Title Publication date
The rapporteur is reaching out to the minister: Take the adoption case seriously 12 February 2024
Danish adopted daughter: "I would have had a good life in a poor family in Korea, because I would have been with my family" 31 January 2024
In the end, Indian children have been lucky because they have landed in Denmark 29 January 2024
Sweden is considering stopping adoption from the Philippines 28 January 2024
Danish Report Underscores 'Systematic Illegal Behavior' in South Korean Adoptions 28 January 2024
Is the end coming for intercountry adoption in Europe? 26 January 2024
Minister on adoption report: It is incredibly serious reading 25 January 2024
We have been silent, but now we are shouting: 28 Danes have suddenly had their adoptive dream destroyed 24 January 2024
46-year-old David has spent ten years getting to the bottom of his adoption case. True crime TV has come out of that 24 January 2024
Adoption agency delayed adoption. Now pairs of siblings are growing up in separate countries 23 January 2024
Activists not convinced about Norwegian adoption investigation 23 January 2024
Sibling pair separated by Danish adoption agency in violation of the rules 23 January 2024
Only people with a Danish passport are heard in the debate about international adoption 23 January 2024
Professor: The adoption system is problematic and is based on inequality and racism 22 January 2024
Good advice: How to talk to your adopted child about negative adoption stories 21 January 2024
Adoption freeze exposes dilemma of civil society in a welfare state 21 January 2024
Europe winds down adoptions from South Korea 18 January 2024
Adopted woman: Can it really be right that it is the childless couples that we should have sympathy for here? 18 January 2024
Taiwan affected by international adoptions decision 18 January 2024
Norway considers halting overseas adoptions as Denmark's only international agency winds down work 17 January 2024
Couple approved for adoption left in limbo: 'We feel forgotten by the system' 17 January 2024
Ministry: 'Most serious crisis in ten years' 16 January 2024
"It screams to the sky": Danish adoption agency closes and shuts down 16 January 2024
This is how you talk to your child about everything they hear in the press about adoptions right now - and which might give rise to more wondering and curious questions about the adoption. 16 January 2024
DIA – Danish International Adoption ceases to function as an intermediary for international adoptions 16 January 2024
Placed children and young people - The Children's Act & the importance of being together for attachment and development 8 January 2024
Adoption agency knew of serious errors in child cases from Madagascar 18 December 2023
He took a puff from the glass pipe - then violent sex followed for 12 hours 4 December 2023
Breaking the law: Danish adoption agency ignored warnings 4 December 2023
50 children adopted from child welfare council in past six months 22 November 2023
Adoption Agency Under Charge: Assisted in Corruption in Madagascar 21 November 2023
Adoption Agency Under Charge: Assisted in Corruption in Madagascar 21 November 2023
Denmark's only adoption agency receives a 'very serious' warning from the authority 20 November 2023
Må bestikke politiet før adopsjoner – VG 28 October 2023
Society doesn't have a box for Alex - but the psychologist does 3 October 2023
‘Korea is hiding our past’: the adoptees searching for their families – and the truth | Global development | The Guardian 28 September 2023
My daughter wants to find her maternal grandmother, “Why didn’t Korea help single mothers?” [Finding the truth about 372 overseas adoptees] 17 September 2023
In search of the truth: Sri Lankan adoptee Sebastian Jensen’s search for his family 16 September 2023
Hans and Birgit adopted Alex - when she was 11 years old she moved away from home 12 September 2023
Application to The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Korea 11 September 2023
Secrets in adoptions must come to light! 10 August 2023
Adopters, will you join us? 10 August 2023
Adoptions from South Korea 4 August 2023
Three-year-old Sofie recorded a tape in 1977 - now it reveals a lifelong fraud 2 August 2023
Inadequacy of adoption records management criticized during Assembly forum - The Korea Times 22 July 2023
Promoting de-institutionalisation of children - The Child Protection Network of Denmark 9 July 2023
Number of forced adoptions in Denmark rises 7 July 2023
More children are adopted under duress 6 July 2023
Adoptees talk about their fates: "We were part of an experiment after all" 3 July 2023
South Korean inquiry to look into 237 more foreign adoptions suspected to have laundered origins 8 June 2023
All records must be unsealed for Korean adoptees who want it, argue experts : National : News : The Hankyoreh 18 May 2023
Korean truth commission to investigate hundreds of possibly fraudulent overseas adoptions 18 May 2023
Authentic, honest anthropologist - Om | Kirapumali 3 May 2023
Proposals to Act on notification of citizenship. (Adopted by the Norwegian Parliament at the 3rd reading on 19 June 1975.*) 16 April 2023
I was lied to death 3 April 2023
Mia and 20,000 adopted children fight for the investigation of illegal adoptions 30 March 2023
10 Years Since Forced Adoption Apology 23 March 2023
Binnenlands geadopteerden vragen meer aandacht: ’Maak haast met het onderzoek naar de praktijk van afstand en adoptie. Straks ka 15 March 2023
S. Korea, Norway to Cooperate on Wrongful Foreign Adoption Cases 27 February 2023
Three countries of origin are given the green light for further adoption cooperation after extensive screening 14 February 2023
After Danish pressure: Commission investigates adoptions in South Korea 24 January 2023
South Korea launches investigation into suspicious adoptions of children to the West 8 December 2022
ECtHR: Danish ban on commercial surrogacy violated children’s rights 8 December 2022
Lies, love and deception: inside the cut-throat world of international adoption 6 December 2022
Police report Danish adoption center after TV 2 documentary 5 December 2022
Suspicion of illegal adoption 9 November 2022
[INTERVIEW] Danish adoptees demand Korean gov't to probe dark past of exporting babies 6 October 2022
Clinic in Italy mixed up two babies after birth – one ended up in an orphanage 27 September 2022
Between exploitation and reproductive freedom 4 September 2022
Danish adoptees call for S. Korea to probe adoption issues 24 August 2022
Danish adoptees demand an investigation into the adoption process in South Korea 23 August 2022
Danish Korean Rights Group in Frederiksberg - CVR… 13 August 2022
Parents on probation - Denmark’s controversial family policy 12 August 2022
Department of Human Rights: Vive report can be abused politically to justify forced adoption 31 May 2022
Susanne is adopted and did everything not to be found. But one day there was a letter from Greenland 4 May 2022
Maria Ifversen has been looking for her little sister for over 20 years: »I remember nothing from our childhood. Nothing. " 22 April 2022
Adopted left with more questions than answers 28 March 2022
The National Board of Appeal's four notes on a study of the Danish adoption agency from Colombia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sri 17 March 2022
The Social and Elderly Committee (SOU) Alm. share 16 March 2022
Danish prime minister personally apologizes to removed Greenland children 10 March 2022
The Prime Minister invites to an event on the occasion of an apology to the six survivors of the 22 Greenlandic children who wer 5 March 2022
Hye was adopted because she was a girl. When she became a mother herself, an old trauma washed over her 3 March 2022
Experimental children receive DKK 250,000 in compensation from the state 28 February 2022
Donor detectives expose cheating 28 February 2022
She kept a secret during her song - and it was a matter of life and death 10 February 2022
Astrid Krag on explosion in adoptions: 'We talk about cases where the parents are bad' 9 February 2022
New adoption rules must get more people to adopt Danish children 2 February 2022
Danish orphans subjected to secret CIA-backed experiments: Docu 30 December 2021
Danish orphanage children used in a secret investigation supported by the CIA 27 December 2021
Racism forces family away from Stevns 12 December 2021
Sperm donors with hundreds of children 'just want to help' 8 December 2021
Greenlandic children sue Denmark for experiment 21 November 2021
Wasuthon is being deported back to Thailand by Danish authorities 9 September 2021
Frustrated father hangs up posters calling for daughter 3 September 2021
The hidden face of international adoptions and mothers' rights in Vietnam 30 August 2021
The systematization of 'child exports' for economic and political aims 13 August 2021
Unicef Netherlands position in Intercountry Adoption ? 12 August 2021
Danmark kan risikere at komme i konflikt med Menneskerettighederne / Denmark may risk coming into conflict with Human Rights 15 July 2021
Korean adoptee films pain of mother-child separations 11 June 2021
Andrea was illegally adopted from Colombia: 'It has been a huge grief' 7 June 2021
[Herald Interview] Adoptee filmmaker shocked by reality of Korea's single moms 6 June 2021
Mette wants to be adopted by her foster mother - but the legislation stands in the way 1 June 2021
A Mother’s Story 27 May 2021
'Forget Me Not': A Korean-born adoptee's ode to her birth mother 19 May 2021
Indian-origin Danish television presenter Ulla Essendrop is TikTok’s latest sensation 16 May 2021
The agreement has been leaked: This is how Mette Frederiksen's big plan for vulnerable children ends 11 May 2021
The 19-year-old abducted man gets involved in a debate about forced abduction 30 April 2021
The report "Suspicion of illegal conditions in adoptions from Chile to Denmark 1978-1988" 21 April 2021
bilagssamling.pdf 21 April 2021
Suspicion of illegal conditions in adoptions from Chile to Denmark mark 1978- 1988 21 April 2021
Childless on waiting list hesitates with Danish adoption 12 April 2021
Childless on waiting list hesitates with Danish adoption 12 April 2021
Ulla Essendrop: I almost did not exist before I came to Denmark 4 April 2021
Municipalities set record in forced adoptions - Lolland Municipality is responsible for every fourth of the forced adoptions 29 March 2021
Adoption & Society wants targeted assistance for finding roots, rather than general examination of all adoptions 22 March 2021
Manuel, Claudia and Luis arrived as the first Chilean adopted children in 1978. Today, they fear they were stolen 18 March 2021
Unacceptable statements from the President of South Korea - Adoption & Society have asked the embassy for an explanation! 11 March 2021
'How much do you cost?' Rikke lives with your prejudices about Asians 22 November 2020
The National Board of Appeal and Shejar Chhaya 17 November 2020
Adoption, it is also an option to adopt a child 7 November 2020
Netra wants to divorce her adoptive parents: 'Many people think I'm mega ungrateful' 30 October 2020
A Great Desire for Children: The Beginning of Transnational Adoption in Denmark and Norway during the 1960’s 22 October 2020
The government is considering making international adoption statewide: It could hit gays and singles 30 August 2020
The government is considering making international adoption state-level: It could hit gays and singles 30 August 2020
ACT: request for lower costs participation Euradopt conference 6 February 2020
Fwd: Fw: Svar Aktindsigt ISS 13 January 2020
Do we have a Prime Minister who will not comply with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the ECHR? 1 January 2020
Adoption & Samfund: Vi har ødelagt vores adoptionssystem 16 December 2019
Verdens bedste adoptionssystem bliver til verdens dyreste kontrolsystem! 9 December 2019
Helvedet i Klarup 5 December 2019
End of adoption from abroad: Danish adoption agency in major financial problems 5 December 2019
I secretly gave birth to my twins in the bathroom - and put them up for adoption 19 August 2019
Adoptivfar: Der er intet grundlag for at udråbe tusindvis af adopterede børn som ofre for overgreb 22 May 2019
Mor og adoptivdatter: Det er uetisk at franarre fattige forældre deres børn 16 May 2019
Foreningen DNA-MATCHING Kender du dine rødder, og ved du hvor du stammer fra ? 14 April 2019
Pressemeddelelse 2 April 2019
Chittagong Facebook Post 30 March 2019
Amy Documentary in The Netherlands: Facebook Comments 19 March 2019
Girl In Return (vanavond, om 20.55 uur, op NPO2) 18 March 2019
Girl in return NPO 2, 20.55-22.00u. 18 March 2019
Lasse became panic-struck: Denmark's only adoption agency warns members about money shortages 9 March 2019
Adoptionsdialogens Dag den 23. maj 2019 7 March 2019
Ankestyrelsen og Shejar Chhaya 7 March 2019
Ankestyrelsen og Shejar Chhaya 7 March 2019
Rød blok kræver ny undersøgelse efter rod i adoptionssag 7 March 2019
Denmark wants to speed up forced adoption process to take kids from birth parents 4 March 2019
Girl in Return ( Amy's Film ) 3 March 2019
Støt Amy og hendes families fremtid 1 March 2019
Denmark could ease laws on forced adoption 26 February 2019
Back to the Origin: The Woman Helping Adopted People Find Their Birth Parents 14 February 2019
From the Baltic to the Bay: Caroline Amena searches for her roots 1 February 2019
From the Baltic to the Bay: Caroline Amena searches for her roots 1 February 2019
From the Baltic to the Bay: Caroline Amena searches for her roots 1 February 2019
Filmanmeldelse: Amy eller Tigist? – en adoptionshistorie 24 January 2019
Husker du Amy? Nu er pigen, der rystede adoptionssystemet, tilbage 23 January 2019
Husker du adopterede Amy, der blev tvangsfjernet med magt? Her er hun i dag 22 January 2019
Tv-premiere på Amys vilje 22 January 2019
Amy føler, hun blev købt og solgt som en vare, da hun blev adopteret fra Etiopien til Danmark 21 January 2019
From Denmark to Coimbatore: It’s return of the native 5 January 2019
Lesbian couple got children together - now woman wants to be deleted as a fellow 4 January 2019
Compulsory adoptions save municipalities millions - DF is now asking questions to the minister 23 December 2018
Caroline blev født i Bangladesh: Måske ønskede mine forældre slet ikke at bortadoptere mig 8 June 2018
Papirarkiv bremser adopteredes jagt efter ukendte søskende 8 January 2018
Brødrene David og Martin blev bortadopteret som små: Fandt hinanden mere end 30 år senere 7 January 2018
After careful consideration, the DIA has decided to relocate the cooperation with Vietnam. 8 November 2017
Jeanette helps adoptees find peace 7 October 2017
The National Administrative Board asks Sri Lanka for information about adoptions 26 September 2017
Adopted girl returns to Maharashtra as Danish conductor 16 July 2017
Uncle was called by the defendant on the day of the murder: - He seemed very distant 8 June 2017
Kenyan family reveals Danish couple in adoption of girl were duped 29 January 2017
Det var ulovligt at flytte adoptivbarnet Amy med magt 15 November 2016
Børnerådets formand gik i protest efter Amy-sagen 3 November 2016
European Parliament: Briefing - Adoption of children in the European Union 1 June 2016
A holy anger against the adoption industry 31 March 2016
With forced adoption lose children and parents the right to each other 23 March 2016
Denmark will stop adoptions from Ethiopia 8 March 2016
Fwd: documents reg. closing of Terres Des Hommes adoption agency in dk 21 November 2015
Tikuret fundraising in Denmark - Sister Asayech 3 November 2015
Mange adoptioner bygger på falske oplysninger 10 October 2015
Court orders adopted Kenyan children taken away from foreign couples 16 August 2015
Uncertain future for parents with disabilities 13 April 2015
Fusion between the two Adoption Organizations in Denmark: DanAdopt and AC International Child Support. 30 October 2014
Unity leaving adoption talks 2 October 2014
The Danish adoption system from the users' 29 September 2014
SERBIAN CHILDREN WAS VERY EXPENSIVE: Doctors stealing babies and sold abroad during the SFRY! 9 September 2014
Denmark Unity requires the rights of children in adoption debate 4 September 2014
Ambassador wonders: How can Ethiopia be a living hell? 11 August 2014
Organizations fear forced the adoption of the disabled children 7 July 2014
Analysis: Denmark should adopt children from fewer countries 27 June 2014
Appendix to comprehensive analysis of the Danish adoption system 1 June 2014
Danmarks Mother Teresa har hjulpet børn i Indien i 40 år 22 May 2014
Denmark bans Nigeria adoptions after raid on suspected baby factory 30 April 2014
Adoptions from Nigeria suspended (29/04/2014) 29 April 2014
Today, Heidi's triplets forcibly placed: 'We fight to the end' 7 April 2014
article, Politiken by Dorrit Saitz reg. Shejar Chhaya and list 3 March 2014
danish article - Merete laubjerg and Anders Riel Müller, APF - Expert: International adoption should be abolished asap 13 February 2014
Expert: "International adoption should be abolished as soon as possible ' 13 February 2014
article, Denmark - "experts: Adoptions need to be open in the future" interview Anders R. Müller, Merete Laubjerg and Jacob Ki 12 February 2014
"It is a human right to know one's identity" 12 February 2014
Maria Kling Holm: "It is a human right to know his identity ' 12 February 2014
danish article adoptee Maria Klingsholm :"Its a human right to know you identity" 12 February 2014
Last chance for adoption agency 22 January 2014
Minister suspends adoption agency because of the mess in the economy 10 January 2014
V & K kræver reform af adoptionsområdet 10 January 2014
Adoption of a child is over 5 December 2013
Adoption & Society Member Magazine for Adoption & Society | Nr. 5 | October 2013 | 37th year 1 October 2013
The dark history of adoption 13 September 2013
Adoptionens dunkle historie 13 September 2013
Now the whole area of ??adoption delved 6 June 2013
DanAdopt attended the meeting 23 April 2013
Either she's lying - or is important information lost 23 April 2013
Biological parents require adoptions overturned 14 April 2013
AC International Child Support: The law must be changed 10 April 2013
DanAdopt: We prefer perhaps out of Ethiopia 9 April 2013
Adoption system must be under the microscope 9 April 2013
Adoption: Were instructed to lie in court 9 April 2013
UNICEF: Child harvesters is a known phenomenon 8 April 2013
Ethiopian orphanage used ‘child harvesters’ to find children 8 April 2013
Adoption middleman speaks out 8 April 2013
Alliance proposes independent adoptions supervision 7 April 2013
Harsh criticism of the Liberal Party's call for a freeze on adoptions 7 April 2013
Danish adoptive mother: I was in good faith 7 April 2013
Ethiopian adoptive parents did not receive the promised reports 7 April 2013
Danish Docu - Sunday 6 April (Line) 6 April 2013
Haekkerup stop controversial adoptions from Ethiopia 5 April 2013
EL will have independent oversight of adoption agencies 5 April 2013
Haekkerup stop controversial adoptions from Ethiopia 5 April 2013
Adoption Association supports prohibiting DanAdopt 5 April 2013
DanAdopt forced to stop adoptions from Ethiopia 5 April 2013
Slovak Blog: Adoption - Rescue or Russian roulette? 20 February 2013
Adoption system based on a colonial past 26 January 2013
Journalist assaulted after adoption case 14 January 2013
UNICEF in Ethiopia gets 5 million eksktra 26 December 2012
“Sucker Love is Heaven Sent” – A Romanian Yoga Cult Under Investigation 21 December 2012
Horisont: Adoption eller menneskehandel? 4 December 2012
DR besøger Mashos forældre: Fattige presses til at bortadoptere børn 2 December 2012
DR besøger Mashos forældre: Fattige presses til at bortadoptere børn - Danish Docu - Mulumebet 2 December 2012
Parents criticize DanAdopt for failure 29 November 2012
Biological mother: Too late to get Masho back 28 November 2012
UNICEF: Many children not to Denmark 27 November 2012
Documentary puts Danadopt on the spot 27 November 2012
Orphanages French scarred parents their children 11 November 2012
Child removal results in violence accusations against council 5 June 2012
Movie review: ‘A Journey in My Mother’s Footsteps’ 11 November 2011
A Journey in My Mother's Footsteps 11 November 2011
As waiting times increase, fewer choosing adoption 19 October 2011
European cult that mixes yoga with sex sets up base in Tamil Nadu 3 June 2011
European cult that mixes yoga with sex sets up base in Tamil Nadu 3 June 2011
Court established new rules for foundlings 5 November 2010
République tchèque : les enfants roms concernés par l’adoption internationale 12 July 2010
Was duped by NGO staffer: Official 23 June 2010
DF: Stop adoptioner fra Indien 22 June 2010
MPs calling for stop to India adoptions 21 June 2010
Agency to review adoptions from India 21 June 2010
Ingen ophævelse af indiske adoptioner 21 June 2010
Adoption fra Indien i 21 Søndag på DR 1 21 June 2010
Indisk politi: Far franarret sine børn 20 June 2010
Børn til salg: De første afsløringer 20 June 2010
Indisk kvinde kæmper for kidnappet søn 15 June 2010
IAWG urges better adoption process 24 February 2010
Embassies push for transparency in adoptions 7 December 2008
Adoptionsstop fra Indien ophævet 5 October 2007
A Baby Business (Ramesh Kulkarni) 10 June 2007
Letter Danadopt to Danish European Commissioner - subsidiarity 16 February 2007
kommunikation Adoptionsnævnet, DanAdopt, AC Børnehjælp, DK about mediation in India dec. 2005-jun3 2006 16 June 2006
Reply European Commission to Danish Authorities (subsidiarity) 16 June 2006
Letter Danish Central Authority to European Commission (subsidiarity) 3 May 2006
Do adoptees have special CPR numbers? 11 June 2005
list of granted large scale projects under section 5 2000- 2002 30 October 2003
Catholic orphanage priest in pedophile scandal 29 January 2003
Handel in Indiase baby's voor adoptie is lucratief 14 August 2001
Support Group Romanian Adoptees and Danish Parents 21 February 2001
Terre des Hommes Denmark stops adoptions from Romania 30 January 1999
Circular description regarding requirements for Terre des Hommes social and medical information on Romanian children proposed... 25 September 1997