Title Publication date
Japan probes Unification Church’s ‘shady’ child adoption deals 24 January 2023
Japan's same-sex couples hope to foster children, but prejudice remains barrier 27 May 2022
'I get to be a big brother': Veteran, 70, adopted as a child from Japan discovers his 7 siblings in Ohio 19 May 2022
Man who was adopted in 1953 thought he was an only child. Then the phone rang 18 May 2022
In Japan first, Kumamoto baby's birth to be reported without mother's name 4 February 2022
In Japan first, Kumamoto baby's birth to be reported without mother's name 4 February 2022
Woman Puts Baby Up For Adoption After Finding Sperm Donor Lied About Ethnicity, Education 13 January 2022
Woman Gives Up Child After Learning Sperm Donor Lied About His Ethnicity and Education 12 January 2022
Not always enough adoptive parents in their own country 29 December 2021
Child adoption slowly gains ground in Japan, though prospective parents still face obstacles 25 December 2021
Japan's adoption rules changed to allow older kids' ties to biological parents to be severed 7 June 2019
Sharp adoption age limit hike eyed 16 April 2019
Online agency seeks to streamline adoption in Japan 11 May 2017
Japan - Progress is slow when it comes to societal views on adoption 2 May 2015
Japan's institutionalised children 6 September 2014
“Sucker Love is Heaven Sent” – A Romanian Yoga Cult Under Investigation 21 December 2012
Want to Adopt a Japanese Orphan? You May Be Out of Luck 24 March 2011
Foreigners Looking to Adopt Japanese Earthquake Orphans Need Not Apply 22 March 2011
Govt targets use of adoption as criminal cover 21 December 2010
Josephine Baker's Rainbow Tribe 2 October 2009
Japan lacking on intl adoption Nation needs to ratify Hague convention to protect children 17 July 2009
Japan: Occupation orphan traces roots 6 June 2009
Department of Defense Position Regarding Children Born Out of Wedlock, 1971 28 June 1971