Romania are 237 children waiting for a family abroad
27 November 2013

Date: 11/13/27

Romania are 237 children waiting for a family abroad

romania 200 children aThe hope of many Romanian children without families are couples Romanian living abroad . In fact, after almost ten years, the 'NOW reopened international adoptions, but only for Romanians living abroad and for mixed couples.

The couple must be married for at least 3 years or have lived in a stable and continuous before the marriage for a period of 3 years.Undertake the adoption process in Romania need to have the decree of suitability. The procedure requires two trips to the country for parents.

Meanwhile, the Central Authority of Romania (ORA) has provided some data on its website: the 237 children for adoption abroad, 145 children do not have health problems. While the remaining 92 are 'special needs' children with 'special needs'. Another element is provided which 122 are ethnic Romanian, and 115 are of other ethnicities. Of the 237 abandoned children, 169 children are 'big kids' or teenagers, aged between eight and twelve years. There are seven children adopted abroad, combined with five children, waiting to start their new life. The dossiers filed and are pending combination 23. And they have to relate to children zero to six years.

Romania is among the Member States of the 'European Union to the greater mobility within the EU .Two and a half million Romanians living in another EU Member State, of which over one million are resident in Italy.

From August Amici dei Bambini has achieved accreditation to operate in the Balkan country. 's commitment to Friends of Children is to offer, from the start, the intended parents meet the above criteria, the maximum aid and support to encourage ' acceptance of a Romanian child for adoption. So far there are five families who have turned to the association, all residents in northern Italy.

Those who meet the age requirements mandatory , they can contact the national headquarters of Ai.Bi. to receive any further information or clarification, please write to . E 'can also speak with an operator Ai.Bi. or book a free informational meeting on ITER specific adoptive Romania, one of the 15 regional offices of Ai.Bi.

The following general information in both Italian and Romanian: handbook Romania