Exposed. Adopted. Arrived in the now.

24 January 2024

Maya's story


Maja Tae Sook Dreyer , Schlicht Katharina (authors)


This is the story of a special woman and her self-discovery against all odds.
Maja doesn't know her parents, her birthday or her exact place of birth. Just a few weeks old, she was abandoned in Daegu (South Korea) in 1969. After two years in an orphanage in Seoul, she was placed in Germany for adoption.
Here, disturbing borderline experiences of strangeness, rejection, domestic violence, sexual assault and a suicide attempt determine her childhood.
She feels more and more clearly her unconditional will to live and her longing for belonging and a self-determined life in her new home. Therefore, the later encounter with her country of birth is not the focus of the novella. Rather, the authors illustrate in powerful scenes how Maja successfully fights for a fulfilled life despite lasting moments of inner conflict and the role her daughter, her husband and her job as a yoga teacher play in this.
It is also the story of the friendship of two women who at first glance seem very different. The past can be processed together, the present can be experienced and the future can be shaped.