Prosecutor's Office, Jeong In is sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison

14 April 2021

The prosecution requested the death penalty for the mother-in-law of Wool, who was arrested for murder and convicted of killing Jeong In after 16 months of age abuse.

The 13th Criminal Division of the Seoul Southern District Court held a trial of resolution on Jang Yang, who was handed over to the trial on charges of murder today (14th).

The prosecution requested the death penalty from Jang, and asked the court to sentence them to a 10-year order to restrict employment in children's institutions, 30 years to attach electronic devices, and five years to order probation.

In addition, Ahn Mo, his adoptive father, who was prosecuted with Jang for violating the Child Welfare Act, was asked for 7 years and 6 months in prison and an order to restrict employment related to children for 10 years.

The prosecution explained the reason for the sentence, saying, "(Mr. Jang) has a responsibility to be responsible as a mother. .

He also said, "(Jeong-in's) abdomen was damaged, but I did damage again," he said. "A normal adult would have known that the victim could die if he stepped on it strongly with his feet in a state of deteriorating health."

The prosecution added, "Jang has a psychopathic tendency and aggressive impulsivity, so he lacks sincerity toward the victims," ??and added, "Even if you look at Jang's personality traits, it can be said that he has tolerated the consequences of his death."

The prosecution said, "Even though he knew of the abuse (to Jung In-i), he pretended not to know anything and did not take any action to save his life." He said he was left to die in mental and physical pain.

Regarding this, Mr. Jang's lawyer said, "I admit to the habitual abuse of the victim, but I have never stepped on it."

In his final statement, Mr. Jang also pleaded, "I have become obsessed with the desire to raise a child well."

Ahn also said, "It's my fault that I didn't know that my child was so ill," and said, "I have to spend my whole life in prison, but I'm worried when I see my first daughter coming to the bathroom even if I leave the room for a while."

In the trial on that day, forensic medical scientist Jeong-bin Lee, who reappraised the cause of death, was present as a witness.

Professor Lee said, "If even one rib is fractured, the pain is so great that I can't breathe properly and I can't laugh." "A boy who can't cry."

In addition "

The prosecution also revealed that based on the testimony of an anonymous reporter, the husband and wife said, "(Jeong-in's) intelligence is like a puppy" and "(Jeong-in's) it is difficult to do it."

Previously, Jang was accused of killing Jung In from June to October of last year by inflicting a strong shock on his back during routine assault and abuse.

Ahn was charged with violating the Child Welfare Act (abandonment and neglect of children, etc.) for not taking any action even though he knew that Jung In was neglected and beaten by Jang from March to October last year.

The sentence of this case will be held at 1:50 pm on the 14th of the following month.