Bureaucracy and prohibitive costs: international adoptions fell by 49% in a few years

6 June 2015

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Bureaucracy and prohibitive costs: international adoptions fell by 49% in a few years

Published: 06/06/2015

" From 2008 to 2014 Italy has experienced a real collapse in the face of international adoptions, which recorded a decrease of 49% : are dramatic numbers that dictate the need to implement and strengthen all the instruments of cultural, social and institutional, as well as innovative measures to encourage the resumption of adoptions. " The warning is the deputy of the Democratic Party and the National Party responsible for the childhood and adolescence, Vanna Iori.

"The drop in adoptions in recent years, reported in most circumstances by the authorized bodies, is a cause for concern both because it expresses a setback on the side of the right of children to have a family and because it is an indicator of the economic crisis that affects a growing number households ", he underlines Iori.

"I believe it is appropriate to review, with a view to improving the adoption system and the functions of the Commission Adoption ", adds the deputy of the Democratic Party. "And 'need to make sure that families will return to believe in international adoption: we owe it to the many children and adolescents who are not lucky enough to have a family," he concludes.

The drop in international adoptions "is also due to factors such as the bureaucratic process, the path difficult and cumbersome and costs. Adopting a child also costs 30 thousand euro and the State intervenes little and late, "says Adnkronos Michela Vittoria Brambilla , president of the Parliamentary Commission for Childhood and Adolescence

"If we believe that all children have equal rights, then the state must help even foreign ones, supporting economically couples wishing to adopt. Not all families have the economic means necessary," emphasizes Brambilla. In the opinion of the Commission President childhood, to revive the sector "bureaucracy must be streamlined and costs are lightened through the contribution of the State ".

The drop in international adoptions is also born "by the fact that the International Adoptions Commission (Cai) is locked. We wonder why and wonder why you do not want to favor the phenomenon of international adoption. Maybe the government wants to send back the ' heterologous? ". It 'as said Adnkronos Griffini Marco, president of AiBi, Friends of the Children , an NGO that deals with international adoptions, commenting on the alarm about the collapse of adoptions launched by Vanna Iori.

"It 'a year and a half that the commission is blocked - explains Griffini - Italy traditionally has always stood, while adoptions in other countries collapsed, we have increased. For the United States, Spain and France the decline started in 2004 from 25,000 arrived in 7000 ".

"From 4,000 adoptions per year in 2015 will be as if we will reach 1,600 , "says Griffini, according to which" this atrophy is discouraging "potential parents Italians:" Every year 500 couples turn away international adoption. "