child by filing a petition through Bal Asha Trust. After 5 months of adoption, the couple complained to the Trust about the child's uncontrolled bad behavior and habits. Also said that he has not been able to develop emotional attachment with the child, hence we want to return the child. For this they are ready to follow all the rules. Let us tell you that the couple already has a daughter. The trust has suggested counseling to the couple to understand the behavior of the child. So that necessary steps can be taken to improve the behavior of the child. Meanwhile, the Trust suggested adoption experts Central and State Adoption Resource, District Child Protection Unit to study the couple's house.

The aspect of the couple's inability to have a child together was examined. Counseling revealed the child's overeating behavior. The couple also talked about picking up food from the child's dustbin. Then the child was taken to the doctor. After blood test, it was found that the child was on the border line of leptin and diabetes. According to the doctor's opinion, the child may be suffering from obesity and other health problems related to diabetes.

The child was found at the police station

During counselling, it was revealed that the couple had no emotional attachment to the child, but the child had an attachment to them. With all the reports and the affidavit of the couple, the Trust had filed a petition in the High Court demanding cancellation of the adoption. The child given in adoption was found by the couple at NM Joshi Marg Police Station, which was handed over to Bal Asha Trust.

The case was heard before Justice Riyaz Chagla. During this time, after considering all the reports and affidavits, Justice Chagla canceled the order of adoption dated 17 August 2023. Also instructed the adoption agency to register the child for adoption again.