The rapporteur is reaching out to the minister: Take the adoption case seriously
12 February 2024


Agnete Finnemann Scheel

Social Affairs Minister Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil (S) must take the experts' words into account and support a legal investigation into the role of the Danish authorities in the many adoption scandals. This is what the Liberal Alliance's spokesperson for social affairs, Katrine Daugaard, believes.

- The Minister of Social Affairs has been adamant that a legal investigation will make no difference to the people who have been victims of adoption fraud. Now the experts say that it is decidedly wrong, says Katrine Daugaard.

In recent weeks, DR has revealed that a large number of children adopted from India were tricked from their parents and flown to Denmark.

- It would suit the minister to take the matter seriously and support a legal investigation of the authorities' responsibility in the matter, she says.

Enhedslisten, the Danish People's Party, SF and the Danish Democrats also want an impartial legal investigation .

The Minister of Social Affairs has not had the opportunity to appear for an interview.