EurAdopt and FFY (Austrian case Ethiopia - the wrongdoing was proven in Court)

7 January 2008
 7 January 2008 15:19

From Minutes Euradopt

5. Dialogue with Family for You: 
Elssaesser reported on a court case that revoked an adoption carried out by FFY in 
Ethiopia, where the judge stated that FFY Ethiopia deceived ("arglistiger 
Irrefuehrung") the parents. A letter was received from FFY on September 1, 2007 
that is not consistent with the sentence of the Court; in fact the wrongdoing of the 
FFY representative in Ethiopia was considered to be proven in court. The Executive 
Board decided to contact again FFY, since it is of the opinion that the court case has 
to be seriously considered for the potential harmful effect on EurAdopt. The court 
decision will be translated inte English by EurAdopt. The Executive Board was 
informed of FFY activities in Viet-nam and India in 2001, that appear not to have 
been done according to the standards required from EurAdopt members. The 
Executive Board also aknowledges the intention of FFY to stop activities in some 
contries and re-think their activities and structure. 
Inge Elsässer will draft a letter to FfY and circulate it to AM and ES before sending. 
The EB will have a renewed discussion on this matter.