About Agitu Wodajo


Executive Director

“Some people help others by giving up their money. Some give up their time. Agitu Wodajo has given up herself.”
– Jennifer Thaney, The Minnesota Women’s Press

Selfless dedication to empowering marginalized children and women towards self-reliance is the driving force behind our Executive Director, Agitu Wodajo’s, achievements. Coming from a rich mix of national and international service and leadership, Agitu Wodajo applies her substantial expertise and commitment towards the effectiveness and success of Better Future Adoption Services, Inc.

Born in Wolega, western Ethiopia, Agitu Wodajo has served in various leadership roles in Ethiopia and in the US throughout her life. She played a fundamental role in initiating Ethiopia’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs, which is now responsible for overseeing adoptions in the country. In 1992, she founded the Women’s Self-Reliance Agency, a non-governmental organization in Ethiopia, to teach women occupational skills that could sustain them and their families. The self-sufficiency model exhibited in WSRA became renown nationally and internationally. She has also served more than a decade as the founder and executive director of the International Self-Reliance Agency for Women (ISAW) in Minnesota. As one of the first women organizations in Minnesota, ISAW has greatly impacted the life of immigrant and refugee women, children and families in Minnesota through direct services and systems change advocacy that helped lift barriers to self-reliance. Through her work with ISAW, Agitu received numerous awards and recognitions including Outstanding Services to Women Award, Certificate of Commendation from the Governor of the State of Minnesota, Certificate of Appreciation from USCIS District Director, Internship Award, Academic Achievement Award and Bush Leadership Fellowship grant (which lead her to obtaining a Masters Degree).

Agitu Wodajo holds an Executive Master of Public Affairs, a BA in Human Services, and Associate Degrees as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and a Community Nurse. Agitu Wodajo is also the proud mother of five children.

Coupled with her strong Christian faith, a calling to serve those in need, and a rich experience in working to advance the status of women and children in Ethiopia and the United States, Agitu Wodajo continues to elevate the lives of orphaned, and at-risk children and women in Ethiopia; Through Better Future Adoption Services, Inc., Agitu strives to build strong families and grant children a better future.