Acres of Hope Liberia, Inc.

Acres of Hope Liberia, Inc. (AOHL) is the sister organization of AOH which is dedicated to meeting the needs of orphan children in Liberia, West Africa.  AOHL is a non-profit charitable and humanitarian organization which is fully accredited and licensed to operate orphanages and children's homes and to complete adoptions. We work closely with families and the Liberian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to ensure that each child is provided the most appropriate services.   Acres of Hope Liberia, Inc. is committed to protecting and enhancing the lives of children by providing a safe, nurturing environment for those in need of assistance and to provide - whenever possible - a permanent adoptive home. Please take a moment to visit the Featured Children section, a list of our waiting and special needs children.  To learn more about the Liberian adoption process, click here .


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Acres of Hope Liberia, Inc. Cooperates with Acres of Hope
Acres of Hope Liberia, Inc. Facilitates Alliance for Children, Inc. (MA) Liberia


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