Republic of Korea (South Korea)

Republic of Korea (South Korea)


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Title Publication date
Step by Step Korea Social Service (KSS) Birth Family Search. 1 February 2024
Danish adopted daughter: "I would have had a good life in a poor family in Korea, because I would have been with my family" 31 January 2024
Danish Report Underscores 'Systematic Illegal Behavior' in South Korean Adoptions 28 January 2024
Is the end coming for intercountry adoption in Europe? 26 January 2024
Minister on adoption report: It is incredibly serious reading 25 January 2024
Exposed. Adopted. Arrived in the now. 24 January 2024
Believes the authorities must take full control over all adoptions 22 January 2024
Despite S. Korea’s low birth rate, babies are still being sent overseas for adoption 22 January 2024
Europe winds down adoptions from South Korea 18 January 2024
Taiwan affected by international adoptions decision 18 January 2024
Norway considers halting overseas adoptions as Denmark's only international agency winds down work 17 January 2024
Guatemala’s baby brokers: how thousands of children were stolen for adoption 4 January 2024
Swiss authorities looked the other way for decades 8 December 2023
Report on illegal adoptions: Have there been thousands of other irregularities in Switzerland? 8 December 2023
Swiss say thousands of children likely illegally adopted abroad 8 December 2023
Adopting a child from South Korea 30 November 2023
Adopt from Korea Since 1956, Holt has helped to unite more than 36,000 children from South Korea with permanent, loving families in the U.S. 30 November 2023
Adoptie: een toekomst voor kinderen die er geen hebben - Adoption: a future for children who don't have one 29 November 2023
The uncomfortable truth is that overseas adoptions will never be fraud-free Sculpture by Saskia Vanderstichele 29 November 2023
Poor info, privacy rights hinder adoptees' search for their roots 6 November 2023
Poor info, privacy rights hinder adoptees' search for their roots 5 November 2023
Ruth looks for answers in Korea: 'Were those dots on my arm from my biological parents? To find me again?' 4 November 2023
Indications of Illegal Adoptions of Children from Ten Countries of Origin in Switzerland, 1970s to 1990s, Inventory of Documents in the Swiss Federal Archives November 2023
The woman is angry at herself for not being able to tell her mother to hug her [Finding the truth about 372 international adoptees] 29 October 2023
Stephanie Dong Hee Kim is organizing this fundraiser. 15 October 2023
‘Korea is hiding our past’: the adoptees searching for their families – and the truth | Global development | The Guardian 28 September 2023
Paper orphans 27 September 2023
38 years later, Korean adoptee finds birth name and brother in Cheongju 21 September 2023
Committee on Enforced Disappearances Marks First Anniversary of the Joint Statement on Illegal Intercountry Adoptions 20 September 2023
My daughter wants to find her maternal grandmother, “Why didn’t Korea help single mothers?” [Finding the truth about 372 overseas adoptees] 17 September 2023
South Korea’s dark past as West’s ‘baby farm’ laid bare by adopted ‘children for sale’ who grew up far from home 16 September 2023
'Keep all administration regarding intercountry adoption files in one central place' 14 September 2023
Inger-Tone (58) asks King Harald to withdraw the merit medal 14 September 2023
Application to The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Korea 11 September 2023
Never-ending quest: defining ethnic identity as son of adoptee 27 August 2023
Opinion: The government should invest more in the recovery for adoptees 20 August 2023
Boonyoung Han 20 August 2023
Secrets in adoptions must come to light! 10 August 2023
Adoptions from South Korea 4 August 2023
Three-year-old Sofie recorded a tape in 1977 - now it reveals a lifelong fraud 2 August 2023
Sight Unseen: Proxy War, Proxy Adoption 1 August 2023
Destruction of adoption files was not according to the law: 'Careless management' 27 July 2023
Center for Children, Law and Ethics 22 July 2023
Inadequacy of adoption records management criticized during Assembly forum - The Korea Times 22 July 2023
Explainer: State Department releases annual report on intercountry adoptions 19 July 2023
Illegally adopted children testify: “How could Belgium let this happen? » 18 July 2023
History of creation 16 July 2023
Wanted to offer a counter perspective to adoption stories with 'Return to Seoul' director Davy Chou 12 July 2023
International Korean Adoptee Associations Gathering 2023 11 July 2023
‘Ghost babies’ expose Korea’s lack of maternal support, social taboos 9 July 2023
Korea's inter-country adoption and social exclusion 3 July 2023
Paper Orphans: Preventing Illegal Intercountry Adoptions 29 June 2023
Paper Orphans: Preventing Illegal Intercountry Adoptions - BORGEN 28 June 2023
South Korean inquiry to look into 237 more foreign adoptions suspected to have laundered origins 8 June 2023
Korean Adoption to Australia as Quiet and Orderly Child Migration 6 June 2023
Toronto couple shares journey through adoption and surrogacy after cancer diagnosis 5 June 2023
Tied with nylon thread and left at the airport: 'Belgium knew about abuses with Korean adoptions, but did nothing' 26 May 2023
Korean truth commission will not investigate wartime civilian massacre in Hà My 25 May 2023
Mother begged the Norwegian authorities: "Please help me" 25 May 2023
Report the adoption to the police 19 May 2023
All records must be unsealed for Korean adoptees who want it, argue experts : National : News : The Hankyoreh 18 May 2023
Korean truth commission to investigate hundreds of possibly fraudulent overseas adoptions 18 May 2023
Adopted from South Korea reports Norway for human trafficking 18 May 2023
Top on adoptions from South Korea: - Must be thoroughly investigated 15 May 2023
Not Feeling “American Enough”: The Mental Impact of Cross-Cultural Adoption 15 May 2023
A Brutal Sex Trade Built for American Soldiers 2 May 2023
I was lied to death 3 April 2023
Mia and 20,000 adopted children fight for the investigation of illegal adoptions 30 March 2023
Korean adoptee in Germany reunites with birth family after 42 years 23 March 2023
Swedish investigator says S. Korea key to her adoption probe 22 March 2023
Sweden ramps up investigation on origins of South Korean adoptees 21 March 2023
Adoptee reunites with family 42 years after going missing at bus terminal 16 March 2023
Norway seeks to work with Korea to investigate illegal adoptions 3 March 2023
S. Korea, Norway to Cooperate on Wrongful Foreign Adoption Cases 27 February 2023
Film of the WeekBaby snatchers MARIA DUARTE is won over by a thriller that provides an insightful look at Korean society 27 February 2023
Film of the WeekBaby snatchers MARIA DUARTE is won over by a thriller that provides an insightful look at Korean society 27 February 2023
'Never before had I viewed my adoption file in the light of the scandals' 19 February 2023
False certificates and forced abandonment: study documents irregular adoptions of foreigners in France 9 February 2023
Amy went looking for her biological parents: "We shook hands awkwardly" 27 January 2023
Norwegian Korean Rights Group 24 January 2023
After Danish pressure: Commission investigates adoptions in South Korea 24 January 2023
KICA Survey: Open Now Survey on Human Rights in Korean Intercountry Adoption (KICA) 15 December 2022
Jewish doctor rescues abandoned girls in India 12 December 2022
South Korea is mapping shadowy adoptions 12 December 2022
The second generation: A story of Korean adoptees' child - The Korea Times 12 December 2022
More South Korean adoptees demand probes into their cases - The Washington Post 9 December 2022
Hoop voor 14 Belgische adoptiekinderen uit Zuid-Korea op zoek naar identiteit: “De verhalen zijn schrijnend” | Nieuws | 9 December 2022
Sisters born in Korea searching for their triplet 8 December 2022
South Korea launches investigation into suspicious adoptions of children to the West 8 December 2022
Lies, love and deception: inside the cut-throat world of international adoption 6 December 2022
‘‘Waifs’’ and ‘‘Orphans’’The Origins of Korean Adoption 24 November 2022
The scandal of “stolen” children: the drift of a French association at the heart of a judicial investigation 23 November 2022
[INTERVIEW] Danish adoptees demand Korean gov't to probe dark past of exporting babies 6 October 2022
Rep. Kim Seong-joo "Child exports disguised as orphans... We need to find out the truth about overseas adoptions" 3 October 2022
How To Use NCRC For Birth Family Search. 28 September 2022
Orphan. Mother's love under conditions 21 September 2022
[Newsmaker] Alone in the world: Two young adults talk life after aging out of foster care 2 September 2022
Adoptions from six countries must be scrutinized 31 August 2022
Danish adoptees call for S. Korea to probe adoption issues 24 August 2022
Past S. Korean gov’ts blamed for abuses, deaths at facility 24 August 2022
Danish adoptees demand an investigation into the adoption process in South Korea 23 August 2022
The Story of Adoption 19 August 2022
Danish Korean Rights Group in Frederiksberg - CVR… 13 August 2022
Interest association CAFE demands apologies from government and truth commission about illegal adoptions from South Korea 26 July 2022
“I discovered by accident that images of our suffering have existed for more than 40 years. Everyone should see this” 26 July 2022
The Best Interests of the Child in Intercountry Adoption 4 July 2022
How Holt International Has Grown and Changed Over 65+ Years 1 July 2022
[Newsmaker] Adoptee readies for legal fight to be recognized as daughter of Korean father 1 July 2022
How Holt International Has Grown and Changed Over 65+ Years 1 July 2022
Opinion As an adoptee, I know: Adoption is not a fairy-tale answer to abortion 20 June 2022
Jayme Hansen Named to IAAME Board 17 June 2022
Dutch Korean artist's project: The Mother Mountain Institute of Sara Sejin Chang 28 May 2022
[INTERVIEW] Defender of inter-country adoptees' rights 25 May 2022
Home blind to make the Adoption Center experts on themselves 23 May 2022
WORLD Channel: America ReFramed - Geographies of Kinship 19 May 2022
Today's inter-country adoption system is not fit for purpose 7 May 2022
South Korea’s legacy of orphan adoption and the violation of adoptees’ rights to know their origins 29 April 2022
Gratefulness in the eyes of an adoptee 23 April 2022
Maria was stolen and adopted to Sweden: My biological parents demanded me back 17 April 2022
S.Korean Cabinet passes bills to allow single people to adopt 15 April 2022
Court submission on the 'orphan-making' process (Part 2) 8 April 2022
S.Korean Cabinet passes bills to allow single people to adopt 5 April 2022
Submission to court about Korea's inter-country adoption program (Part 1) 2 April 2022
Oregon group: Book to bring Korean adoptees 'peace and clarity' 1 April 2022
Paper Orphans: Giving a voice to children stolen for illicit adoptions 13 March 2022
Translated book gives adoptees access to post-war Korea 3 March 2022
Hye was adopted because she was a girl. When she became a mother herself, an old trauma washed over her 3 March 2022
"People lived here for a long time with the illusion of orphan children" 28 January 2022
Dialogues with Adoptees: Let's make adoptees' rights mainstream - Korea Times 15 January 2022
'Reform intercountry adoption: when will the government dare to look into its own pockets?' 11 January 2022
Not always enough adoptive parents in their own country 29 December 2021
Report Launch on "Human Rights Violation in the Past Intercountry Adoption Processes" 28 December 2021
France: why are international adoptions in free fall? 28 December 2021
‘Did she feel guilty abandoning me in a parking lot? Did she wonder about me? 24 December 2021
S. Korea Helps Reunite 33 Lost Children and Overseas Adoptees with Families Through DNA 24 December 2021
Supreme Court rules grandparents can adopt their grandchild for child's welfare purpose 23 December 2021
"When we are adopted, we build ourselves on the idea that we necessarily have a better life in the West" 10 December 2021
Hyun Sook Han, social worker who helped thousands of families with international adoptions, dies at 83 27 November 2021
While experiencing 'han,' we need to reintegrate 'jeong' into our vocabulary 27 November 2021
New report: Half of Norwegian foreign adoptees experience being discriminated against 22 November 2021
Imagining equality between Koreans and overseas adoptees 6 November 2021
Imagining equality between Koreans and overseas adoptees 6 November 2021
korea stats - International adoption by country 5 November 2021
The New Question Haunting Adoption 19 October 2021
Intercountry adoption is about human rights, not charity 9 October 2021
Justin Chon on his heartbreaking "Blue Bayou": "I wanted to do justice to the adoptee community" 18 September 2021
'It is our moral duty to put the best interests of the adoptee first' 15 September 2021
Flemish goes to court in Seoul: 'South Korea lied about our adoption' 14 September 2021
The hidden face of international adoptions and mothers' rights in Vietnam 30 August 2021
Political decisions behind Korea's adoption curve 22 August 2021
Rewriting the adoption narrative 18 August 2021
About Holt Camps… 15 August 2021
The systematization of 'child exports' for economic and political aims 13 August 2021
From adoption and Korean cooking to permanent home in the city center: 'Inja's Seoul Kitchen' settles in Willem II Street 12 July 2021
Adoptees' nationality of state of origin and negligence of duty of protection 10 July 2021
'Single mother' Kim Mi-ae appeals for 'tears' against adoption system reform 30 June 2021
Korean adoptee films pain of mother-child separations 11 June 2021
[Herald Interview] Adoptee filmmaker shocked by reality of Korea's single moms 6 June 2021
Why 'origin' is important for people adopted from Korea 29 May 2021
'Forget Me Not': A Korean-born adoptee's ode to her birth mother 19 May 2021
'I rediscovered my roots in the kitchen' 17 May 2021
Prosecutor's Office, Jeong In is sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison 14 April 2021
Over | Ibyang 18 March 2021
Unacceptable statements from the President of South Korea - Adoption & Society have asked the embassy for an explanation! 11 March 2021
Then Sweden became the largest in adoptions 7 March 2021
Statskontorets adoptionsutredning gränsar till korruption | GP (The State Office's adoption investigation borders on corruption 19 February 2021
Reclaiming Our Narrative 15 February 2021
"Do me such a Korean!" 14 February 2021
Hard report hurts adoptive parents: 'As if I am part of a criminal circuit' 13 February 2021
South Korea’s baby boost for married couples excludes nontraditional families 22 January 2021
South Korean president under fire for saying adoptive parents should be able to 'change' their child 20 January 2021
A baby's death casts shadow on South Korea's adoption industry 17 January 2021
Soorien (34) feels pain and sorrow due to adoption: 'They said: you should be grateful' 5 January 2021
The missing piece (part 3): My father's rejection 30 December 2020
Inside the International Flights Filled With Solo Babies 20 December 2020
'How much do you cost?' Rikke lives with your prejudices about Asians 22 November 2020
Jeju woman booked for offering to sell newborn baby on mobile platform 2 November 2020
Overseas Korean adoptee untied with birth family after 44 years of separation 19 October 2020
The 1st Adoption Truths Day International Conference 9 September 2020
New foundation focuses on helping Korean American adoptees and families find out where they fit in 9 September 2020
Country Programs | Department of Social Services,… 26 August 2020
Adoption: More Than One Moment in Time 13 August 2020
Miek de Langen (1930-2019), oprichter van de allereerste Kinderrechtswinkel 29 November 2019
Aussie parents 'received kidnapped children' from South Korea 10 November 2019
The Christian History of Korean-American Adoption 9 October 2019
Finding family: ‘I don’t want this Vietnamese woman going to her grave not knowing about her kid’ 30 September 2019
Korea should investigate overseas adoptions 30 August 2019
Janine Vance searches for the truth about Korean adoptees 12 July 2019
Adoptionsbyråns högste chef presenterades som allas vår far 10 July 2019
Signing Hague Convention: implication and challenges for Korea 20 June 2019
‘My mom wasn’t gonna let me go’: Indiana woman reunites with South Korean family 50 years later 13 May 2019
Alarms about irregularities from the majority of major countries Sweden adopted from 21 February 2019
For many, international adoption isn't just a new family. It's the loss of another life. 19 February 2019
Special Advisor for Children's Issues to Travel to Japan and the Republic of Korea 1 December 2017
Adoptee Voices Web Series 22 September 2017
Number of new child adoptees in Korea falls to record low in 2016 14 May 2017
Adopted children don't forget their mother tongue 15 February 2017
A holy anger against the adoption industry 31 March 2016
Mixed-Race Korean Adoptees Use DNA to Search For Roots 2 March 2016
Mother America: Cold War Maternalism and the Institutionalization of Intercountry Adoption from Postwar South Korea, 1953-1961 1 January 2016
International Search and Reunion: A Conversation with Susan Soonkeum Cox 1 December 2015
aca - adoptee cultural * archives * culturelles d… 14 February 2015
[Herald Interview] Adoptee launches search service for birth parents, adoptees 1 December 2014
[Herald Interview] Adoptee launches search service for birth parents, adoptees 1 December 2014
Korea: HOLT AUDIT REPORT 1 June 2014
Foreign adoption barriers unlocked 4 March 2014
Dark side of inter-racial adoption surfaces with arrivals of grown-up adoptees 10 October 2012
Korean-Australian woman finds she was falsely adopted 18 September 2012
Adoption: One man's quest to find his identity 18 September 2012
Bertha and Harry Holt 24 February 2012
Korea still relies on international adoption 13 February 2011
Adoption of grandchild to help daughter’s marriage blocked 2 January 2011
Veterans' forgotten story: How thousands of Korean orphans were saved 10 November 2010
Hurenbock-Kinder 17 May 2010
Domestic adoption of children promoted in SKorea 23 February 2010
New Adoption Policy Backfires 12 February 2010
A fight to change adoption law 11 November 2009
A generation fights to reform adoption laws 10 November 2009
Group Resists Korean Stigma for Unwed Mothers 7 October 2009
[Hankyoreh 21 Cover Story] Holt International’s price for children 24 July 2009
Katherine Heigl and Husband Adopting a Girl 2009
Adoptees say local adoption system not free from irregularities 14 May 2008
Say: Bye bye Korea, until later, when I have grown up 4 April 2003
Support center for adoption questions 13 May 1998
“The well-being of the child has priority” 11 July 1982
Aanbod kinderen kleiner dan de vraag; buitenlandse kinderen worden hier niet zondermeer erkend 16 December 1967
Voorschriften nog sta-n-de-weg: Honderden pleegouders voor vietnameesjes 19 September 1967
2017-06-05 18:31 Korean adoptee finding families for more children
Vietnamese Woman Used as Surrogate Wins Competition