CAI, SIlvia della Monica in the Justice Committee of the Italian Senate
12 October 2016

Adoptions to square one: the budget Silvia Della Monica

of Sara De Carli October 12, 2016

The Justice Committee in the afternoon there was the hearing of the Vice President of CAI, Silvia Della Monica. LIFE also mentioned: "It is not the gospel." First part

He was supposed to last an hour, a hearing of two full hours. Intense. Surprising in a sense. finding investigation in the framework of the laws on the status of implementation on adoptions and foster care, the room Judiciary Committee has played in the afternoon the hearing of Silvia Della Monica, vice president of the Commission for international adoptions. This is the last scheduled hearing. "I would have ended with the hearing of Minister Woods, several colleagues have requested the intervention of the vice president, she has given its availability," he explained the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Donatella Ferranti (PD).

unacceptable aggression

The vice president had given an account - but "this is not a commission of inquiry on CAI", pointed out several times both the vice president is Mr Della Monica Ferranti - the last two and a half years of the history of international adoptions and activities Cai. "I want to clarify here than a series of false information conveyed, in a manner also instrumental, to counter the change of pace of CAI, rather appreciated by the vast majority of the authorized authorities and households."

Congo closed the case and brought home all the children, for the vice president now is the time for a breakthrough. Silvia Della Monica has spoken again, as in the past, "a body authorized under investigation by the CAI 'which is carrying out" a systematic campaign of denigration and defamation "," for two years I suffer an assault by some bodies, I tolerated it not because they wanted to enforce the Commission, but because I had a task, solve the problem of adoptions in the Congo ", with respect to which" the reserve was the greatest thing to bring on the scales. " Now? "But today I would like to say that you can not go on like this." The vice president announced so that he had "already filed lawsuits in the appropriate forums and instructed its lawyers to defend the good name of the Commission and of those who were leading to delegation of tasks, want is clarity because there are literally unacceptable situations . I really wonder whether the CAI in terms of being accused of refusing to pursue the policies on international adoptions, or whether those who constantly delegitimize the government and Cai is not creating very serious damage to adoptions. "

The data

Regarding the ordinary activities of Cai and the situation of international adoptions, Silvia Della Monica recalled "pride" as in 2015 Italy is in any case was the second country in the world for adoptions and in any case in these years we are the country that has suffered a minor decrease in adoptions compared to all other countries of the world. "I do not think we can think about going back to infinity with this trend, but we take note of a very positive result."

He reiterated that "there is no obligation for the CAI to provide the data," the one on the non-publication of the data is "an instrumental controversy around a false problem" that "has nothing to do with the failure." The vice president believes that the statistical report should be "at least biennial, to have a thorough study, otherwise the comparison of data need not even what they might be useful, ie orient the CAI 'policies. When Pagano Mrs cited the investigation made by LIFE to collect data that CAI did not give before then making public on the Commission's website of the data of 2,206 adoptions in 2014 and 2,211 / 2,216 in 2015, the vice president replied that "Life is not the gospel" and that "the table published on the website of the CAI is also on the website of the Hague Secretariat, I find it hard to understand how anyone could put in discussion of the data that are from the certificates'.

the Congo

"The protection of children's rights is the only compass of these two years of work. This was done by pursuing and ensuring maximum transparency and legality ", first of all through" vigilance and systematic control in Italy and abroad of entities, "a" firm position taken "who did" grow the authority of CAI "in foreign countries. The vice president has greatly stressed the care that Cai has had in recent years for international relations, citing in particular the Congo and Belarus as successes.

The Congo "Italy is the only one among the eight countries involved in bringing home all children and before all other countries." It was a "work tirelessly", also political, "in collaboration with any political authority" - cited in particular the President and the Minister Renzi Delrio - and "with the full support of the majority of active entities in the Congo, to which I extend my special thanks. "

On arrival of children from Congo, Silvia Della Monica has revealed that "when and how" were decided by the Congolese authorities, "that we had to meet." "It was not a choice of Italy bring them here so and at that particular number, we did it by the rules," - he said, thanking the State Police for its expertise, professionalism and sensitivity at the time of the reception of children - and also "definitely in normal condition," the thing "most desirable" is that parents go in the foreign country to take their children, "all this was not possible." The presence of 1,500 families in Congo (many were children) "would create problems" in a time when politically the choice to unlock adoptions through the Interministerial Commission was contested by a political party, "I would not want to forget how serious the situation of Congo in particular in the north, where some children - "is the subject of a thorough investigation of the CAI and even criminal" - were "illegally detained at the expense of higher interest and against the wishes of their families."

the Belarus

Another success is the systematic resumption of adoptions with Belarus, as of October 2014, when Italy 'has managed to re-establish excellent relationships and get that could systematically resume adoptions. " You already "operational" a list of 130 children of which have been verified strictly the requirements for adoption, and "some are already making entry into Italy." Even here, however, as the Congo, "I can not understand why the most significant steps the president of an Italian institution has become a carrier of information without purpose, carrier the message that CAI and Italy were not occupying Belarus ": the" Belarusian authorities declare arrogance stunned the Italian authorities that allowed to challenge the agreements reached and only the good of the CAI relations with Belarus have averted a new block. "

So "we must break the magic circle that despite the successes it be said that Italy has serious problems with the authorities of other countries and that adoptions do not march."

International relations

Sorry to read that the international activities of the CAI is blocked for two years, "is a piece of information of all apodictic, denied by the fates," because precisely this is a "shared political choice with PDCM". Among the invited delegations and received cited Burundi, China, has concluded bilateral agreements with Mongolia, Chile, Benin, Nigeria, and other countries have been proposed, such as India, Mexico, Haiti and Lithuania, however, remembering how "the Hague Secretariat pushes to make bilateral agreements but not with non-Hague countries", that this practice would be "dissuaded from acceding to the Convention." It is a bit 'the problem that occurred with Cambodia, with which there is indeed an agreement that also provides for the recognition of a number of entities, but "Cambodia has joined the Hague but does not issue the decrees» and this has generated a pinch of international position "of which we can not ignore [...] so as far as I was invited to go to Cambodia I am in a difficult situation because they lack the decrees. No country has reopened relations with Cambodia. "

Finally, "were re-established the right coordinates for where relations between the central authorities pertain only to the central authority ', closing the" bad habit "of the past, so" we have received formal protests "why entities were asking" how intermediaries, assuming the costs of foreign delegations. "