The Best Interests of the Child in Intercountry Adoption
4 July 2022

Report by Nigel Cantwell (UNICEF) on the rights of children and a practical guideline for the protection of intercountry adopted children.

“The Best Interests of the Child in Intercountry Adoption” is the starting point and conclusion of the jurisprudence on the rights of the child, and a pillar principle of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. This book is translated by KoRoot and is a practical guideline for the protection of internationally adopted children.

Kim Do Hyun, the president of KoRoot, mentioned that, “Determining the best interests of children (BID) is the duty of the state.”. He claims that it is an issue that requires the attention to all those directly or indirectly involved in the practice of intercountry adoption like the government officials, family court judges, Family Liaison Officers (FLO), social workers in adoption agencies, legal and institutional frameworks for intercountry adoption, scholars and activists of civil society, overseas and domestic birth families and adoptees, and even domestic adoptive parents.

The book was translated and published as an e-book by the UNICEF Research Institute-Innocenti in 2014.This book thus provides insight into how to carefully and thoroughly do BID for intercountry adoption of children and a guideline to what conditions should be fully considered.

KoRoot is a NGO organization that publishes books about international adoption to introduce diverse perspectives on adoption for diversifying the adoption discourse in Korean society. Some of the books KoRoot published are; Comforting an Orphaned Nation (2008), Outsiders within (2012), Primal Wound (2013), Adoption Healing (2013), Mixed Korean (2020) , and The Global ‘Orphan’ Adoption System: South Korea’s Impact on Its Origin and Development (2021).

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