Demonstration lobby in Rome and mail to EU

14 May 2007

Posted by: enzo64 Date Posted: May 14, 2007 at 14:45


Dear friends, in a few hours we will be in Rome and we will begin our protest. We do not know how it will end. I apologize to all of you for this form of "spamming" but, you know that this is not simple, but the human attempt to bring home their children. I know for sure that many of you have joined our initiative and have already submitted the appeal. Thank you very much.

This is the last heartfelt appeal that appeal to you all to have the network of solidarity with Corina, Larisa, Iuliana, Madalina Nicusor and may have some effect.

I do not know how many hours or days will resist, I can no longer feed the post taking the high level of attention, now I trust in you and in your generosity and sensitivity.

Dear friends flooded and do flood of mail offices of which are provided the following e-mail addresses (just a simple copy / paste). - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; - ; -

The appeal you know (him back for the last time) but if you want you can use the words dictated by your feelings.


Corina, Iuliana, Larisa, Madalina, Nicusor

The writer invites MISUSE illustrious institution to take action with all the tools available to make the asset / top right of children to have a real family find fulfillment.

I urge you to ensure that Corina, Iuliana, Larisa, Madalina, Nicusor, can come together to families who are struggling to them, to those parents who for years called Mom and Dad.

Thanking you for all that you do and hoping that this gesture of solidarity can help us to make this world a better and more just, I take this opportunity to extend my best regards.

Hello to all.

On our return I will let you know.

Support us.