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30 September 2023

f amilie i nternational frankfurt eV often receives letters of thanks from those searching, as well as from people who have been found, but also from people whose relatives could not be found or with whom contact is currently not possible.

We would like to present some selected feedback. The search for a close relative is associated with a lot of emotions and some visitors to this homepage may recognize themselves in these words. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who confided in us about the sensitive topic of the search. It takes a lot of courage and determination to undertake a search with an unknown outcome. But any kind of certainty can provide comfort

  • Search for the mother Germany - Brazil 2023

"I don't know how to show my gratitude to you. 

Everything happened very quickly now. I have already contacted my sister and also my mother. We have also made a telephone video with our sister, brother and mother via WhatsApp. That was very emotional. But also very beautiful. It means to me that I have to start learning Portuguese soon. I still can't believe that I have contact with my Brazilian family. It's just a little difficult because my mother can't write. But it also works somehow. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. “

The entire team at the Familie Frankfurt International organization was always very helpful and they always had an open ear for me. 

Ms. Benisch in particular was always a good source of support for me and kept me very well informed about every step of the search. The Brazilian colleagues also did their best to find my biological family. 

I'm very happy that everyone was very nice and very understanding. 

  • Search for the father Germany - Greece 2020-2021

 "My father and I don't know how to thank you, it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I never thought he'd be found. My father sends a big thank you, he's the happiest he's ever been I tried to look again and again, without success. We are flying to him in August and I can hardly wait. It's great that there are people like you and your colleagues. Now we would part ways, thank you very much again! "

Search for the brother USA - Germany 2020

I would like to thank you again very much for your help in finding our brother.

This was the best Christmas present I have ever received. My siblings and I are overjoyed to be a family again.

We are so familiar with each other, as if we grew up together. I can only advise anyone who, like me, is looking for their roots not to give up.

F is a great man and brother, he is an artist and author, we are planning to put our beautiful story into a book.  

I'm happy if we can encourage other people through this.


"We are overjoyed and very grateful that you found our brother.

Since January 2020 we have been in daily contact with him via email, WhatsApp and I even had a video call with him.

It was very emotional and moving, but also beautiful at the same time.

Not just written words, messages or pictures that we are busy exchanging.

More are planned, we want to do this weekly now.


We have all finally found each other, we now have the time to really get to know each other and it closes gaps in each of our lives.

So that it doesn't just stay with messages and video calls, my sister and I are already planning a vacation with our husbands this fall 

planned with him. Flights and accommodation have already been booked, now all we have to do is be patient until we can all finally hug each other.

We are all so excited, this will be the most emotional moment of our meeting."


Search for siblings USA - Germany 2019

“Our “new” family met for the first time last week. Our sister was on vacation in Europe with her husband. Of course we used this as a big family meal. It was a very nice first meeting. We immediately had a positive and joyful mood and, I believe I can write, a great deal of sympathy between each other. We already had regular written contact, which has now increased. We are already planning to travel to America next year to get to know the rest of the family.

Thank you again for your effort and maybe you will hear from me/us again! J


Search for the son Germany - Netherlands 2019

We are so grateful for the outcome of the search. We could hardly have dared to hope to come into contact with him so quickly. The conversation went very positively, so a rapprochement will definitely take place. It's so wonderful and we have you to thank for it. It's a good thing that institutions like yours exist.

Search for the father Germany - Morocco 2013 - 2014

With this letter I would like to thank you again, belatedly, for the miracle of family reunification. It is very amazing that it was even possible to locate someone with as little information as I had.
My story: Although I found out as a child - growing up with my German grandmother - around the age of 10 that my biological father came from Morocco, this topic wasn't particularly present for me at first, also because my family had almost no information about me father had.
My mother only kept a small photo from their short relationship, a few French-language letters and knew my father's name; However, it was also unclear whether it was written correctly, as the Arabic script often cannot be translated correctly.
It was only as a young adult that I became increasingly interested and longing to find out where my roots lie and whether my father might still be alive. I knew that both of them had met on a train trip in Mülheim an der Ruhr around 1972 and that my father was working in construction at that time; Unfortunately, we didn't know a date of birth because it was probably not common practice to write it down back then. I wrote to the Moroccan Embassy asking them to investigate, but unfortunately I received no response to my query.
In 2013 I tried again and asked personally at the embassy in Frankfurt, but nothing came of it, apart from advice privately, e.g. E.g. to search via Facebook, which I didn't do. But on the Internet I found a detective agency that specialized in people searches and they recommended “Familie International eV” to me because they could also search worldwide.
So I made my very limited information, which was almost 40 years old, available there and actually initially thought that it would probably be cleared up very quickly, as I assumed that a current central population register in Morocco would simply be queried.
However, Ms. Benisch was in favor of following up on the “old” traces from Mülheim first. From then on I was regularly informed about the results and small progress, which was sometimes discouraging because, for example, the company my father had worked for no longer existed... But then, after almost a year of searching, I even
did After I no longer believed in any kind of result, I received incredibly touching news... In fact, the research into the mosques near where I was working at the time had led to success.
It was April 28, 2014, when I found out that my father lived and had always stayed in Germany - in Essen in the Ruhr area, near where he worked at the time. He had lived near me all these years!
He had married, had four daughters - my sisters - and all of them had become German citizens, which is why inquiries to the embassies had not yielded anything. The phase after this news until the first meeting was one of the most incredible of my life: on the one hand excited and
tense, but also full of enthusiasm and anticipation.
Then, after the first letter contact, there was a wonderful first meeting where I was warmly welcomed and since then there has been a very enriching contact that fills me with gratitude that it wasn't too late with my search and gratitude to the great people who made this possible.

Search for the brother Germany - USA 2015 - 2016

"It all started with the extract from the family book in 2003. It said in black and white that there was a third child... It was clear to me at that point: I was going to look for my brother." The full story can be found here .



  • Search for the father Peru - Canada - Germany 2015 - 2016

"Hi everyone,

Here is our story,

My name is Alipio, I am from Peru in South America. I wanted to tell my story hopefully it will encourage others in the search for their identity. In the 70-s and 80-s the former Soviet Union opened a lot of full scholarship for students from third world countries, as well as from Peru. As I came from a poor family, it was the only opportunity for me to have university education, so I traveled abroad looking for degree in civil engineering. In 1985, being in Saint Petersburg I met my friend, wonderful woman name Maria, and in 1986 my son Wasya was born. I had been with them for a couple of years but with my scholarship being over, I needed to return to Peru. It broke my heart leaving them, I had the feeling I will never meet them again. With my return to Peru, I lost all contact with Maria and my son. Having no way to reach them I continued my life in Peru, eventually starting my own family and moving to Canada in 2004. I thought they were still living in Russia, I didn't know that they had moved to Germany and lived there since 1990. A couple of years ago, Wasya started looking for me and managed to find me thanks to Family International Frankfurt (FIF). I am very grateful to my son.

We finally met in Germany this summer after 27 years. Wasya and his mother live in the beautiful and tranquil city of Koblenz. We are really happy and grateful to FIF, for their help and mediation, for their time and resources that allowed us to find each other. We will never forget the kindness and encouragement of their members. Also we have plans with Wasya to travel to Peru next year to see the Machu-picchu and more importantly to meet grandmother Tomasa (90 years old) and many other relatives living in the high Andes of Cajamarca city.


My son wrote in German and I translated to English to be consistent with this story:

My name is Vasily. I wanted to thank you also once again. Without you, I wouldn't have my father.

It was a very nice and yet short time with my father, yet so much is still to say and experience even more.

But this can be done now, thanks to you.

I wish you all the best and thank you again."


  • Search for the mother and siblings Germany - Japan 2015 - 2016

"It was very emotional, but I was hardly able to show it in the situation. There was a lot of warmth, but at the same time insecurity at the beginning. We first had to get used to each other and the situation.

 At the third meeting the ice was broken and a deeper conversation of “reconciliation” ensued quite casually. This was very emotional and touched me deeply as my mother expressed her regret at not having taken care of me at the time. I told her that the past is a thing of the past and that only the present and future matter to me and that I wouldn't blame her in any way, let alone have ever thought about it. She concluded by expressing her joy and gratitude that I had obviously found such a good adoptive family. At that moment, I think the chapter was closed for both of us.

 My birth mother was particularly fond of my son. :-) They immediately warmed up to each other. Children are honest and feel whether they can trust a person or not.

 I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making it possible for me to take this important step for me, to close an important chapter for me that has to do with my identity and implicitly me for many years preoccupied me - especially after my adoptive parents died.

Years ago I could never have imagined that I would travel to Japan and meet parts of my biological family. None of this would have been possible without your commitment and your connection to the ISSJ! THANKS!"



  • Search for the father Germany - UK 2016

I would like to thank you again, even if a little late. My life has been turned upside down since last Friday and Saturday. Last Friday you gave me my father's address.

I was out and about in the afternoon when I got your email and I was overjoyed.

The following Saturday evening my cell phone rang at 6 p.m. and someone asked me if I knew who it was: it was my father. That really blew me away and I was blown away. The communication was good. Brocken German with Brocken English, but it still worked.

We write to each other a lot and I, the prodigal son, have been welcomed very warmly.
Not a day goes by without an email. Since today I'm even in contact with my sister.
Oh, it's just so beautiful.

The big meeting is scheduled soon. I can not wait. Everyone wants to get to know me, and vice versa.

Thank you again for your efforts!


  • Search for the father Germany - USA 2015


  • Search for the father Germany-UK-Iceland-Norway 2012

Read the exciting story of a search that lasted over 25 years. Philip Anderson wrote down the search for his father in an exciting book: "Father away - Memoir of a Quest".


  • Search for the father Germany - USA 2013-2014

"After 30 years, I found my father in the USA through fif. I wouldn't have thought that something like this would be possible with very little information (initially just a name). In the meantime, I have visited my father, my 3 siblings and some of mine Met 9 nieces and nephews. The fif didn't leave me alone throughout my journey and always supported me with questions and uncertainties. Thank you very much for helping me find my roots!"

  • Search for the half-siblings Germany - Netherlands 2014

"Thank you very much for your successful help in finding my two half-siblings. I am so glad that I took the frightening step of entrusting you with the search and that now, after 33 years, I have not only found my two half-siblings, but also welcomed me with great interest. 

I'm really excited and excited to see how our relationship will develop.

I wish all people who are in a similar uncertain family situation as I was to have the courage to start searching. It's definitely worth it - no matter how it turns out.

So, once again, 1,000 thanks to everyone who was involved."


  • Search for the father Germany - Türkiye 2012-2013

"The children received a friend request from their father via Facebook. He contacted them the same day after he received the message from the Turkish social service. Now they are both in contact with him. Apparently he has been looking for them for years and he apologizes for the mistakes he made. I would like to thank you very much for all your efforts and hope that others feel the same and are successful. We had very little (almost no) information."

  • Birth mother search Australia-Germany 2012-2013

Mr Ashman was adopted as a baby by an Australian couple. 42 years later he sets out to find his birth mother. fif not only finds her, but also other family members of his. 
You can read the exciting story of the search here.

Search for the half-sister in the UK and the father in the USA 2010-2013

I would like to thank you and everyone involved again for your support over the past few years. They were really a great help in this "search chaos" and were ultimately successful in the cases of my half-sister and my father, so that some gaps were filled.

It hasn't been an easy time and setbacks - even when you expect them - can be very discouraging, not to mention the ups and downs of emotions that come with them. But now at least I never have to ask myself the question: “Maybe I should have tried?” Rather, it is a good feeling to have become active yourself and not to live in complete uncertainty as before.

I wish you and your team continued success in your important task.

Search for siblings Denmark - Germany 2011-2013 - Contact after 60 years

“ Regarding contact with my sister , I would like to say that we Skype each other over the Internet almost every Friday. We now know each other so well that we were invited to our brother-in-law's birthday in the summer. This will be the first time I will meet my sister in person, it will probably be exciting. Both my wife and I are very happy that we will meet my sister and her family.

 I would like to say a big thank you to you because without your participation I would never have found my biological siblings.”

Search for the father Germany-USA 2011-2012

I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making contact and for supporting me so well! I am sure that I will continue to reach out to you in the future, even if my father chooses the direct route of communication, as I can already see that contact with my father involves a rather strenuous internal process comes with me and I will certainly reach my limits more often. I will certainly be happy if I do so. I can rely on a competent contact person and hope that I can do the same. Because no one in my circle of acquaintances has had any experience with the "subsequent development of an external and internal father-daughter relationship at a distance", which means I can't actually talk to anyone about this matter.


Search for the half-siblings Germany - USA 2011-2012

a lot has happened. My brother contacted me very cautiously. After a few emails back and forth, the contact became very cordial. ...

I would like to thank you and everyone who helped very much. I would never have thought it possible that the search would lead to such success. I am very touched and happy. There is a big difference between having an anonymous "half" and knowing who your family of origin is. And there are many similarities between my brother and me, both in personality and appearance.

I can't express in words how much this means to me and how grateful I am for it. 

 Search for the nephew Germany - USA 2011-2012

It is very important to me to express my THANKS to you for not only giving us active help in the search for our nephew, but also for making your research, despite all the difficulties that resulted, ultimately result in a complete success. What that means for us, after a period of 60 years of idleness, our own research from 2006 onwards and after an inexorable standstill, then from February 2011 onwards, trusting in your help, we received great help and in the end even achieved our long-awaited goal can only be appreciated by those who strives with all the fiber of his heart to reinstate a missing link in a broken chain into unity and to be able to show the person he is looking for his roots. In doing so, you helped both parties achieve happiness.

I wish you always as complete success in your future work in helping people seeking help as in ours!

From the bottom of my heart and with the greatest respect

 Search for the son Germany - Canada 2011

Search with “happy ending”

Miracles happen and dreams come true because of them. After 55 years I found my son again in Canada. In all these years, the thought of my child never left me.

Back then, 55 years ago, I found myself in a difficult situation: no permanent residence, no permanent job and my friend abandoned me from one day to the next after he found out about the child. Quite abandoned, it was not possible for me to give a baby the security and care he needed. With a heavy heart, I decided to adopt, for the sake of the child and with the certainty that I would never see or know anything about my child again.

Some time ago, a good friend who knew my Canadian past did everything in her power to find out the whereabouts of my child. This is how we came to the address of “familie international frankfurt”. The research began at the beginning of March - the result: On October 15, 2011, I was able to hug my son and his wife here in Germany. Indescribably happy hours and days followed. It was the climax of a successful search and at the same time the years of uncertainty were ended because my son had also tried to find me. Unfortunately unsuccessful!

Therefore, my thanks again to the friendly care and support from the employees of “familie international frankfurt eV”

Conclusion: Don't give up, even if it takes longer. In the end, miracles and dreams can come true.

An overjoyed mother and grandmother

Also read: “A new family after 55 years”

Search for the father Germany - USA 2009-2011

For C., who was born in 1990, fif was able to establish first contact with her father in April 2011.

“Contact with my father is going quite well! We talked on the phone and wrote emails, especially over the holidays. Thank you again for your great work!!”

 Search for family USA - Germany

"It was only after 52 years that I met my siblings again" Read a story of the search at the familie international frankfurt (incorrectly referred to as ISD in the article) that brought the siblings back together after over 50 years.

Search for the half-sister UK 2010

On September 6, 2010, I received the good news from Ms. Benisch (fif) that my British colleagues had been able to locate my sister. It had been over 37 years since I last saw her. My sister was still an infant and I was 6 years old. I lived with my maternal grandmother. A few months after her birth, our birth mother gave my sister up for adoption to her birth father, who wanted to return to his foreign homeland with his new wife. My grandmother and I didn't know exactly where it was at the time. There was only a vague assumption in the direction of Seychelles. From then on, contact was cut off and we had no knowledge of my sister's whereabouts or living conditions. I had already started the actual search two years earlier, and after a few failures, I had the pleasant surprise that she would also like to get in touch with me, even though she apparently had no idea about my existence until then. After a few days of "digesting" this information, I wrote a multi-page letter to her and sent it off the next day. After what felt like an eternity, I finally received the answer I was longing for from England in mid-December. It was so exciting to finally find out something about the life of my "little sister", who had been so abruptly torn from my life as a child. The loose end of a thread is picked up again. We now have very good correspondence and emails, We tell each other about our lives and exchange photos. In fact, there is a certain similarity and parallels in life in general, so that - even though we are actually strangers - it seems somehow familiar to me. As she wrote to me, the fact that she has a half-sister in Germany was a shock - but a positive one! I hope we can meet and see each other face to face soon. There is so much to exchange and I am very excited to see what will happen next. The fact that she has a half-sister in Germany is a shock - but a positive one! I hope we can meet and see each other face to face soon. There is so much to exchange and I am very excited to see what will happen next. The fact that she has a half-sister in Germany is a shock - but a positive one! I hope we can meet and see each other face to face soon. There is so much to exchange and I am very excited to see what will happen next.

 A big thank you again to Sabine Benisch and her British colleagues, and simply to everyone who helped!

Search for the father UK 2010

"First of all, I would like to thank you and your English colleagues. My suspicion that there might still be relatives has now been confirmed. I am very pleased that the half-siblings are willing to stay in touch with me.

I have attached my sister's first letter to you so that you also know the end of the story. My brother has already sent a short letter and a photo of my father in his old age."

Search for the father Puerto Rico 2007-2010

Karl Wolf spent his entire life looking for his father, a soldier from Puerto Rico.

This search was unsuccessful for years until initial contact with his siblings was possible in 2007 with the support of familie international frankfurt. Many interventions were necessary until the time came in February 2010: Mr. Wolf took his flight to the Caribbean to finally close this chapter of his life. When he got out, he suddenly had four sisters and a brother.

Continue reading the  full story of this search and finding here .

  • Search for the father Australia / New Zealand 2009-2010

As I write this email, I realize how difficult it is to find words. First of all, I would like to sincerely thank you and your colleagues for your help and commitment. You have achieved something that I hardly thought possible. It will take time for me to process this message, especially because I so narrowly missed the opportunity to meet my father. Nevertheless, with this certainty I can hopefully find inner peace and bring this topic to a good conclusion.

  • Search for siblings Netherlands 2009-2010

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in reuniting me with my half-sister.
They made it possible to open a "black closed door" that was just a "black door" for me for 43 years. I had a wonderful weekend with my half-sister and we immediately became very close. I could and had to experience many things that I had never suspected before, but there were also beautiful things. We will definitely see each other more often.
Thank you very much again for your effort.

  • Search for the mother Portugal 2010:

I immediately contacted my mother. On the day the email came from you. I was very surprised that it worked so quickly. I will stay in touch with my mother, it takes time. I still need time to get in touch with my brother.

I would like to thank her very much, thank you very much!!!

 Search for the father / siblings USA 2009: 

I was adopted as a baby by my grandparents, my birth mother was their daughter, my birth father was an American soldier who, when he heard a child was on the way, returned to America in the night and dew without saying goodbye. That was 1966. My birth mother was 18 when I was born and didn't want me either. My grandparents saved me and I could only trust them. That's what I was told from a young age. My birth mother came to visit every now and then – like a “sister” did. Since I was told that the “producer” didn’t want my mother or me and ran away, he was never spoken of.

Except for the day when I happened to find a picture of a man in uniform and asked who he was. "That is your father". That was all. I had my parents, I had everything you need to live, so there was no reason to look for the “real parents”. In order not to hurt anyone - especially not the grandparents who saved me from the children's home - I didn't talk about it, obviously I didn't miss anything. The statement “Your birth parents didn’t want you and are no good” was the slogan at home.

My birth mother and grandparents died. When I was clearing out the house, I was curious about the adoption documents. I didn't find anything about it. I became curious. Went through the youth welfare office - and in the files I found the name of the biological father and all the documents about it. This revealed that my grandparents tried very hard to adopt me as soon as I was born. So far so good.

But I also received a copy of a letter from my biological father to my biological mother, and I had to sit down with it first (I couldn't find the original letter anywhere): He knew about the pregnancy, he was happy, his family was happy, he wanted mine biological mother married and planned a future together with a child! He hoped that his future grandparents would accept him as a son-in-law. He also knew that “grandmother” was more than against my birth parents wanting to get married and go to America. So everything is different than what I was told. This letter was never mentioned. 

The clerk asked me if I wanted to look for the father, then she gave me the address and contact person for Familie International eV. It was clear to me that the search would now be carried out and the matter would be put to an end - no matter how! The youth welfare office employee told me that we had been working together successfully and trustingly with Family International for many years. She could recommend it to me with a clear conscience.


I read up on the homepage over the weekend and the success stories were the deciding factor: 

I contacted familie international by email: I had a name and a place of residence from 1966. Within a few days I received the message that a search was possible even with so little information - if the search had not been possible, it would have been possible said immediately.

The collaboration is very trusting, close and professional. There was always a say. I was always in good hands and always kept up to date. A colleague in America was called in. I decided to commission the search in June and I received the first message in November.

Unfortunately my father died in 1989, but I have two half-sisters. I was very sad that I couldn't get to know my father anymore, when I only now found out that he was the only person who was happy about my birth. But after a short thought, I decided: now I want to know everything I can find out. Now I could decide whether to continue looking. I decided to do it and was prepared for anything. 

Two days before Christmas I got a call from Mrs. Benisch saying that my two half-sisters had been contacted, they were very happy that I was looking for them and they also wanted to contact me. This was THE Christmas present of the decade. I couldn't say anything anymore because of the joy. 

On Christmas Eve (after my guests had left, because it gave me no peace) I sat down at the computer, wrote to them both, told them about myself and my own family and why I had started searching so late. I was so excited.

After the holidays I received the first email from my half-sisters (they probably wrote it together). It was a very friendly and emotional/warm email where you could really tell that they were happy about the contact. They sent along pictures of my father and themselves and their children. You also wrote to me, my father always said that he had a daughter in Germany. He hadn't hidden it. All three of us have inherited our father's eyes, we even look a little alike and I can't describe my joy. It is now a nice email contact where pictures and family stories are exchanged. You talked about yourself and your family. I now know that my father would have been very happy about me, he wanted to have my mother and me with him, you just “somehow got rid of it” (i.e. from your grandparents). Now I also know that I have always subconsciously felt unloved and unwanted. That bad feeling is gone now. My husband is happy for me and thinks that I have changed. My life has changed in that I am no longer an only child and, most importantly, I now have someone I can ask about the other part of the family. 

Conclusion: I am so glad that I went through familie international. You always think that there is nothing missing that you never had, because I had parents who did everything for me (emotionally the adoptive parents were very difficult people, but they did what they thought was right and were decent people! And I am also very grateful to them for raising me.)

familie international works professionally, trustingly and with sensitivity. The employees are well trained. It's nice to know that there is such an association that takes care of families in this way. You have positively changed my ME with your work. I never thought I would uncover the family secret. This was only possible with your help. I can't thank you enough for that."

Search for siblings Greece/Germany 2009

Yes, we have contact, via MSN and email, sometimes also by telephone.... Everything is in English, but it works... we get along well and want to see each other as quickly as possible... we have too Already exchanged many photos via PC...thank you again very much for your help.

We no longer thought we would ever get to know her. You contributed a lot to making it work.

Thank you very much...

Search for the brother Canada/Germany 2009

I just wanted to thank you again for the good news. You have brought our family back together and we are deeply grateful for that. I also speak on behalf of my late mother. With kind regards and God bless you.

I'm going to visit my brother in September to get to know everyone there. I'm so happy. Unfortunately my brother from Germany can't come with me, but we'll all be flying in 2010. Even though I don't speak English, I think we'll understand each other that way because I've been waiting for this day for 38 years. Thank you again to your agency for everything you have done for us and good luck to everyone else who is looking for their loved ones. Never give up hope.

Search for the mother USA/Germany: 2007-2008

Andrea, who was adopted as a child by an American couple, sets out to find her birth mother, who has already died. But she finds a sister instead. Read her full story here .

  • Father search UK 2004-2008

I would really like our joy to be a small reward for you, your colleague in Great Britain and for your institute. I can never make up for what you have done for us. Please accept our very big thanks. If everything is finalized, we will come to Frankfurt to thank you personally. But it's not that far yet. Wait.

  • Father search UK / Iceland / Norway 2005-2008

So it is now clear. I've been in regular contact with my (now it's official) half-brother lately. We will probably organize a visit to Oslo, where he lives, over the next few weeks. There I hope to get to know both my half-brother and my father.

I never knew my father. I now have the feeling that I will soon reach the final goal of a long search. It is a fantastic, completely unexpected development in my life. A new door is opening, even if it is sad that my mother, who died in September 2005, did not experience it. Maybe she'll get it somewhere. 

  • Search for the son USA/Germany December 07

So you managed to resurrect my son. Thank you very much for that. In the meantime I have already written him two letters because he is diligently collecting everything in order to get an idea of ​​what is happening. We also had a long phone conversation so that he could absorb my voice. One thing we must not forget is that social and global institutions like the fif help bring people torn apart back together and help wounded souls find peace. Now I wish you and your colleagues a peaceful Advent season and good luck with your work in the future.

  • Father search Canada / October 07

my husband and I went to Canada to meet all the relatives. It was a great success. All relatives saw me as my late father and were touched. My brother and my aunt look very similar to me. We are also very similar in nature. My brother and my aunt, as well as my cousins ​​and their family, would be happy if I came to Canada regularly.

Thank you very much for your efforts; This also applies to the Canadian colleague.

  • Father search USA / August 07

I have found my peace, I don't have to look for my father anymore because I have found HIM. I would like to thank you for your kind support and help.

  • Sister search USA February/June 2007

I told her the positive news in a quiet moment and she reacted overjoyed and was very touched! She would like to contact her half-sister directly. I will support you with English correspondence if necessary. We would like to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts and the friendly contact!!! Ms. D. is pleased about your offer of “follow-up care” and asks you to contact me in 3 months.

The sisters now have frequent email contact and are both very happy. They get along very well and can't wait to get to know each other in person. That's why a trip to the USA in December is already being planned... We would like to thank you for the effort you and your contacts/helpers had in the USA!!!

When we started our search, we would never have thought that with so little information we would be able to find a person somewhere in the world after such a long time... Thank you very much again for that!!!

I wish you continued success and all the best!

  • Father search USA February 2007

I would just like to briefly inform you of the news. I've been in touch with my father for a few days now, via email; he seems to be a really nice person. It was a very exciting time for me and I am now very happy that it turned out so well. Maybe one day I'll jet off to Colorado, seems like a huge family. I found my “missing part”……….. Thank you also for your help!!

  • Looking for a father from NL in FRG March 2007

it's done, after a long time.

We are in contact with each other almost every day and we will probably visit you in Holland at the end of this year. Thank you so much for everything, you really have a great job, people are brought together again. Now we are all happy and will soon be able to celebrate a big family celebration. Thank you very much, I can't say it often enough.

We hug you tightly.

  • Search for the half-sister USA March 2007

I told her the positive news in a quiet moment

and she reacted overjoyed and was very touched! She would like to contact her half-sister directly. I will support you with English correspondence if necessary. We would like to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts and the friendly contact!!!

  • Looking for son in Canada June 2007

I don't want to miss out on thanking you again for your spontaneous help. I'm so happy that my son is checking in regularly from Canada again. It's a good thing that your office exists. I wish you continued success in your difficult work.