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14 February 2015

this website gives an international view by/on international or/and inter-racial adoptee culture reviewed in media

- this site gives an international view on the culture made by / on the adopted internationally and / or inter-racial in the media.

— This website provides a media critique of the cross-border multicultural adoptee culture and therefore an international perspective.

— this site gives an insight into international media coverage of culture by or about internationally adopted and/or interracial people

- This website gives a global view over international and / or interracial adopted adults in the media

- This site offers an international perspective formed by / about the culture of international adoption and / or interracial in the media.

- This website will give you an international view on all topics related to interracial adoption that appear in different media.

- this website gives an image of / about the international and / or interracial culture of the adopted children, reflected in the Mass-media.