ACT to President Von der Leyen - security Kitambo

19 October 2020

From: ACT

Date: Mon 19. Oct 2020 at 14:55

Subject: Protection of Mr. Dieu Merci Kitambo


Dear President von der Leyen,

despite our repeated requests, the EU Delegation in the DRC has refused to continue to protect Mr. Dieu Kitambo.

Mr. Dieu Kitambo along with Belgian journalists exposed the trafficking of children for adoption from the DRC .

The criminal trial is ongoing in Belgium.

Today i was informed by Dieu Merci Kitambo that he was seriously attacked again. These attacks are directly connected to Julienne Mpemba, the trafficker who is now under trial in Belgium.

Here the latest news article about the affair and attached the screenshot. of what Mr. Dieu Kitambo wrote to me.

Source: Het Nieusblaad

Below is my earlier email to Director General Mr. Koen Doens.

I request you to provide protection to Mr. Kitambo.

It was his niece who was adopted by Ms. Irene Piria. Therefore the staff of the European Commission was directly involved in this case of child trafficking.

Best regards,

Arun Dohle

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On Tue, 22 Sep 2020 at 20:10, ACT wrote:

Dear Mr. Koens,

I got a request to help Mr. Dieu Merci Kitambo with his security issues a while ago. He was imprisoned for almost 2 years in the DRC after the child trafficking from the DRC to Belgium by the asbl. Tumaini was exposed.

The child of his relative, was adopted by a civil servant in below you in your hierarchy. The Trafficker, Julienne Mpemba has been charged by the belgium prosecuter.

Fortunately, until now the EU Delegation has provided some degree of protection to Mr. Kitambo.

However recently they indicated that they don’t consider the direct threats he receives related to the court case in Belgium , connected to the case in which your employee is embroiled .

We take the threats very seriously and if something happens to Dieu Merci Kitambo, we will make public that your services were involved.

I m aware of the fact that the details of the case have been kept from you.

Currently i m in Brussels and hope you would meet me, so that i could explain .

Sincerely yours

Arun Dohle


Best regards,

Arun Dohle

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