Title Publication date
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Today's inter-country adoption system is not fit for purpose 7 May 2022
“It is imperative to place rights and ethics at the center of the international adoption system” 10 December 2021
TESTIMONY. From Finistère to Mali, Jean-Noël has a whole past to reconstruct 14 May 2021
La plainte de neuf Français d’origine malienne pour « escroquerie » à l’adoption classée sans suite 8 July 2020
Au Mali, une ancienne magistrate continue de dénoncer des adoptions frauduleuses 15 June 2020
“It's difficult for biological families, and also for adopting families”: from Finistère to the Sahel, a past to recompose 10 June 2020
From Paris to Bamako, Marie M.'s painful quest for truth about the circumstances of her adoption, thirty-two years ago 9 June 2020
Adoptions au Mali : en quête de vérité (video 30 min) 8 June 2020
Neuf Français d’origine malienne portent plainte contre un organisme d’adoption 8 June 2020
Nine French nationals of Mali origin file a complaint against an adoption agency 8 June 2020
Mali: French Families Press Mali to Scrap Ban On Foreign Adoption 10 April 2013
Mali: bloccate le adozioni internazionali 25 October 2012
Séminaire sur l’Adoption Internationale Mali 26 October 2010
Fear over Mali's missing children 16 August 2010
Genesis d'une Adoption 2010