The mystery of Laura Codru?a Kovesi's secret marriage. "Private friend" moved to Luxembourg

26 November 2022

Laura Codru?a Kovesi got married in secret, shortly after becoming the European Chief Prosecutor. She has kept the identity of the partner under wraps.

Laura Codru?a Kovesi does not usually talk about her private life, although there have been quite a lot of speculations over time. It is known about the current head of the European Public Prosecutor's Office that she was married to Eduard Kovesi from Sibiu, between 2002 and 2007, after which she devoted herself to her career, becoming chief prosecutor at the National Anti-Corruption Directorate.

Laura Codru?a Kovesi: "I got married"

In this context, Kovesi surprised everyone in October 2022 when he revealed that he got married .

"I got married a few years ago. Immediately after I took office in Luxembourg. The friend I had in Romania is Romanian. He worked privately. It was a low-key relationship. He is an extraordinary man.

Sometimes I'm amused to read in the press that I'm married to a former SPP officer. It's not true, we're having fun together on this topic. It was a personal matter. It was a rather long relationship (duration - no) and that's it," said the head of the European Public Prosecutor's Office, Laura Codru?a Kovesi, in an interview for .

Who is Florin Neme?, the "friend from Romania" of Laura Codru?a Kovesi

In the last 10 years, two relationships have been written about Kovesi: one with Florin Neme?, marketing director at Digi, and another with a handsome SPP employee, who accompanied her on all public outings.

According to the description, "the friend from Romania who worked privately" could be Neme?, who had a relationship with Laura Codru?a Kovesi during the scandal between Digi and Antena 3 , something that brought the chief prosecutor some image problems, being suspected of lack of partiality.

Neme? is also a rather discreet guy, but he got his dose of celebrity when it was found out that one of the characters in a Digi commercial (the prisoner) is played by him.

Nemes moved to Luxembourg, where Kovesi also lives

Emil-Florin Neme?, a graduate of the "Henry Coand?" Air Force Academy and the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, worked for 11 years at Digi. From February 2009 to June 2018, he was marketing and PR coordinator, and in 2018, he was promoted to the position of head of marketing for Romanians and Hungary.

According to the information on the Linkedin account, Neme? left the RCS-RDS group in February 2020, a year and a half after he was promoted, and currently lives in Luxembourg. Coincidentally or not, the headquarters of the European Public Prosecutor's Office is also located in Luxembourg.

Equally "coincidental" is the fact that Florin Neme? "shares" all the posts on the official account of the European Public Prosecutor's Office, especially those that refer to the activity of Laura Codru?a Kovesi.

Despite these "coincidences", there is no official confirmation that Florin Neme? is the new husband of Laura Codru?a Kovesi.

How Kovesi intimidated men when she was head of DNA

Known as a true iron lady of justice, after 5 years at the head of the National Anticorruption Directorate, Laura Codru?a Kovesi is aware that she can be seen as an intimidating presence for some men.

"I know there are many jokes circulating in the public space about me. There is a website that makes jokes all the time and wrote about me that I don't drink coffee in the morning, but corrupt tears, that I don't dye my hair with dye, but with corrupt blood, that someone wanted to give me a March 1st and I didn't want to receive him because he didn't have a receipt and I arrested him.

It amuses me to read such things, but I think those who know me and come into contact with me realize that I am an ordinary person. I have no three heads, no five hands, no supernatural powers, no magic wand.

I am a man like any other man, a woman like any other woman of my age" , said Laura Codru?a Kovesi, in an interview given to Elle magazine several years ago.

Laura Codru?a Kovesi claims that she does not want to run for the presidency

It is also said about Laura Codru?a Kovesi that she could be a surprise candidate in the presidential elections that will take place in 2024. According to media reports, Kovesi could be supported by USR in an electoral competition in which she would face Mircea Geoana, George Simion or even Nicolae Ciuc?. The information was denied by Kovesi, who declared in July that she was not interested in a political career.