Danish adopted daughter: "I would have had a good life in a poor family in Korea, because I would have been with my family"

31 January 2024



I don't understand the need of the western world to see itself as being better suited to parent children born on the other side of the globe with a completely different culture. I am of the belief that I would have had a fine life in a poor family in Korea, because I would have been with my family and I would have been part of the majority in the country from which my DNA originates.

Try closing your eyes for a moment, no wait. Then you can't read on. Instead, just try to imagine that you had been put on a plane as a child. After many hours you landed in an African country without your family. In this African country – we can call it Kenya – you were met by two very dark people who told you in a language completely foreign to you that they were now your mother and father.

They hugged you, maybe kissed you on the forehead. Maybe they cried too. They said they had been waiting for just you for years. You didn't understand what happened. Perhaps you were only a few months old and therefore had no language. Maybe you were three years old and deeply unhappy because you missed kindergarten and your Danish mother and father.