How Bartholet influenced Jaap Doek

1 October 2004

IAC Conference 2004 - Jaap Doek & Bartholet together in panel:

FOCUS ON ADOPTION: Conference: “In the Best Interests of Children: A Permanent Family” Guatemala City, Guatemala – Jan 20-21, ’05
Elizabeth Bartholet:1 Keynote, Jan 20, ‘05: “Defining the Best Interests of the Child”: 

Here it’s important to note that Jakob Doek, Chair of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, took a major step forward in announcing at the end of a recent conference that: “The institution is the worst possible option for an orphaned or abandoned child, thus other options, such as foster care, domestic adoption and international adoption, must be considered simultaneously

  Quote from JCICS Board Meeting 16/06/2005 (attached), when discussing the benefits/need to participate at IAC Conference:

"Prof. Elizabeth Bartholet, Harvard Law and Jakob Doek, UN Committee Chair held opposing positions until sitting on a panel at last year’s conference. Since then they have collaborated on two projects."