'Single mother' Kim Mi-ae appeals for 'tears' against adoption system reform

30 June 2021

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Park Kyung-joon = 'Single Mom Attorney' National Power Rep. Kim Mi-ae, on the 30th , appealed with tears for a re-examination in relation to the government's reform of the public adoption system.

Rep. Kim said at a press conference at the National Assembly on the same day, "The government is trying to reorganize the work that private adoption agencies have been doing for over 70 years without securing professional manpower , like flipping the palm of their hand."

The reform of the public adoption system, criticized by Rep. Kim, will come into effect from today. The reform plan aims to change the body of the adoption process from the existing adoption agency to the local government.

Counseling with birth parents, including pregnant unwed mothers, and children is carried out by the child protection agent, a private professional of the local government, and the children eligible for adoption are decided by the case decision committee of the local government.

Rep. Kim said, "The problem is that not all local government case decision committees are formed." He said, "It is said that public organizations decide on children to be adopted and protected, but the government does not consider the current situation of local governments and only gives orders unilaterally." pointed out

Rep. Kim urged, "Acknowledge the lack of hasty attempts to reform the public adoption system, and devise effective countermeasures after thoroughly checking the current status of the adoption system."

Rep. Kim even shed tears during the interview.

Rep. Kim lost her mother and 17She started her social life as a textile factory woman when she was younger. After running a sushi restaurant and general store, at the age of 29 , he entered Dong-A University’s night college of law and became a lawyer after five years of preparation for the bar exam. Rep. Kim is also an adopted family with one child.