Fusion Documentariy The Traffickers discussed in Italian Senate

25 January 2017


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17 Legislature Act of Union Inspection No. 3-03437

Act No. 3-03437 (of urgency)

Posted January 25, 2017, in the session n. 748

ROMANS Maurizio , BENCINI , SIMEONI , BELLOT , Bignami , MOLINARI , URAS , BISINELLA , LANIECE , ORELLANA , PANIZZA , Dirindin , Cardiello , FASIOLO , BAPTIST - The Chairman of the Council of Ministers. -

Given that, as is evident to questioners ,:

by Law No. 184 of 1983, entitled "Right of the child to a family", has been regulated in Italian law also the institution of international adoption. By law no. 476 of 1998 Italy has also ratified the Convention for the Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption, done at The Hague on 29 May 1993. By law ratifying our country has adhered to the basic principles established by the Convention, in promoting a system of cooperation between the Contracting States, lays down specific guarantees to ensure that adoptions are carried out in the best interests of the child, ensuring their right to a peaceful and harmonious development in a family environment and appropriate and appropriate, and demanding that Member illicit gains conflict, trafficking and abuse of children and the exploitation of the state of poverty of their families of origin

to provide appropriate guarantees of compliance with the principles laid down by the Hague Convention on Protection of Minors is the Commission for International Adoptions was established (CAI), at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and is chaired by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers so that Government ensured strong competitive at national and international level;

Law no. 476 of 1998 provides for the intervention in international adoption procedures to private associations, which must have government authorization issued by the Commission for International Adoptions ex art. 39- ter of Law no. 184 of 1983, and who is responsible for assisting couples in adoption process until their closure (adoption order) abroad, where they must be formally accredited by the authorities of the countries in which they operate. Approved institutions must make constant reference to the Commission and must comply with the directives of the same, from which are subject to supervision and controls in Italy and abroad on fairness, transparency and efficiency of their action, and the permanence of the requirements;

the international adoption business is in fact an expression of an intervention of a public nature, the political-administrative nature which should ensure the protection of human rights of the child;

February 13, 2014 has been named vice president of the CAI advisor Silvia Della Monica, and April 17, 2014, the President of the Council of Ministers, Matteo Renzi, entrusted to the vice president Silvia Della Monica also the Commission's chairmanship;

this choice, however, was rightly claimed by Renzi Cabinet during the Aula response of the Senate to two interpellations (2-00217 and 2-00241) March 5, 2015 stating that "The President of the Council, in accordance with the statutory provisions, decided to hold directly upon themselves political responsibility of international adoptions, attributing to that theme a particular importance, through which the Government intends to qualify its action. it is in this line then, and always in strict accordance with the law, it places the 'additional choice of the Prime Minister to delegate their functions to the vice president, (...) the competent magistrate, influential and versatile experience that in the previous term he served as senator of the Republic ";

in the same reply, the representative of the Government, then, assured the Parliament, in an articulate and accurate, "the absolute legitimacy of the functioning of the Commission for International Adoptions" and that "At the international level the work of the Commission is very appreciated and there are explicit expressions of satisfaction and pleasure and physical evidence ", stressing in this context, that" the choice of the President of the Council to take upon himself the responsibility of international adoptions, delegating his duties to the vice president Silvia Della Monica, it was (...) widely appreciated at the international level ", adding that" in the context of international relations, has worked hard (...) with very important results. the Commission invited and received many delegations for important sessions work (...). They have been restarted to reports, proposed bilateral agreements with the invitation to the delegations and, in some cases, are already under way for the formalization of an agreement with many other countries. " He finally assured that adoption procedures are fully operational and all the expected measures are issued every time up and found the legitimacy of the Commission and that all relevant activities are carried out in accordance with legal procedures;

It concluded its response reiterating and claiming strongly that "The protection of human rights of children is one of the key commitments by which the Government intends to qualify its action. Will do it pursuing and guaranteeing in a field as delicate maximum transparency and maximum legality, at any cost, exercising all the powers conferred by law. First of all, the power of vigilance and systematic control, in Italy and abroad, on accredited bodies, which, as private associations authorized by the state to operate in adoption procedures, expose the integrity and reliability of the Italian Government against Italian citizens that give the commission and the foreign countries in which they operate ";

also he informed of efforts checks, including checks on the permanence of the eligibility requirements and on fairness, transparency and efficiency of its action against the entity AiBi - Children friends, prompted by qualified reports. Expressing dismay and serious concern, however, because, precisely with the intensification of the action of control over bodies and reaffirmation of the role of CAI at international, were spread daily "news and incorrect statements, conveyed in multiple locations, including authoritative ( as the parliamentary one) so instrumental and with the exclusive aim to delegitimize the policy of the Government in the field of international adoptions, with serious damage of the prospective adoptive parents and serious injury of children's rights, the protection of whose interests should be the 'sole and exclusive cynosure of any work on that land ";

This concern is particularly founded because, just as the Commission reached important results, among which, and for all, the solution of the very difficult crisis with Congo (Italy was the only country to be able to bring home all adopted children and to do so before everyone else) and reopening the orderly and cooperative relationship with Belarus, which has enabled the rapid launch of dozens of new adoptions, continued to be deployed, a systematic approach to discredit and slander authority Italian central. This strategy has been carried out on several floors, and had as main actor AiBi the body, ie a body tested for serious situations reported to the authorities (as stated in the answer) and whose activity has been questioned over time also by important journalistic investigations of very serious events;

then it is legitimate to wonder whether the systematic action of de-legitimization of the Commission for International Adoptions and the person that the guide is not served to "someone" to build a defense through the unwarranted attack action of CAI, and with particular reference to each of adoptions in the democratic Republic of Congo, through the aggression of all those who have supported and endorsed the action of law: family, institutions, journalists and parliamentarians;

the majority of the families concerned with the matter of adoptions in Congo and institutions that have shared the work of the CAI have written several letters to the Prime Minister and parliamentarians, to emphasize how they were irresponsibly news spread untrue and aimed instrumentally orchestrated media campaigns to disorient public opinion;

the Government, through the activity of private and unremitting President Della Monica, has successfully concluded the matter of adoptions in the Congo and, between November 2015 and early June 2016, all children adopted by Italian families were able to successfully reach their parents in Italy. Italy has maintained, by the number of international adoptions made, the position of the second host country after the United States, and it is placed in clear contrast in 2015 than in all other countries, who instead have been a real fall in the number of international adoptions. Results of which the government can boast and which should be reflected in the parliamentary and institutional settings with satisfaction;

in July 2016 the weekly "L'Espresso" has published a study entitled "Thieves of children" on the case of some minor Congo taken away from their families, from which emerge disturbing details about the direct institution's involvement AiBi. According to the investigation, in fact, a network of traffickers would try to get into Italian children taken from their parents in the Congo, and then definitely not adoptable, thanks to alleged shell and omissions of the association's leaders "Aibi - Friends of children "in San Giuliano Milanese. According to reports, those responsible for AiBi would not report what they knew, they would provide information does not correspond to the truth, even collaborating on the staging of a kidnapping by armed gangs nonexistent. Through their local assistants, they even obstructed the departure for Italy of dozens of children, thus putting at risk the transfer of all 151 children have already been adopted in the Congo by Italian families. In December, more and "L'Espresso", deepening the investigation, with an article entitled "Stolen Children, breaks the silence," he has reported that dozens of families have complaints against AiBi for alleged serious irregularities in the procedures intercountry adoption;

the author of this investigation points out that as early as January 2013, following another journalistic investigation concerning a network of pedophiles operating in an orphanage in Bulgaria, the weekly "L'Espresso" had already highlighted the conduct unorthodox the same association, which, by the way, as reported also in a request by adoptive parents, whose children had been subjected to abuse and violence, has informed the Commission for international adoptions, then chaired by the Minister for International cooperation and integration Andrea Riccardi, long after the first report of the adoptive parents, delaying more than two months investigating a possible pedophile organization, thus hindering the reconstruction of the facts;

in November 2016 a heavy confirmation to what is reported in the investigation of "L'Espresso" on child trafficking in Congo there was an investigation conducted by a network American, "Fusion" and spread on social networks around the world. In service it will be filmed and recorded the confession of Bénédicte Masika Sabuni, head of a smaller shelter that collaborated with AiBi (the same center reported by the journalist of "L'Espresso" for the fake kidnapping of children adopted by Italian families). From this emerged the numerous irregularities with which would be made to take from unsuspecting Italian families some children who have never been orphaned and whose parents were not aware of the irreversibility of the procedures to which they were giving, for fraud or for money because of their poverty, their endorsement;

October 12, 2016 Silvia Della Monica, as Vice President of CAI, audited by the Commission II (Justice) of the Chamber of Deputies, in the survey finding on the implementation of the laws on adoption and foster care, to a 'express request of parliamentarians on Italian associations involved in child trafficking, with Congo, responded that there were. Of an article in "L'Espresso" the next day they read the statement: "The investigation published Espresso brings serious facts of which the Commission for international adoptions is fully aware. The attempt to trivialization or even the revisionist attitude not responding to the clear priorities and support the inescapable cleaning action which needs to be brought to the end and that I intend to bring to the bottom, because of my official duties of my personal history. But above all because the protection of the Italian government (...). I think it will be possible to clarify with respect to a variety of news and incorrect statements that have been conveyed in multiple locations (...) instrumentally and by some with the exclusive aim to delegitimize the action of the Commission for International adoptions, also to divert attention from the serious matter of law to fight a decisive action taken in these two years that has produced a change of pace ", highly appreciated internationally, the vast majority of accredited bodies and, above all by adoptive families;

It learns that all families who denied tenure entity asked to be protected by the Italian Government. All have warned the agency AiBi from interfering in their adoption procedures. "Since May 2014, as they reached the first 31 children from the Congo, and while intensified relations with that country in order to reach to the moratorium" solution, the CAI has faced the complaint "of facts which they are outlined in brief as very serious, and have asked the Commission to address the need, not only to pursue with determination and firmness the investigations on these serious matters and to protect families and children involved, but also to put in place all caution to avoid that this situation will reverberate negatively on the solution of the crisis in the Congo ". This would have risked to overwhelm not only the position of children adopted by Italian families, but also of the more than 1,500 children adopted by families from other 7 countries;

Silvia Della Monica has also denounced the delicate question of the presence of conflicts of interest within the Commission's inter-country adoptions, ie within a surveillance authority and control. The law provides that institutions can not be represented in the Commission, even surreptitiously. The participation of representatives on the board of the entity AiBi Forum of Family Associations has meant that within the Commission were present both controllers that controlled, posed a serious legitimacy of the issued resolutions problems. Other entities have in fact requested a review of the previous Commission decisions, which by their nature have had an impact on all authorized bodies, including those which obviously are not represented in the committee, and that affect the life of the organizations and the provision of substantial public resources. The Vice President, therefore, emphasizing the seriousness of the unlawful presence of conflicts of interest within the species Commission regarding a situation which reflected both an investigation of an administrative nature is a criminal, he said that "no meeting the Commission in a situation of overt conflict of interest was the most significant act of respect for the legitimacy of action of this body ";

is the questioners that the smear campaign to discredit the work of the Commission, on which the Government has expressed a strong concern as well, is still in place and, in view of the expiry of the first term of the vice president, has again become a major problem with the profiles' clear objective of controlled rid of the controller. In this way those who have committed serious criminal against minors or has been complicit in unacceptable child trafficking could hope to save himself, reaching the result, paradoxically, with the help of the Government;

as we read on an article in "L'Espresso" of 29 December 2016, households have reacted by directing an appeal to the President of the Council of Ministers, informing also the President of the Republic and the Presidents of the House and Senate, which say they have had to assist in these months "all'inverecondo Aibi din made by the body and its legal representative Marco Griffini, not only against Cai, (...) but also against the martyred families awaiting cleaning and justice. Shameless uproar that reached ignoble summits these days with threats made via Twitter to families expressing their support for the action of law. (...) One more thing we all have in recent months humiliated in this suffering: the silence. How is it that in the face of what has come to light, the result is the silence? ". And even "serious events have occurred in Congo and we are aware of. We now await justice and care". And again, "The work carried out (...) by the International Adoptions Committee, was and is a work not only of great humanity and spirit of dedication out of the ordinary, but also of obvious competence and profound justice. (...) But this work is not finished and should be completed ";

Finally it noted that it is quite clear the need for the Government, in line with the view taken in the Senate, take a clear and unequivocal stance in support of the action of law and transparency conducted by CAI for the protection of human rights of children and leaves no room for misunderstandings on its position of support to those who honor the institutions with their work and their own righteousness,

He asks to know:

what steps the President of the Council of Ministers intends to take to support the action of legality and transparency undertaken over the last three years by the Commission, headed by Silvia Della Monica, in order to ensure its extension and consequently protect the integrity of Italy concerning adoptions in international fora;

what urgent action it intends to take, in the interest of the institutions and the protection of human rights of the child and in response to the expectations of many families victims of serious offenses, with the aim of keeping the Italian central authorities on international adoptions in ' riverbed of the tasks assigned by law.