Invitation: SOS children in Romania

25 April 2006

(see Picture attached) From: TANNOCK Charles Sent: 19 April 2006 18:33 To: MEP & ASSISTANTS Subject: Invitaition: SOS children in Romania Dr. Charles TANNOCK MEP together with MEP colleagues Mme Frédérique RIES, Mme Claire GIBAULT and M. Jean-Marie CAVADA would like to invite you to a meeting on the 25th of April 2006 at 09:00-12:00 in the European Parliament, room A 5E-3 on Romanian International/Inter- country Adoption with adoptive parents and their children from France and the United States, pending parents from UK, Italy, France and Spain and NGO's from Romania In January 2005, a Romanian law took effect that permanently banned all inter-country adoptions, except for close relatives of the child. About 800 European families and 200 U.S. families had filed paperwork to adopt Romanian children before the law was enacted, but have been all rejected without exception. Some of those children have no current prospects of being adopted by biological relations or Romanian citizens. It limits foreign adoptions to biological grandparents living abroad. Romania is scheduled to join the European Union in January 2007. RVSP: