International adoption: the season of poison
14 October 2014

Date: 14/10/23

International adoption: the season of poison

angry childAfter the ' interpellation of Senator Carlo Giovanardi filed on October 16 in the Senate and to the President of the Council of Ministers, the ' body CIAI (Italian Centre for Aid to Children) took a public political position starting in fact what might constitute a real massacre game between the authorized bodies.

Before the initiative of a Member that is not representative of an entity but rather representative of the people elected in a democratic state, it is really irrelevant whether one of the many authorized bodies either agree or disagree with the work of Senator Giovanardi. Each, in fact, their work: the authorized bodies are not political parties, do not have to line up on the political positions or for specific people.

How do you then to say that a Senator would have "raised the tone" or even "sparked a real war" for the simple fact of having done the work for which he was elected?

If you really want to discuss interpellation, as Entities, we should take care not opinion but the facts and wait for the competent authorities to shed light on one thing: what was denounced by Senator Giovanardi in his interpellation matches or less true?

It 's true that , as the Senator Giovanardi, "at present, the activities of the Commission seems to be run by Dr. Della Monica in full autonomy, in marked contrast to the distribution of powers provided by law, with a total absence of the political role of executive ownership "? In contrast, then, with the legislation that the President of the Commission should take an active role, or at least check on the work of the entire Commission and its Vice-President.

It 's true you can not know what specific skills in the field of juvenile justice and proven experience in the field of adoptions of Dr. Della Monica can also legitimize the appointment as Vice-President of the Commission?

It 's true that, by the appointment of Dr. Della Monica, met once?

It 's true that the recent visits to Italy of delegations from other countries were held, contrary to the usual practice,without the involvement of families, children and the authorized bodies?

It 'true that the authorities currently have to operate without knowing the content of the negotiations carried out between the CAI and the delegations of the governments of some countries, such as Burundi and Cambodia which appear to have been signed new bilateral agreements?

It 'true that the authorities are waiting a long time for the Commission to make the certifications required for re-accreditation by the foreign authorities in some countries?

These questions arise from experience that Senator from 2008 to 2011 he was also President of the CAI.

Sen. Giovanardi, of course, speaking in his capacity as a Member of Parliament whose first task is to defend freedom and democracy , denouncing in his own home institutions - the Senate - if, in his opinion, when attacks occur to them.

Evidently the Senator, which had become now of the situation that has emerged in recent months in CAI, considered not only appropriate but necessary action , at least to restore the conditions of legitimacy on the functioning of an organ for which in effect, to want to apply the law, it is not intended that controlled both the controller itself .

If we must make judgments about individuals, it is certainly more consistent to do so not on the basis of declarations made by them, but rather on the basis of the facts . And it is an undoubted fact, for example, that the Senator Giovanardi in his long experience as President of CAI has played a commendable role, not only for the promotion and development of international adoptions but also wise and prudent to solve various problems in the successive period of his presidency.

Ai.Bi. then it was already adoptions for over 20 years and can attest to how out of place that they approach the Senator Giovanardi statements regarding "a simplistic and banal adoption" and "quantity" of adoptions taking for granted that this is not can be coupled with the need for "quality," as if the two things could not co-exist or as if the former President of CAI had not given due weight to the quality of adoptions.

Rattles and, above all, the reference to "child trafficking", failure to comply with the laws of the countries of origin of children and, even worse, to '"use of families as a means to force the availability of children for adoption."These words are so heavy and not justified to throw mud on the world of international adoptions and, most importantly, to be able to lodge their panic among the families that are, as always Ai.Bi. states, an invaluable resource.

The idea of "simplistic and banal adoption" looks like the one painted in the press CIAI with whom you want to believe that only some and not all stand strong quality of its adoption.

The world needs adoptions of dialogue and collaboration, in fact.

But now, after this unfortunate and dangerous stance official CIAI will create the conditions for a kind of "witch hunt", artfully manipulated by those who want to pursue objectives different from those of an authentic restoration of the system of international adoptions .

In this climate it is too easy to make slanderous accusations. Just throw here and there, on purpose, maybe even at institutional, news of "investigations" against some body, maybe not too pleased, and that's it: that's how you want to proceed to remedy the adoption system?

In this situation, the statement of CIAI has created a climate of fear: what will happen now to those entities that do not express a political position to support the activities of the CAI?

No one is afraid or fear that the Commission for International Adoptions to play its role, including the power to control and verification to be considered useful, and that Ai.Bi. invokes the same for years.

The doors of the premises of the authorized bodies are and must remain open to anyone who wants to make the controls: this is transparency.

That control, however, is only one of the powers and duties of the Commission.

There are, in fact, in the long list of tasks CAI, even activities that, as a government, have to be carried out in accordance with the procedures and, why not, the practice of many years, as they know all the bodies, made of 'Italy a country to this day considered one of the excellence in the field of international adoptions compared to the world scene.

Among these activities there is, for example, carrying out a series of bureaucratic actions that should be executed as always has been. There is also the involvement of the authorities had allowed with respect to the operational strategy in each country.

And here was what is the framework in which we operate, and we all bodies which - you know - our bodies we already face.

Only in the case of Ai.Bi. are at least 25 letters to the Commission unanswered containing requests for information and instructions on the procedure adopted in the course! And among these are not even counted the applications submitted to CAI for organizing work in several new countries.

Already March 6, 2014 Authorities had urged the convening of a table on the situation of adoptions in the Congo. Then, also, Ai.Bi. asked repeatedly and in vain explanations relating to its powers in respect of the adoption process in the African country.

The Commission has not, for example, still considered to respond to as many as six applications for the issuance of a certificate already issued, which served abroad just in a different format, for so requested by the Authority of Kenya, in order to renew the accreditation and continue with the adoption procedures in progress. And what happened? Four months of silence, even though the matter had been explained even by phone!

In the absence of answers, for months, what we talk about collaboration?

No one doubts that Dr. Della Monica has made some statements about the world of shared adoptions. You count the facts. And it is a fact that the procedure adopted is compromised or subject to delays if the Commission provides guidance, answers and documents needed. This inevitably has an impact on the couple and child.

Peace, cited by CIAI, can not be separated then by an effective and concrete desire for collaboration between all organizations and individuals involved.

Ai.Bi., like all associations and organizations working in Italy, does not have the mandate to do the 'war' : we just want to work for the realization of the projects, noble, so we joined, and we believe we are a much-needed resource for the Italian welfare. This is the work to be carried out together with the support - real - Institutions.

So welcome, indeed blessed, the interpellation by Sen. Giovanardi! We hope that through this initiative, and what will follow, not only to be re-established conditions "democratic" in order to work in an atmosphere of serenity and trust between CAI and authorized bodies, but also to develop international adoption, creating the conditions necessary for true collaboration at all levels.

Because we Bodies - every day in the forefront of working abroad and close to family - we feel we have something more to say to CAI are not enough written notes, but need working groups and discussion to communicate effectively with practical problems that every day we face.

Work tables that become essential to prepare the meetings with the delegations of foreign countrieswith whom we do business, where such meetings are an excellent opportunity to dissolve the critical points of each procedure are adopted.

All this for the benefit of abandoned children and thousands of families welcoming.