Adopt from Korea Since 1956, Holt has helped to unite more than 36,000 children from South Korea with permanent, loving families in the U.S.

30 November 2023

Holt established the first international adoption program in South Korea.

In Korea, children waiting for permanent, loving families are typically 2-3 years old at the time they join their adoptive families and have moderate medical or developmental needs. Most are in nurturing foster families and receive exceptional in-country care while they wait to join their families. With a unique expertise cultivated over more than 65 years in Korea, our Korea team is well equipped to guide your family through the adoption process. We will work closely with you to anticipate needs, overcome obstacles and support you throughout your journey to welcome a child into your family.

Intake for the Korea program is currently closed and Holt’s Korea adoption program is not accepting standard process applications. Contact us at to learn about Holt’s other country programs and the children who need families!

Children in Korea Who Need Families

  • Children are on average 2-3 years old at the time they join their adoptive families.
  • More boys than girls from Korea need families through international adoption, and families cannot specify a gender preference.
  • Families must be open to a child with needs, including prenatal alcohol/tobacco exposure and developmental delays. Contact us at for more information on common child needs.
  • All children stay in nurturing foster families while they wait, and a significant amount of information is typically available about the child, including any known/reported history from the child’s birth family.
  • Older children and those with more involved needs are featured on our waiting child photolisting.
  • Children with few or no identified needs are adopted domestically in Korea. As a result, Holt needs families able to parent a child with more involved needs.