Woman Cleared Of Child Trafficking, Kidnapping

25 October 2010
Woman Cleared Of Child Trafficking, Kidnapping
Melissa Chea-Annan
The 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Bong County has officially cleared Madam Elizabeth Barrolle Dargbe of all charges that linked her to an act of Child Trafficking and Kidnapping in Bong County early this year. According to the victorious woman, eight months ago, while doing her job at the Methodist Campus in Gbarnga, a young man, J. Anthony Tamada hurriedly brought a young 'girl child' to her and said, “This is the child you had been giving me food for. I will be back.” She said after dashing the child on her, the young man whom she referred to as 'rebel soldier' went away.  “Since then I never saw him again until after six to eight months,” she explained. Madam Dargbe said she later gathered that Anthony, 'the rebel', took the child from Ballafana, a community in Bong County where some Lebanese Nationals were trading and after murdering the parents of the child, he carried the child away.
She further explained that few days later, she brought the innocent child to Monrovia and turned her over to the owner of the Fatima Orphanage Cottage, Mother Victoria N. B. Young. Madam Dargbe lamented that without her consent, Mother Young gave the child out to a Lebanese man for adoption without informing her or seeking her permission.
According to Madam Young, she (Dargbe) was later accused and taken to the 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Bong County, where she was charged with kidnapping and child trafficking during its August 2009 Term of Court. The court's document showed that at the call of the case, the state was represented by the county attorney for Bong County in association with attorney James K. Saybay, while the defendant was represented by the Public Defender for Bong County, in association with Counselor Francis Y.S Garlawolu.
The court's document, a copy in possession of this Paper further revealed that during and after several days of trials, both counsels rested evidence in Toto and submitted the case to the court for argument. In its judgment, the court ruled “that in view of the foregoing factual and legal circumstances, it is the final judgment that the defendant, 
Elizabeth Dargbe of Monrovia, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia is adjudged Not Guilty of the crime of kidnapping levied against her. Based upon the above, our office was mandated/ordered to make entry and to issue all precepts to effect the restoration of all liberty and rights of defendant Elizabeth Dargbe aforesaid without a day.”
The final judgment and certificate of clearance that were given on October 1, 2010 by assigned Judge, S. Geevon Smith further called on the court to return Madam Dargbe her liberty and all rights restored unto her. It has also been established that the child was adopted at the Monthly and Probate Court at the Temple of Justice by Judge Frances Johnson Morris on December 9, 1995. “I did not even know about the transaction. The only thing I have to live by is my character which has been damaged
nationally and internationally,” she indicated.
Also another clearance from the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice, said, “This is to certify that a careful perusal of records of this honorable court reveals that the said case was dismissed by court on March 17, 2009 in favor of the defendant discharging her from further answering to the charge herein without day and date. Hence, this certificate, given under our hand and seal of court, this 17th day of March A.D. 2009. Francis Weah, clerk of court.”