20 April 2022

It almost looks like a story from a movie, but it really happened to Rob: shortly after his birth in South Korea he was kidnapped by his aunt and given up for adoption. He told FunX how this could have happened.


For a long time, Rob and his adoptive parents had no idea of ??the bizarre adoption story that had taken place in South Korea. It wasn't until Rob went looking for his biological parents that the truth came out. "It's a difficult story," says Rob. He explains that his family has always been a little bit against his parents' marriage.

When his mother was pregnant, Rob's father left for the Emirates to work there. The moment the labor started - two months early - he couldn't just come back to South Korea. "He then said to his eldest sister: 'Listen, you are my eldest sister, you must look after my wife, because she is going to give birth." After Rob was born, he had to go straight to the incubator. His mother was in a coma at the time. "My aunt may have bribed the whole thing and ensured that I ended up in an orphanage and that I was sent away to the Netherlands as soon as possible when I was strong."


Rob's biological parents did not know about his existence for a long time. They thought they had become parents of a daughter who would have died shortly after giving birth. They were told that by Rob's aunts and grandmother who were all involved in the plot.


Initially, Rob did not necessarily feel the need to contact his biological family. " I love my parents here very much and I was raised in the Netherlands, I didn't like Korea much. " Nevertheless, he eventually decided to track them down with the help of the television program Spoorloos . "Other adoptees from South Korea I knew were looking for their parents, but couldn't find them. I thought: maybe I'll understand more about their grief if I'm rejected too." Only that didn't happen, because Rob actually liked his parents. "I didn't expect it. It sounds ungrateful, but I didn't really care whether I found them or not."


In the meantime Rob is very happy that he has found his biological parents again. "It's like I hit the jackpot." Rob's situation is very exceptional. Many Korean families gave up their children because of poverty and are difficult to trace or prefer not to have contact anymore. However, Rob was very much wanted by his parents, who come from wealthy families. When Rob showed up on their doorstep, he was welcomed with open arms. "From one hot bath I have here in the Netherlands, I ended up in another hot bath in South Korea. That's just really fantastic."

Of course they were at first very surprised and shocked, since all these years they had assumed that they had a deceased daughter. “What really broke my heart the first time I got there, my mom would sneak into my bedroom at night, grab my hand and talk to me in Korean crying.”


Rob is now in contact with his parents and three young sisters almost every day and he regularly visits family. He never spoke to his aunt again: "She did apologize to my father."


Rob recently posted a short version of his adoption story on TikTok . That post went viral and he got a lot of reactions from fellow adoptees who recognized themselves in his story. That's why he's going to post more on this topic soon. “I hope that other adoptees can also get some support from it.”