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Halted adoption process leaves Utah woman stuck in Haiti 25 March 2024
Halted adoption process leaves Utah woman stuck in Haiti 25 March 2024
Firsthand: Born in S'pore & adopted by US couple, woman, 27, now searching for father she never knew 23 March 2024
Biological sisters meet for first time as illegally adopted child reunites with family 19 February 2024
Bangladesh Adoption Information 1 February 2024
Step by Step Korea Social Service (KSS) Birth Family Search. 1 February 2024
Danish Report Underscores 'Systematic Illegal Behavior' in South Korean Adoptions 28 January 2024
American founder of orphanage in Haiti is charged with having sex with minors 23 January 2024
Taiwan affected by international adoptions decision 18 January 2024
Europe winds down adoptions from South Korea 18 January 2024
Norway considers halting overseas adoptions as Denmark's only international agency winds down work 17 January 2024
US, Canadian Couples Adopt Specially Abled Orphans 14 January 2024
Like the Pope, some people view surrogacy as 'deplorable'. For many, it's a precious gift of parenthood 13 January 2024
Guatemala’s baby brokers: how thousands of children were stolen for adoption 4 January 2024
Couple Who Adopted and Then Got Pregnant Bring Home Triplets from NICU: 'So Blessed' 7 December 2023
Famous Kenyan orphanage allegedly hid dark secrets 27 November 2023
Maddox’s biological father unexpectedly speaks out, demanding Angelina Jolie to return his son to him! 27 November 2023
50 children adopted from child welfare council in past six months 22 November 2023
Mountain Brook couple grows family through embryo adoption 22 November 2023
Russian Duma to Ban Adoption by Citizens of Sex Change-Permitting Countries 20 November 2023
Reclaiming Culture and Identity as a Central Asian Adoptee 17 November 2023
Tales From TikTok: Ethiopian Woman Shares Heartbreaking Illegal Adoption Story, ‘I Questioned My Existence’ 14 November 2023
Five Years in Reunion as an Intercountry Adoptee 6 November 2023
Inspired by online dating, AI tool for adoption matchmaking falls short for vulnerable foster kids 6 November 2023
Board of Directors NACAC 4 November 2023
Uganda court fines US couple $28,000 for child cruelty 2 November 2023
Luc (29) went abroad to pursue his desire to have children: 'It must be possible in Canada' 26 October 2023
US Woman Who Adopted Child With Down Syndrome From India Celebrate Their Journey 26 October 2023
Greek Adoptee in US Discovers Biological Dad After 63 Years 23 October 2023
We're a gay throuple who've spent over $170,000 on surrogacy and adoption — there are a lot of hidden costs, and it's more expensive than you think 23 October 2023
A child of a surrogate mother, now a fighter against the industry 23 October 2023
When Foster Parents Don’t Want to Give Back the Baby 16 October 2023
Trial begins for Hamilton County parents accused of abusing, killing 8-year-old son 13 October 2023
EXCLUSIVE: Has Tim Ballard been EXCOMMUNICATED? Anti-child trafficking activist - who was portrayed by Jim Caviezel in Sound of Freedom - is NOWHERE to be found on Mormon church records after being accused of sexual misconduct 7 October 2023
Won't leave till I find my real parents, says US woman tracing roots in Lucknow 27 September 2023
Abused In US By Foster Mother For 2 Decades, Lucknow Girl In City In Search Of Her Roots 26 September 2023
Holt Response to New York Times Article 26 September 2023
Maryland family faces international adoption nightmare: Their daughter is stuck in Nepal 25 September 2023
Chile's stolen children get DC meeting with President Gabriel Boric 24 September 2023
Committee on Enforced Disappearances Marks First Anniversary of the Joint Statement on Illegal Intercountry Adoptions 20 September 2023
American man stolen as a baby in Chile meets mother at 42 9 September 2023
'There's 140 million orphan children': Tulsa agency closure impacts international adoption access 8 September 2023
REVEALED: How 'caring' Christian couple welcomed Ukrainian orphan Dima Tower into their family with holidays, birthday parties and game nights - before he 'slaughtered them to death and lay their bodies head-to-head in blood spattered home' 7 September 2023
Son stolen at birth hugs Chilean mother for first time in 42 years 29 August 2023
I Kept My Family's Secret For Over 60 Years. Now, I'm Finally Telling The Truth. 27 August 2023
Adopted daughter finds mother again at 83 with DNA test 27 August 2023
International Adoption: Family History vs. DNA 25 August 2023
The Kremlin’s War Against Ukraine’s Children 24 August 2023
Heart-touching: Couple from US adopt orphan girl from Khammam 23 August 2023
Watch the moment Virginia man reunites with mom 42 years after he was stolen from Chile 22 August 2023
Brother and Sister Who Were Adopted as Babies Learn They’re Biologically Related: 'It’s Insane' 17 August 2023
Jigsaw WA calls for adoption redress scheme for mothers, fathers and adoptees 12 August 2023
A gay couple had twins via surrogate but were almost forced to raise them separately. The dads sued to keep their family together — and won. 8 August 2023
Adopting a child as a single man 7 August 2023
Sight Unseen: Proxy War, Proxy Adoption 1 August 2023
Tortured by 'mom and dad': Boy, five, died after his brain was 'obliterated by couple who adopted him then beat him' - and who then launched a brazen GoFundMe after 'killing' youngster 31 July 2023
Watch The Joyous Reaction Of A 6-year-old Boy After He Learns He's Been Adopted 27 July 2023
Giorgia Meloni’s Foreign Policy and the Mattei Plan for Africa | IAI Istituto Affari Internazionali 27 July 2023
Volusia mother accused of ‘adoption fraud’ after agreeing to give away child 26 July 2023
Paperwork, they say, is trapping their adopted daughter in Nepal. They’re suing. 20 July 2023
Paperwork, they say, is trapping their adopted daughter in Nepal. They’re suing. 20 July 2023
Paperwork, they say, is trapping their adopted daughter in Nepal. They’re suing. 20 July 2023
Explainer: State Department releases annual report on intercountry adoptions 19 July 2023
ATTWIN Position Paper: 19 July 2023
Mystery deepens as child adopted illegally dies 16 July 2023
Adoption specialist who united children with loving families dies 13 July 2023
Biomedical startups are racing to revolutionize the way humans reproduce 12 July 2023
Possible trafficking victim asks help to find biological family - Taipei Times 9 July 2023
US official to be in India to talk to civil society 9 July 2023
'I was simply wrong about myself', Montana teen blames TikTok for false transgender identity, decides to detransition 8 July 2023
‘It’s incredibly heavy’: behind a tough film about the US foster care system | Film | The Guardian 7 July 2023
Facebook group reunites families separated by adoption: ‘We’re doing people puzzles’ 6 July 2023
Ellie Simmonds on finding her birth mother: ‘During this journey I cried so much’ 3 July 2023
American woman fed up with 30-year-old lie: “How do I tell my daughter that her stepbrother is actually her father?” 30 June 2023
Paper Orphans: Preventing Illegal Intercountry Adoptions 29 June 2023
Paper Orphans: Preventing Illegal Intercountry Adoptions - BORGEN 28 June 2023
'We found your birth mother': How Chile's children were stolen and adopted worldwide 28 June 2023
Dr. Aurangasri Hinriksson : Brave Lankan lady knighted for her battle against baby farm racket - Opinion | Daily Mirror 27 June 2023
American couple adopts orphan divyang girl from ashram in Odisha, gives her new lease of life 24 June 2023
Supreme Court Upholds Native American Adoption Law 15 June 2023
Adoption is Trauma. But Humans Flourish Through Trauma. 14 June 2023
JPMorgan prepared to pay $290 million in settlement with Jeffrey Epstein victims 12 June 2023
Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity Board of Directors 10 June 2023
South Korean inquiry to look into 237 more foreign adoptions suspected to have laundered origins 8 June 2023
N.J. woman who dropped everything to open an orphanage in India hosting fundraiser this week 4 June 2023
Couple charged in 'torture' abuse case that left 5-year-old boy with 46 visible injuries 4 June 2023
American ‘stolen’ as a baby finds family in Chile 27 May 2023
'Every child deserves love': Franksville couple adopts 3 brothers from Ecuador, thanks to grant from Wisconsin nonprofit 24 May 2023
California parents convicted of killing 4-year-old adopted son; another son, 3, still missing 22 May 2023
Korean truth commission to investigate hundreds of possibly fraudulent overseas adoptions 18 May 2023
The Brutal Past and Uncertain Future of Native Adoptions 16 May 2023
The Brutal Past and Uncertain Future of Native Adoptions 16 May 2023
Not Feeling “American Enough”: The Mental Impact of Cross-Cultural Adoption 15 May 2023
After 59 years, Forestville woman reconnects with the son she gave up for adoption 12 May 2023
Texas couple who spent years adopting children for free labor at their puppymill to stay in jail 10 May 2023
What's up with Sorina, the child whose adoption was mocked by Antena 3 and RTV, for a campaign of hate and manipulation. "He studies very well, plays the piano and violin, he has a concert on May 17" 3 May 2023
A Brutal Sex Trade Built for American Soldiers 2 May 2023
NC’s Baptist Children’s Homes dedicates ministry home for birth mothers 28 April 2023
I adopted my daughter and her best friend. Then my daughter reunited with her identical twin — separated at birth and raised 9,0 26 April 2023
Lawyer From Rye Dies At 37: 'Made Instant Impression On Everyone' 26 April 2023
It's Time for Congress to Overhaul Intercountry Adoption | Opinion 25 April 2023
Exclusive confession of the mother of the arrested Croatian woman: 'My Azra's world stopped when she hugged her daughter' 17 April 2023
PDF of the Program Schedule AIC 2020/2022 - WELCOME TO THE 10TH BIENNIAL ADOPTION INITIATIVE CONFERENCE! 16 April 2023
'We Were Once a Family' explores flaws in foster, adoption systems and 6 children's resulting deaths 11 April 2023
We are Philanthropy 9 April 2023
Adoptive parents can receive up to $20K in grant money due to new executive order – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio 9 April 2023
I was a struggling teen mom of premature triplets — my NICU nurse adopted me 8 April 2023
The difficult homecoming of Greece’s ‘lost children’ 2 April 2023
Former US intel director's daughter gets 35 years for murder 1 April 2023
US Marine's Adoption of Afghan War Orphan Voided 31 March 2023
On the Rhetorics of Dr. Diane B. Kunz, Esq., Crusader for International Adoption 27 March 2023
Congressman: Scotland will lead world on forced adoption 19 March 2023
Access to origins: from the recognition of a fundamental right to the emergence of new relational categories 16 March 2023
‘I want to know if my dad is the priest’ 12 March 2023
New York loses battle against faith-based adoption organization 10 March 2023
Rio Tinto Mining Company Pays $15 Million to Settle US Bribery Accusations 10 March 2023
Union busting hamstrings adoption agency 8 March 2023
Cumberland County Woman Sentenced To 30 Months’ Imprisonment For False Statements Concerning Her Adoptive Daughter’s Medical Car 3 March 2023
American couple on remand over torture seeks bail 2 March 2023
'Amazing, exhilarating, exciting': Nigerian adoptee finally home in Orlando 26 February 2023
As support grows for a forced adoption inquiry in WA, there's hope for positive change nationwide 22 February 2023
Doing adoption the ‘right’ way can work for everyone involved 18 February 2023
What happens to Sorina, the adopted girl from Baia de Aram?. The transformation is total 18 February 2023
Adoptive parents to House of Representatives: it must remain possible to adopt children from the US 16 February 2023
Foreigner can’t claim vested right to be guardian for person with disabilities: HC 15 February 2023
Malawian Judge Recommends Changes to Adoption Laws 13 February 2023
Chinese-born woman sues adoptive parents for allegedly locking her in basement, forced slavery and racist treatment 4 February 2023
‘They traumatized her without any reason.’ Kansas girl, 3, sent to live with new family 1 February 2023
4-Year-Old Dies After Being Subjected to Exorcism and Other Abuse by Adoptive Parents, Authorities Say 27 January 2023
My Mom is a Blonde With Blue Eyes: Identity Crisis and Other Struggles of Indian Children Raised in White American Families 26 January 2023
US Woman Helps A’bad Children On Empathy 25 January 2023
State provides adoption incentives 21 January 2023
Part 4: What's Jail Like for Two Accused Child Rapists? 20 January 2023
REVEALED: Parents of Philly's 'boy in the box' were 'beautiful' woman, 21, who'd given up previous baby for adoption and local m 20 January 2023
Part 3: How Did an Accused Child Rapist Adopt Two Children? 19 January 2023
In some states, an unpaid foster care bill could mean parents lose their kids forever 19 January 2023
Part 2: Just How Big Was the Operation Led by the LGBTQ Couple Who Abused Their Adopted Sons? 18 January 2023
Part 1 - TAPES: We Investigated a Suburban LGBTQ Pedophile Ring. Here's What We Found. 17 January 2023
For many, family bonds can run deeper than shared DNA 14 January 2023
Baby orphaned in military raid now at center of custody battle with her relatives and Marine 14 January 2023
Thane: 16 orphaned children get legal parents 12 January 2023
Winthrop Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Child He Adopted From Colombia Last Year 12 January 2023
Sam Bettens makes heartbreaking confession about adopted child: "That was tough" 10 January 2023
Sam Bettens about tough adoption process: "We were about to leave with the baby, when the father said: no way" 10 January 2023
Deprivation’s Mark on the Brain 1 January 2023
Orphaned Afghan child still in custody of U.S. Marine accused of abducting her 31 December 2022
President Biden signs private bill for Rebecca Trimble, military wife and mother government tried to deport 27 December 2022
The role of judges in alleged adoption scams 18 December 2022
Jewish doctor rescues abandoned girls in India 12 December 2022
More South Korean adoptees demand probes into their cases - The Washington Post 9 December 2022
South Korea launches investigation into suspicious adoptions of children to the West 8 December 2022
Todd and Julie Chrisley hit back at biological mom of adopted daughter, Chloe, 10, after she said she wants custody back amid th 8 December 2022
More African children will start their journey from institutions to families due to BEB’s Children First Software 6 December 2022
Judge Mukiibi breaks silence on adoption fraud, US sanctions | Monitor 4 December 2022
Raised on Patna’s streets, 8-yr-old orphan to board US flight 3 December 2022
Abandoned on road, differently-abled boy from Bihar adopted by US doctor couple 2 December 2022
Holocaust survivors offered DNA tests to help find family 1 December 2022
Origins of Child Protection - JSTOR Daily 26 November 2022
The Origins of Adoption in America 18 November 2022
WICKER, KLOBUCHAR MOVE TO EASE INTERCOUNTRY ADOPTIONS Senators Propose Removing Barriers To Children Finding Loving Homes 16 November 2022
Documentary to unpack Judith Kilshaw baby adoption scandal 15 November 2022
The Anti-Adoption Drumbeat 14 November 2022
'Split at the Root' author to explore race, adoption and identity at DHS library Nov. 17 13 November 2022
California megachurch elder and her parents charged with murder, torture of adopted 11-year-old daughter 11 November 2022
Ex-Strongsville adoption agency employee sentenced for schemes to bribe Ugandan judges, lying to adopt Polish girl, who was rape 4 November 2022
'Offer adopted children from the US the chance to have a family in the Netherlands' 3 November 2022
Rosie O’Donnell’s Adoption TikTok Is Foolish and Ignorant 31 October 2022
Adoption Is Not a Fairy-Tale Ending 25 October 2022
How Much Are Birth Mother Expenses When Adopting? 21 October 2022
Reckoning With the Children “Disappeared” During El Salvador’s Civil War 19 October 2022
We Should Be Fighting for a World Without Adoption | The Nation 17 October 2022
Yuen: Mom and son explore the complexities of international adoption 15 October 2022
These families were adopting Ukrainian orphans. Now they have to wait out Russia's war 15 October 2022
The Woman Who Became a Millionaire Through Child Trafficking 10 October 2022
The Adoption Industry and the Adoptee Rights Movement 9 October 2022
‘She’s our child’: Moore couple struggles to bring adopted daughter home 8 October 2022
Adopted Man Discovers Family After 20 Years When Brother Used His Unusual Name to Track Him Down 5 October 2022
‘We are expected to be OK with not having children’: how gay parenthood through surrogacy became a battleground 1 October 2022
How To Use NCRC For Birth Family Search. 28 September 2022
What oversight did Camillus woman accused of abuse have after adopting her children? 22 September 2022
Iowa judge orders teenage human trafficking victim to pay $150K in restitution to family of rapist she killed 14 September 2022
Des Moines teen sex trafficking victim who killed alleged rapist returns to court Tuesday 12 September 2022
Travel.State.Gov > Intercountry Adoption > Adoption Reference > Our Leadership 7 September 2022
International Adoption and the Principle of Subsidiarity 28 August 2022
President Joseph R. Biden 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Anna Belle Illien, An “Angel in Adoption” Congressional A 26 August 2022
Building a ‘wonderful family’ through adoption 23 August 2022
Their adoptions broke. Their lives fractured. Now they strive to make things better for others. 22 August 2022
'He calls me Dad.' Guardian raises money to adopt boy he found in trash in his native Haiti 21 August 2022
A UK feminist throws a grenade into the surrogacy debate 20 August 2022
‘They robbed me of my family’: I was a victim of child trafficking 18 August 2022
Why commercial surrogacy is little better than the sex trade 18 August 2022
The identical twins who discovered their secret sibling 18 August 2022
‘They robbed me of my family’: I was a victim of child trafficking 18 August 2022
Mom Rescues Ethiopian Girl at Risk of Abduction by Satanist: ‘God Was in This Battle’ 17 August 2022
Sisters Separated at Birth Reunited After 30 Years Thanks to Home DNA Test 11 August 2022
Inside America’s Adoption Fraud Industry 9 August 2022
Indiana’s broad abortion ban overshadows another pro-family law passed the same day 8 August 2022
The Secret History of Family Separation - The Atlantic 7 August 2022
The secret history of the U.S. government’s family-separation policy We need to take away children.” An investigation by Caitlin 7 August 2022
Georgia couple charged with using their adopted children to make child porn 7 August 2022
Missing 7-year-old adopted boy found dead inside washing machine 29 July 2022
Missouri family’s international adoption nightmare moves forward in court 25 July 2022
Scarce child 17 July 2022
Ohio Supreme Court hears case on father’s right to contest adoption 13 July 2022
9 Colombian Kids Visit Loudoun Seeking Adoption 12 July 2022
Adoptions plummet as families wait for a baby 11 July 2022
The Mark Gitenstein interview:- "[Putin] totally underestimated the unity between the two largest democratic systems in the worl 11 July 2022
News 4 Investigates: MO family sues federal government over international adoption issues 7 July 2022
News 4 Investigates: MO family sues federal government over international adoption issues 7 July 2022
Woman Shares 'Traumatizing' Reasons Why Adoption Is a 'Scam' 6 July 2022
Should I post about the daughter I placed for adoption? Carolyn Hax readers give advice. 6 July 2022
How Holt International Has Grown and Changed Over 65+ Years 1 July 2022
Memorandum of Agreement Between the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs and Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity, Inc 1 July 2022
How Holt International Has Grown and Changed Over 65+ Years 1 July 2022
Catholic Charities gears up for anticipated increased adoption demand 27 June 2022
FOX 13 Investigates: Video raises questions about Utah Co. Attorney's adoption of Native American child 27 June 2022
‘I’ve been putting the pieces together. Of our adoptions, our lives, and your death.’: Adoptee reflects on trauma of adoption in 25 June 2022
The Roe v Wade abortion case inspired Joshua Prager to find the real family at the centre of the legal battle 25 June 2022
Opinion As an adoptee, I know: Adoption is not a fairy-tale answer to abortion 20 June 2022
Jayme Hansen Named to IAAME Board 17 June 2022
Couple pursued pregnancy through embryo adoption 12 June 2022
Evangelical Christian Adoption Movement Hit by "Tsunami" of Mentally Ill Children 12 June 2022
'A heart for India' Four families adopt six children from India 6 June 2022
Letters: Adoptee argues that confidentiality vital to success of adoption system 6 June 2022
'I Gave My Son Up For Adoption—23 Years Later My Life Was Turned Upside Down' 4 June 2022
'I Gave My Son Up For Adoption—23 Years Later My Life Was Turned Upside Down' 4 June 2022
Opinion: Take it from an adoptee — choice is what matters 29 May 2022
Life after adoption 29 May 2022
Push for adoption, foster reform legislation continues as Tennessee anticipates Roe v. Wade ruling 23 May 2022
Uncovering broken adoptions: How USA TODAY did its analysis 20 May 2022
If Roe falls, adoption may become 'replacement' for abortion. One adoptee argues it shouldn't 20 May 2022
Ex-Strongsville adoption agency owner sentenced for fraudulent adoption of Polish girl, who was ‘brutally’ raped 20 May 2022
'I get to be a big brother': Veteran, 70, adopted as a child from Japan discovers his 7 siblings in Ohio 19 May 2022
Single Woman Finds 'Beauty and Purpose' After Adopting Orphan Born Without Arms and Legs Due to Rare Condition 19 May 2022
‘I don’t feel worthy’: The intimate impact of broken adoptions in the US 19 May 2022
Broken adoptions, buried records: How states are failing adoptees 19 May 2022
Man who was adopted in 1953 thought he was an only child. Then the phone rang 18 May 2022
Kansas is taking a nationally unprecedented move to let foster teens pick their families | KCUR 89.3 - NPR in Kansas City 18 May 2022
Organizing and Activism of Adopted and Displaced People 13 May 2022
Archdiocese issues apology for role in post-war coerced adoptions 7 May 2022
Adoptive parents form an organization aimed at improving state adoption, foster policies 6 May 2022
FINLAND - Foreign Authorization 5 May 2022
Completing an Adoption Out of Wartime Ukraine 5 May 2022
Supreme Court hears case of birth father seeking custody of boy adopted 3 years ago 4 May 2022
An adoptive mom was charged with abusing her Ethiopian son. Then the case was dropped 3 May 2022
The Girls Who Went Away: Author chronicles ‘hidden adoption’ stories 28 April 2022
These Adoptees Were Brought to the US as Babies. Now Some Fear They Were Stolen. 27 April 2022
Dealing With my Adoption Trauma 24 April 2022
Gratefulness in the eyes of an adoptee 23 April 2022
Americans have rushed to rescue Ukrainian orphans. One mission led to a child trafficking probe 22 April 2022
History matters in child care 19 April 2022
Adopted toddler from India flourishes after liver transplant 14 April 2022
Adoption TikTok: Building Community and Critiquing the U.S. Adoption System 11 April 2022
Adoption from abroad will soon be allowed again: 'This gives hope of finally having a baby' 11 April 2022
Adoption TikTok: Building Community and Critiquing the U.S. Adoption System 11 April 2022
Court submission on the 'orphan-making' process (Part 2) 8 April 2022
Submission to court about Korea's inter-country adoption program (Part 1) 2 April 2022
Oregon group: Book to bring Korean adoptees 'peace and clarity' 1 April 2022
Cambodia to resume controversial child adoptions 31 March 2022
Former NEK Woman Does Her Part To Help Ukrainian Refugees 28 March 2022
Woman sues IVF clinic for wrongly implanting male - not female - embryo from her wife during IVF: Gave birth to son and likened 27 March 2022
Twin brothers separated at birth are finally reunited after nearly 70 years apart 24 March 2022
Ukraine’s Propaganda War: International PR Firms, DC Lobbyists and CIA Cutouts 22 March 2022
US should expedite adoption of Ukrainian orphans, NC congresswoman says 21 March 2022
How the Christian Church and U.S. Government Work Together to Traffick Children Worldwide Through the Lucrative Adoption Busines 21 March 2022
Michigan Supreme Court to hear adoption rights case 20 March 2022
Police Ruled Jaxon Sales’ Overdose Death An Accident. A Date Rape Drug Was In His System. 18 March 2022
Former WA Rep. Matt Shea, accused of domestic terrorism, working to secure adoptions for Ukrainian children in Poland 16 March 2022
Family waits in fear to bring adopted son home while Ukraine adoptions in limbo 14 March 2022
Adopted Sons from Congo Finally Reunite with Their Parents after 3 Years of Waiting 14 March 2022
Ukraine - Adoption Update 9 March 2022
Adoption process stalled for Colorado family hoping to provide new home for three Ukrainian girls 5 March 2022
New study: How stressed are adopted children and their parents? 5 March 2022
Ukrainian Brothers Set for American Adoption Separated in Heavy Attacks 3 March 2022
Adoptive parents arrested in killing of 2 California boys 3 March 2022
Wilder Way Threads adopts a plan with heart - This Is Alabama 1 March 2022
Invasion deals eleventh-hour blow to Ukrainian orphans’ adoption 26 February 2022
Crisis in Ukraine puts Iowa family’s adoption plan on hold 25 February 2022
Affirm Parentage Adoption In Assisted Reproduction 25 February 2022
Local group working to get more orphans out of Ukraine 24 February 2022
Texas couple flees Ukraine with adopted son near death 19 February 2022
Court: Dad can fight adoption of kids whose mother he killed 15 February 2022
A Child of the Decree: Keeseville memoirist reflects on life in Romania, coming to America 12 February 2022
A Child of the Decree: Keeseville memoirist reflects on life in Romania, coming to America 12 February 2022
Florida couple forced adopted son to live inside ‘box’ in garage: cops 9 February 2022
How an adopted girl's tragic death became fiction: David Guterson on "bearing witness" 8 February 2022
‘My missing piece’: Perth man reconnects with Brazilian family who put him up for adoption 7 February 2022
Amy Coney Barrett’s Long Game 7 February 2022
Former Executive Director of International Adoption Agency Pleads Guilty to Fraudulent Adoption Scheme 4 February 2022
‘I got my boy back’ 31 January 2022
Over 8,000 institutionalized, Ugandan children now have digital records, putting them on the path to families 31 January 2022
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute Names Angelique Salizan as New Policy Director to Lead Organization’s Domestic and 26 January 2022
After a wait of more than two years, Texas couple adopts Indian girl 26 January 2022
Oregon bookkeeper devised elaborate scheme to embezzle more than $1 million from adoption agency 20 January 2022
Local Adoption Agency Bookkeeper Sentenced to Federal Prison for Scheme to Defraud Employer and Family 19 January 2022
Adoption Agencies vs. ‘Roe’: The Invisible Hand Stirring the Pot 18 January 2022
DOS-cable-Fraudulent-ICA-Does-Not-Constitute-Trafficking_Jun11.pdf 18 January 2022
The Relationship between Intercountry Adoption and Human Trafficking 16 January 2022
A daughter of 2 countries shares her story 16 January 2022
How informal adoptions became a mainstay of African American family life 14 January 2022
Sentence affirmed for human trafficker Petersen in Marshallese adoption scheme 11 January 2022
The end of orphanages starts with family strengthening programs | TheHill 7 January 2022
'Leave Me Alone': Internet Backs Woman Who Wants 'No Contact' With Biological Daughter 7 January 2022
Making the Connection: How We Raised Our Adopted Children to be Proud of Their Indian Selves 2 January 2022
How Adoption Will Be Impacted If Congress Passes These Four Bills in 2022 2 January 2022
Melting Pot of Cultures: How My American Parents Shaped an Indian Adoptee’s Life 1 January 2022
Danish orphans subjected to secret CIA-backed experiments: Docu 30 December 2021
1 in 100 kids lose legal ties to their parents by the time they turn 18. This new bill aims to help 30 December 2021
Latvia: Parliament Passes Amendments That Will End Intercountry Adoptions to the United States 29 December 2021
'I had to be prayed home' 28 December 2021
Governor signs one bill for adoption agency licensing rules, vetoes the other 28 December 2021
Danish orphanage children used in a secret investigation supported by the CIA 27 December 2021
Couple fight to keep adopted son, 3, ‘ripped from only family’ he’s known 26 December 2021
‘Did she feel guilty abandoning me in a parking lot? Did she wonder about me? 24 December 2021
Senate Ratifies Pact That Seeks to Protect Children In International Adoptions 23 December 2021
‘Time We Can’t Get Back’: Stolen at Birth, Chilean Adoptees Uncover Their Past 17 December 2021
‘I know my parents love me, but they don’t love my people’ 13 December 2021
Attacks on adoption need to stop before they gain traction 12 December 2021
Sperm donors with hundreds of children 'just want to help' 8 December 2021
S.Res.464 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) 30 November 2021
Hyun Sook Han, social worker who helped thousands of families with international adoptions, dies at 83 27 November 2021
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Caucus Co-Chair Advocates for International Adoptions 23 November 2021
North Texas woman who played role in horrific abuse pleads guilty in adoption scam Read more at: https://www.star-telegram.com/ 19 November 2021
A Woman Left Outside an Orphanage in India Still Searches for Answers: 'How Do You Make Sense of Who You Are?' 18 November 2021
Texas Woman Pleads Guilty to Schemes to Procure Adoptions from Uganda and Poland through Bribery and Fraud 17 November 2021
Tuam mother and baby home families doubt Roderic O’Gorman’s vow on exhumations 14 November 2021
Examining International Adoption 9 November 2021
Parents Adopt 'Orphan' but When She Learns to Speak English They Discover She Was Abducted 7 November 2021
Trade in Dutch babies to America is closed - Leeuwarder courant : hoofdblad van Friesland » 12 nov 1959 - Art. 150 | Delpher 30 October 2021
[Letter From Montana] | Cold War Kids, by Irina Aleksander | Harper's Magazine - Part 6 30 October 2021
International adoptions continue to decline 24 October 2021
My parents hid the fact I was adopted, but I instinctively knew 23 October 2021
Hundreds of children waiting for adoption in Ala. foster care system, nonprofit holds fundraiser 22 October 2021
India second highest in child adoptions by US citizens in 2020 20 October 2021
Senate Appropriations Committee Releases FY 2022 20 October 2021
The New Question Haunting Adoption 19 October 2021
Adoption program expanding to find kids forever homes 19 October 2021
How an Adoption Broker Cashed In on Prospective Parents’ Dreams 18 October 2021
The Children of Sperm Donors Want to Change the Rules of Conception 16 October 2021
Meet The US Woman Who Adopted 5 Girls From India 12 October 2021
Suicidal Sweet Sixteen: A Reflection on Trans Youth Medicine 30 September 2021
Parents of trafficked children threaten to protest, but… 28 September 2021
Born under X, in search of identity 23 September 2021
Barbara Barrett sentenced to 99 years in prison for human trafficking 23 September 2021
Justin Chon on his heartbreaking "Blue Bayou": "I wanted to do justice to the adoptee community" 18 September 2021
Deputy Chief of Mission Richard A. “Rick” Holtzapple - U.S. Mission to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization 17 September 2021
Biological father sues Catholic Charities over newborn’s adoption 14 September 2021
'So many families waiting to adopt': agencies prepared if adoption interest goes up soon 9 September 2021
Woman finds son she gave up for adoption 33 years ago thanks to DNA test 9 September 2021
Tribes, states seek review of Native child adoptions case 9 September 2021
The hidden face of international adoptions and mothers' rights in Vietnam 30 August 2021
Pope Francis on Adoption: ‘Every Child That Arrives Is God’s Gift’ 27 August 2021
Why is the US right suddenly interested in Native American adoption law? 23 August 2021
After many problems, the couple pushes their baby in the arms of the notary: 'I am deeply moved' 21 August 2021
Rewriting the adoption narrative 18 August 2021
U.S. families mid-adoption trying to get Afghan children out 18 August 2021
About Holt Camps… 15 August 2021
The systematization of 'child exports' for economic and political aims 13 August 2021
Unicef Netherlands position in Intercountry Adoption ? 12 August 2021
Jeffrey Epstein Is Not Unique, Read About The 20th Century Sodomite Who Stole Poor Christian Children, Put Them Into A Veritable 26 July 2021
Abandoned girl child adopted by American couple in Gujarat's Kutch 24 July 2021
Sign Of Progressive Change? Girls Preferred Over Boys For Adoption In Bihar 22 July 2021
'NOT 100% SURE' Angelina Jolie’s pal claims ‘orphan’ son Maddox’s biological parents ‘may not have both been dead’ before 2002 a 22 July 2021
Mama H’s Story 22 July 2021
Change in mindset? Girls preferred over boys for adoption in Bihar 21 July 2021
“It’s just unbelievable”: Family fights to bring home adopted daughter from Nigerian orphanage 20 July 2021
Claims Angelina Jolie's adopted son was victim of 'baby recruiters' examined in new doc 16 July 2021
Was Maddox 'stolen from his birth family?': Fears that Angelina Jolie's son may have been adopted unethically in Cambodia to be 16 July 2021
Ex-politician's accomplice gets 2 years in adoption scheme 15 July 2021
Local adoption recruiter receives national recognition 13 July 2021
Adoptees' nationality of state of origin and negligence of duty of protection 10 July 2021
Woman Searching for Birth Parents Discovers She Was Stolen as a Baby: 'My Parents Bought a Child' 8 July 2021
'Adopted' woman, 56, reveals horror at learning her parents illegally BOUGHT her from a Georgia baby trafficker - after spending 8 July 2021
Romania ratifies agreement with US for cooperation on Cernavoda 29 June 2021
Adopted biracial woman's royal roots turning into a real-life fairy tale 27 June 2021
Meet the forensic expert who uses DNA tests to trace and return lost children to families around the world 25 June 2021
2,431 families want to adopt children in Georgia, only 161 children available for adoption 24 June 2021
Baldwin County father and adopted son trapped in Uganda as COVID-19 surge strands them 22 June 2021
Central Florida family struggling with international adoption 21 June 2021
The Baby Brokers: Inside America’s Murky Private-Adoption Industry 3 June 2021
Indigenous man dies in US prison following 30-year fight to come home 3 June 2021
The Profits and Problems With Private Adoption (VIDEO) 3 June 2021
Mother accused of forcing six-year-old daughter to have hundreds of unnecessary surgeries 1 June 2021
Origin story: the truth behind an international adoption 31 May 2021
Open, expressive family life may reduce social deprivation effects among adopted children: Study 29 May 2021
Adoptive Mother Accused Of Fabricating Daughter's Illnesses 28 May 2021
Baby Farming, A Victorian Horror Story 28 May 2021
LGBTQ families, advocates await Supreme Court decision on adoption 27 May 2021
About 120,000 US foster kids are waiting for parents. One of them is now my daughter 26 May 2021
The Adoption Safe Families Act Hinders Birth Parents From Regaining Their Parental Rights 26 May 2021
Changes to YouTube's Terms of Service 20 May 2021
‘I suffer every day,’ Woman says child sex assault charges for her father are long overdue 20 May 2021
Lawmakers introduce legislation to improve adoption process for those adopting children from other countries 18 May 2021
Number of children sent overseas for adoptions even higher than previously thought 8 May 2021
Greece’s Forgotten Cold War Orphans and America’s Complicity 5 May 2021
1-year house arrest for Marshallese woman involved in illegal adoption scheme 27 April 2021
American Baby: Uncovering a Secret Adoption System 6 April 2021
Adoption authority gets HC notice on plea 5 April 2021
For Adoptees, a Deep Yearning ‘to Know Where You Come From’ 2 April 2021
Hundreds of US families have been trying for a year to adopt children from China. They're still waiting 26 March 2021
The Western Foreigners Successfully Circumventing Adoption Laws in Uganda 25 March 2021
Ringleader of US-Marshall Islands illegal adoption scheme hit with more prison time 23 March 2021
An adoption tale: Uncovering a lifelong secret 21 March 2021
Ex-politician in prison in adoption scam gets 5 more years 19 March 2021
Legal Vacuum In Respect Of Adoptions Carried Out By Christian Parents Prior To 2016: Delhi High Court Seeks Response From Centre 18 March 2021
Ethical Challenges Remain in The World of Private Adoptions 18 March 2021
The following organizations have endorsed the Adoptee Citizenship Act since 2016: 18 March 2021
Cold War-Era Greek Adoptee Finds Her Family, Founds Mission to Help Others 11 March 2021
International Social Services (ISS) - Connecting Cross-Border Families 3 March 2021
Aiken dad rejoins daughter after losing her in unknown adoption 25 February 2021
Ex-adoption lawyer appeals 20 February 2021
EXCLUSIVE: 'Evil doesn't have a color.' Biological family of adopted three-year-old 'beaten to death by Worst Cooks in America 10 February 2021
‘Adoption has been a journey from ignorance to enlightenment’ 7 February 2021
Adoption and Safe Families Act is The ‘Crime Bill’ of Child Welfare 28 January 2021
Actress Jane Russell's adoption of Irish baby nearly ended her career 26 January 2021
Ex-Arizona official heads to prison for illegal adoptionsAP Photo, File Ex-Arizona official heads to prison for illegal adoption 21 January 2021
Ex-Arizona official to head to prison for illegal adoptions 20 January 2021
‘A very nice baby with beautiful fair skin ... It was like they were selling a doll’ 16 January 2021
Pandemic causes drop in inter-country adoptions, spurs interest in adopting locally 12 January 2021
Unfolding Adoptees 6 January 2021
Official Joint Announcement: Expanded Hague Adoption Convention Processing with the United States following the Conclusion of th 31 December 2020
How the Federal Adoption Tax Credit Works 27 December 2020
Forced, Rapid Adoptions Are a Weapon of the Drug War 21 December 2020
Adopted American woman discovers she’s a Sierra Leone princess 18 December 2020
You love this country, and it’s taken from you’: Adoption doesn’t guarantee US citizenship 16 December 2020
She thought she was adopted. Now, her fight to stay in the US is just beginning. 16 December 2020
The stolen climate crisis babies: US politician jailed for selling children of mothers desperate to escape environmental catastr 10 December 2020
Despite the pandemic, adoption agencies up their game to find foster parents abroad for four orphan kids 4 December 2020
Hillary and Bill Clinton – zealous promoters of forced adoptions in the USA | Marianne Haslev Skånlands hjemmeside 23 November 2020
Intercountry Adoptions: Regulatory Changes to Accreditation and Approval Regulations in Intercountry Adoption 20 November 2020
Intercountry Adoptions: Regulatory Changes to Accreditation and Approval Regulations in Intercountry Adoption 20 November 2020
Number Of Haitian Children In Need Rises, Along With Adoption Regulation, Turmoil 20 November 2020
‘From Gypsy to Jersey’ | The Jewish Standard 11 November 2020
Intercountry adoption, trauma and dissociation: Combining interventions to enhance integration 4 November 2020
Holt-Sunny Ridge Becomes Holt International, Illinois and Wisconsin Branch 2 November 2020
Liberia: Mariah Luyken Found Guilty of Child Trafficking After Two Years of Legal Battle 26 October 2020
Catholic Charities of Baltimore ends international adoption program 26 October 2020
Attack at Supreme Court 25 October 2020
HC cancels ‘forcible’ adoption of boy, gives custody to mother 21 October 2020
In Loving Memory of Debra Lynn Murphy-Scheumann 1954 - 2020 20 October 2020
Overseas Korean adoptee untied with birth family after 44 years of separation 19 October 2020
What It Means to Abolish Child Welfare As We Know It 14 October 2020
Wicker: Time to Remove Obstacles to Intercountry Adoption 9 October 2020
2 judges under probe over child adoption 16 September 2020
New foundation focuses on helping Korean American adoptees and families find out where they fit in 9 September 2020
United States: fake Ugandan orphans offered for adoption 18 August 2020
Adoption: More Than One Moment in Time 13 August 2020
As Adoption Ages: How Parents Are Handling Teen Challenges 28 July 2020
A missionary who enlightened Bangladesh's indigenous people - UCA News 27 July 2020
Extra support makes world of a difference post-adoption 14 July 2020
Former head of Alberta adoption agency charged with impersonating employee 13 July 2020
President Trump Signs Historic Child Welfare Executive Order 24 June 2020
'I want my kids back': how overseas adoptions splinter Uganda's families 29 May 2020
'When will mama come for me?' Covid puts adoptions in limbo 25 May 2020
'I want my kids back': how overseas adoptions splinter Uganda's families 22 May 2020
Liberia: Woman at Center of Adoption Saga Says Children were ‘Legally Adopted’ 11 May 2020
241 Indian kids adopted by American families in 2019: Report 7 May 2020
Albany family's plan to bring home adopted daughter from Ukraine derailed by COVID-19 7 May 2020
Foreign adoptions by US families drop by more than a quarter 6 May 2020
Democratic Republic of the Congo: Intercountry Adoptions and Exit Permits Suspended 4 May 2020
Some foreign nationals who came to adopt kids stranded 28 April 2020
Fear, sadness and uncertainty: Waiting for international adoption during a global pandemic 24 April 2020
Chicago area couple reunited with family after being stranded in India 2 April 2020
Chicago area couple reunited with family after being stranded in India 2 April 2020
Prostitution camp provided women for Petersen adoptions 26 March 2020
In good faith? U.S. legal battle over gay adoption intensifies 26 March 2020
West Chicago couple stranded in India after adopting daughter 25 March 2020
‘I want my kids back,’ father of three kids sent abroad afte .. Read more at: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/74 3 March 2020
Siblings given for adoption without informing family 29 February 2020
Lawsuits: Alabama failed to protect foster children from torture, sexual abuse, starvation 20 February 2020
Adopted daughter of former top diplomat John Negroponte charged with murder in Maryland stabbing 14 February 2020
Adoptees in New York Gain Access to Sealed Birth Records 13 February 2020
Adoptees in New York Gain Access to Sealed Birth Records 12 February 2020
Court takes another look at Native American adoption law 22 January 2020
Abandoned, 3-year-old child in Gujarat gets home in US 12 January 2020
23andMe sold the rights to a drug it developed from its genetic database 10 January 2020
How faith in God fueled ‘miraculous’ reunion with family that ‘never stopped praying’ for daughter’s return 8 January 2020
Meeting the Woman Who Gave Me My Daughter 6 January 2020
Latvia: Latvian Government Clarifies Transition Case Processing After Passing New Adoption Regulations 21 December 2019
Battle over V’zuelan baby 18 December 2019
Abandoned in a farm in Dahod, girl with learning disabilities adopted by US couple 12 December 2019
China should ease pain from one-child policy repercussions 9 December 2019
UMD professor continues decades-long research comparing foster care to orphanages 2 December 2019
Senators work to ease the path to adoptions 27 November 2019
After four decades, a Vietnamese woman reunites with the daughter airlifted to America 25 November 2019
The lonesome death of Ethan Hauschultz 18 November 2019
International Conference Sloviakia 13 November 2019
Adoption Excellence Awardees Announced at HHS Event 12 November 2019
'Before and After': Victims of Georgia Tann adoption scandal share stories in new book 7 November 2019
'Daughter, forgive me.' Weeping birth mom who gave up Ukrainian 'dwarf' denies US adoptee is an adult 'sociopath' masquerading a 4 November 2019
DNA Test Leads Man to Biological Parents He Thought Died 50 Years Ago: 'It Was Surreal' 1 November 2019
Kazakhstan: Suspension of Intercountry Adoptions Reconfirmed 1 November 2019
18yo boy adopted by American couple dies in parents home in U.S. 29 October 2019
Trish Maskew Leaves Office of Children's Issues 9 October 2019
The Christian History of Korean-American Adoption 9 October 2019
Trish Maskew Out from Office of Children’s Issues. 9 October 2019
International Social Service – USA (ISS-USA) and Lumos Renew Partnership Agreement, 50 Additional Children Returning to Guatemal 7 October 2019
What the CIA knew and wrote about Jacques Chirac 30 September 2019
US Operation Babylift ‘orphans’ are still seeking their Vietnamese parents, more than 40 years on 28 September 2019
US?couple alleges adopted child assaulted at Gaya centre, 5 held 23 September 2019
U.S. Department of State Hosts Symposium on Intercountry Adoption 18 September 2019
Judge ordered teenage mother, 16, to give up her baby for adoption after just one court hearing with only THIRTEEN minutes of ev 17 September 2019
New TLC Special Taken At Birth Dives into Shocking 'Hicks Babies' Black Market Adoption Scandal 17 September 2019
El bebetráfico y la poca fiabilidad de los datos 15 September 2019
Chennai: Subhash lost in Chennai ... Avinash as a youth in the US | American Boy 12 September 2019
Sharron en Mark wachten op Amerikaanse baby: „Wat ons betreft komt het telefoontje snel” 12 September 2019
NEWS Sep 12, 2019 Kidnapped 20 Years Ago & Now Living In USA, This Man Was Finally Reunited With His Chennai Parents 12 September 2019
Chennai: Boy reunited with family after 20 yrs 11 September 2019
The kidnapped child of one and a half years is the elasticity of parenthood after 20 years 11 September 2019
Abducted and sold in 1999, Tamil man reunites with family after 20 years 11 September 2019
??? Have you seen the child ....! ' - The father of a 20-year-old son who was abducted at the age of one and a half 11 September 2019
Couple reunited with son after two decades 11 September 2019
EXCLUSIVE: Revealed - the Filipino baby and teen mom at center of human trafficking claim: Utah woman posed as newborn's aunt 9 September 2019
Adopted Children Need Permanent Homes 4 September 2019
US Woman Admits to Bribing Ugandan High Court Judges in Fraudulent Adoption Cases 1 September 2019
Beyond Two Worlds 1 September 2019
A Love Beyond Borders Staff 30 August 2019
U.S. couples adopt 2 girls 29 August 2019
’My Faith in Americans is Renewed with every Adoption’: Transnational and Transracial Adoptions in Postwar America 29 August 2019
The fate of the two Bulgarians adopted in the United States must be decided by mid-September 26 August 2019
The fate of the two Bulgarians adopted in the United States must be decided by mid-September 26 August 2019
‘I want to see my baby’: A priest forced her to give up her child 50 years ago, a woman says 20 August 2019
Ahmedabad: Abandoned on train, girl child flies to new life in US 20 August 2019
This Family Approached Intercountry Adoption Differently, and It Worked 15 August 2019
Parents sue Centennial adoption agency claiming they weren’t informed of Chinese son’s sexual-abuse issues 14 August 2019
Parents sue Centennial adoption agency claiming they weren’t informed of Chinese son’s sexual-abuse issues 14 August 2019
San Jose man serially abused by adoptive parents gets $28 million judgment 8 August 2019
U.S. citizen went to Uganda to help kids. Now her charity is accused of killing them. 5 August 2019
First in Telangana: US couple adopts abandoned intersex child 1 August 2019
Why intercountry adoption needs a rethink 1 August 2019
Eagle reporter, editor wins journey across native India 31 July 2019
From Kansas to Romania: Gina Schneider finds her birth family 30 July 2019
Raid removing 27 kids from Montana ranch 'may be the tip of the iceberg,' lawmaker says 26 July 2019
American couple accused of falsifying Filipino child’s adoption documents 13 July 2019
Janine Vance searches for the truth about Korean adoptees 12 July 2019
‘I hate this mission,’ says operator of new emergency shelter for migrant children 11 July 2019
Staffer’s search for birth mom reveals dark history of Guatemalan adoption 9 July 2019
Women who gave up their children for adoption should not be made to suffer twice 4 July 2019
State Dept blames you for plummet in adoptions 26 June 2019
Wesley Mathews, adoptive father accused of murdering Sherin in Texas, pleads guilty 25 June 2019
These three senators want to make adoption more affordable for families 21 June 2019
Orphanage Reunion 19 June 2019
Uganda: 100 Babies Dead - NGO Wants U.S. Missionary Prosecuted in Virginia 14 June 2019
Why Is The U.S. State Department Making It Harder For Orphans To Find Families? 6 June 2019
Both Parents Are American. The U.S. Says Their Baby Isn’t. 21 May 2019
House unanimously passes bill aimed to help simplify international adoption process 21 May 2019
De opkomst van kinderadoptie 17 May 2019
Court allows lawyer to visit Baby Kiano to confirm he is alive and safe 14 May 2019
American couple demand answers after they say Kenyan authorities took 3-year-old in their custody 14 May 2019
Newly adopted children need specialized health exams 4 May 2019
Newly adopted children need specialized health exams 4 May 2019
Fort Bragg soldier sexually abused adopted children for years, FBI says 24 April 2019
Government official explains why detectives seized boy in American couple’s care 19 April 2019
PRAYER REQUEST: 3-Year-Old Abducted from Legal American Guardians in Kenya 13 April 2019
Bill Criminalizing Human Trafficking in the Adoption Process Heads to Governor's Desk 10 April 2019
New Report Shows International Adoption Edging Closer To Extinction 2 April 2019
Congress stepping in as international adoptions plummet in U.S. 1 April 2019
US official visits Argentina for talks on abduction, adoption 30 March 2019
Trump-linked far-right groups in US spent millions on European lobbying 28 March 2019
Revealed: Trump-linked US Christian ‘fundamentalists’ pour millions of ‘dark money’ into Europe, boosting the far right 27 March 2019
RMI court to hear illegal baby adoption case 26 March 2019
Well-Known Adoption Fixer Charged With Human Trafficking 25 March 2019
Marshall Islands lays first charges to combat baby traffickers 23 March 2019
Western Branch family holds yard sale to adopt from India 22 March 2019
CHILD SNATCHERS Inside the ‘abduction to order’ rings ‘blamed for snatching’ Maddie McCann where ‘attractive British children.. 19 March 2019
After a lifetime of searching, two adopted Chinese find their birth parents 19 March 2019
DNA helping Chinese adoptees do what was once impossible: Locate blood relatives in this country 15 March 2019
A white couple, a mixed-race baby and a forbidden adoption 10 March 2019
The scandal-ridden industry of migrant child shelters - Axios 5 March 2019
Let’s talk about birth search! 5 March 2019
Identical Strangers: Twins ripped apart in same vile experiment that separated triplets 1 March 2019
For many, international adoption isn't just a new family. It's the loss of another life. 19 February 2019
Back to the Origin: The Woman Helping Adopted People Find Their Birth Parents 14 February 2019
Newsday - Ethiopian adoptee hopes adoption is moving in the right direction - BBC Sounds 5 February 2019
Le nombre d'adoptions internationales toujours en baisse 2 February 2019
Immigration, Adoption and Our National Identity 1 January 2019
Shani King: Immigration, Adoption and Our National Identity 1 January 2019
Kyrgyzstan Notice: Suspension of All Adoption Service Providers 21 December 2018
Investigation: Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen involved in questionable adoptions 4 December 2018
Adoption and Child Migration in U.S. History 6 November 2018
Peter Harry Pfund Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who 31 October 2018
Peter Harry Pfund Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who 13 October 2018
‘Those Kids Are No Longer Yours’: An Investigation into Uganda’s Adoption Market (Lying in Court) 11 October 2018
Adopted Utah man re-united with Chilean birth mother may be human trafficking victim 8 September 2018
Marshallese Families Fall Prey to Adoption Misconduct 7 September 2018
Couples from US, Spain, Italy lead in inter-country adoptions 4 September 2018
One is Chinese. One is American. How a journalist discovered and reunited identical twins 8 August 2018
Alisa (36) spoort haar biologische moeder op in Chili en ontdekt dan dat haar adoptie een leugen was 29 July 2018
Adoption-related Behaviors Among Women Aged 18–44 in the United States: 2011–2015 19 July 2018
The ‘Soft-Referral’ Ban for International Adoptions Hurts Special Needs Children 8 July 2018
Congress recommends $132.5 million for UNICEF for FY 19 28 June 2018
Transgender Mom of 9 Children: “Most Meaningful Thing She’s Ever Done” 22 June 2018
New York power couple joins UNICEF to raise nearly $1 million at Project Lion fundraiser to support children in India 5 June 2018
US families illegally adopted 100s of Chilean children during Pinochet dictatorship 18 April 2018
Deep State Blocking Adoptions 11 April 2018
Scarborough mourns student who inspired despite a life of dislocation 9 April 2018
Adoption. Simon, promised twice 4 April 2018
New Appropriations Act Signals Big Wins for Kids 26 March 2018
Bucking Trump Deregulation Agenda, State Department Chokes International Adoption 19 March 2018
Child Trafficking Through International Adoption Continues Despite Regulations 15 March 2018
And now, buy breast milk online 9 March 2018
Special Advisor for Children's Issues to Travel to Japan and the Republic of Korea 1 December 2017
The Rights of the Child in a Globalized World 17 November 2017
Intercountry Adoption and Child Welfare Legal Reforms 16 November 2017
35 US-born children adopted by Irish families 2 November 2017
Adoptee Citizenship In The U.S. 1 October 2017
“She Never Said I Was the Monster”: Denton Husband Accused of Child Abuse Claims Innocence 19 September 2017
From war orphan to ballerina, Michaela DePrince shares her incredible story 18 September 2017
Child Trafficking: The Consequence of Lack of Leadership 10 September 2017
Search for ‘dead’ child raises disturbing questions 16 August 2017
Founder, CEO, and Employee of International Adoption Guides (IAG) Sentenced for Adoption Fraud Schemes 14 August 2017
Department of State Designates Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity, Inc. as an Accrediting Entity 8 August 2017
Raksha Bandhan 2017: Another Saroo Brierley in the making 7 August 2017
20 Years On, Bhiwandi Boy Returns From US In Search Of Lost Family 6 August 2017
Trump says he spoke with Putin about 'adoptions' during second, undisclosed meeting at G-20 Summit 19 July 2017
Unpacking the adoption that wasn’t 17 July 2017
Sean Spicer Said the Russia Meeting Was Just About Adoption. President Trump Said Otherwise 17 July 2017
Failed adoption devastates family, questions process 20 June 2017
Adoption Alert—Update on Suspension of Adoptions from Ethiopia 16 May 2017
Disposable children - Zembla - BNNVARA 26 April 2017
US State Department: Adoption Alert—Suspension of Adoptions from Ethiopia 21 April 2017
Indian ruling party politician arrested over illegal adoption ring 1 March 2017
Adoption Alert: Uganda’s Residency and Fostering Requirement 2 February 2017
Couple Claims Adoption Agency Embroiled Them in Child-Trafficking Scheme (EAC/Uganda) 1 February 2017
Summary of Standards of Violation EAC 16 December 2016
How a Boy Kidnapped in India and Raised LDS in America Miraculously Found His Way Home After Nearly 20 Years 14 December 2016
Family First Act, Proposed Overhaul of IV-E, Dies as Senate Adjourns 29 September 2016
Bangladesh says goodbye to Fr Homrich, a missionary of the Garo people 17 August 2016
Farewell to a philanthropist | The Daily Star 16 August 2016
RG 263 Detailed Report, Wilhelm Krichbaum 15 August 2016
US/Ghana: Two sign agreement to improve child adoption 10 August 2016
US Adoption Alert: Ugandan High Court Recall of Guardianship Orders Issued After June 2, 2016 27 July 2016
Norman inn being investigated after report of Cambodian woman held as indentured servant 14 June 2016
European Parliament: Briefing - Adoption of children in the European Union 1 June 2016
Afscheid niet hartverscheurend of naar - Goodbye not heartbreaking or to 30 May 2016
US can save children by upholding international adoption rights 24 May 2016
Temporary Suspension of Michael S. Goldstein, Esq.’s Approval 21 May 2016
Nicaragua Media Reports Allege Irregularities in Nicaraguan Adoption Procedures May 2016
Malta registers lowest child adoption for 10 years 26 March 2016
Mixed-Race Korean Adoptees Use DNA to Search For Roots 2 March 2016
Congolese children to join U.S. adoptive parents, ending 2-year wait 24 February 2016
Subsidiarity, and the notion that indigenous solutions should be preferred 1 February 2016
Adoption in the DRC: small children end up "domestic or sexual slaves" 31 January 2016
Faith: Parents seek to adopt from Macedonia 22 January 2016
Flemish Center for Adoption makes adoption from New York possible 15 January 2016
Mother America: Cold War Maternalism and the Institutionalization of Intercountry Adoption from Postwar South Korea, 1953-1961 1 January 2016
Costs/Fees adoption USA - Belgium January 2016
Alert: Recent Developments Related to Intercountry Adoption from Uganda 31 December 2015
Alert: Recent Developments Related to Intercountry Adoption from Uganda 31 December 2015
Video Interview - Ambassador Susan Jacobs: It would be reasonable opening Romania international adoption for children with spec 15 December 2015
VS bieden Belgische homo's adoptiekans 8 December 2015
International Search and Reunion: A Conversation with Susan Soonkeum Cox 1 December 2015
I Went Looking for My Birth Parents and Realized My Father Was Famous 21 November 2015
The 400 American adoptive families of Congolese children are not giving up 20 November 2015
We Never Outgrow the Need for a Family – Family R… 18 November 2015
Dos funcionarios vendían niños en Sonora desde 2012, confirma el procurador 27 August 2015
USA pushes Congo to allow adoptions despite trafficking fears 5 August 2015
Using hot sauce on boy for ‘Dr. Phil’ show was bid for attention, not discipline, court rules 3 August 2015
Pennsylvania Act 101 and Other Adoption Intermediary Horror Stories – The Case for Unfettered Adoptee Access to Original Birth C 3 August 2015
Pennypacker protects children by keeping them out of the system 12 July 2015
Congolese Children, Adopted Years Ago, May Soon Be Permitted to Travel to New Homes 22 June 2015
SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Fears over ‘trafficking’ of children to the US 3 June 2015
Strike by drivers, US adoption, mayors conference dominate Ghanaian media 2 June 2015
'The child had been trafficked and should never have been placed for adoption:' US couple's dream of adopting child from Africa 29 May 2015
Special US advisor for children's issue to visit India 12 May 2015
"Bébé à vendre 120.000€", une organisation en fait la pub au siège du gouvernement bruxellois 3 May 2015
Saving a Lost Generation – The Rush to Adopt Romania’s Orphans 28 April 2015
Inspiring Neighbors: The Families of Celina Baldwin and Amanda Purvis 15 April 2015
OTKRIVAMO I earned on the adoption of children 14 April 2015
Readout of Obama's Call with President Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of the Congo 31 March 2015
Foreign Adoptions by Americans Drop to Lowest Level Since 1982 31 March 2015
Acting Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Travels to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Netherlands, and Italy 19 March 2015
World Tendsto Reject Child Adoptionby US Citizens –Russian Ombudsman 19 February 2015
Susan Jacobs interview about her appointment as Special Advisor on Children (because of her Romanian experience) 2 February 2015
Avoiding the Perils and Pitfalls of Intercountry Adoption from Non-Hague Countries: Considerations for Agencies and Adoptive Par 1 February 2015
[Herald Interview] Adoptee launches search service for birth parents, adoptees 1 December 2014
[Herald Interview] Adoptee launches search service for birth parents, adoptees 1 December 2014
ECLI: NL: RBNHO: 2014: 8263, District Court of Noord-Holland, ... 25 November 2014
Era ending in international adoption 16 November 2014
They Steal Babies, Don’t They? (E.J. Graff) 14 November 2014
Aide to Vladimir Putin tells MailOnline parents are shirking their responsibility amid row with US over adoption 30 October 2014
Manitoba reviewing U.S. adoption agency for fees based on child's race 30 October 2014
Couple wants to void adoption of ‘mentally ill’ Russian orphans 26 October 2014
New parents were told girls weren't twins; DNA says yes 17 October 2014
Court opens to public American parents’ proceeding to cancel their adoption of Russian children 6 October 2014
Welcome Trish Maskew, New Chief of the Adoption Division 24 September 2014
Trafic d’enfants : la DGM démantèle un réseau dirigé par un citoyen américain 14 September 2014
Uganda fears for children as overseas adoptions boom 2 September 2014
U.S. Adoption Executive Pleads Guilty to Ethiopia Scam 7 August 2014
Senator Corker, Colleagues Urge President Obama To Personally Engage On Congolese Adoption Delays 18 July 2014
Irish gov confirms 2,000 babies illegally sent to US for adoption 17 July 2014
International Family Services, Inc.'s Accreditation Suspended 3 July 2014
America’s Unseen Export: Children, Most of Them Black 24 June 2014
Australia: Adoption breakthrough for families seeking to adopt overseas children 26 April 2014
Notes from Susan Jacobs meeting today. 18 April 2014
DRC-adoption-letter.pdf 17 April 2014
Democratic Republic of the Congo Authorities Postpone Visits to United States 16 April 2014
Florida adoption ‘ethics’ warning 14 April 2014
Dana Maria Dezotell, the story of a successful Romanian woman in America 8 March 2014
Nora is the first child in Romania who will be adopted by Americans. How many minors are gone in families from other countries 1 March 2014
US Shatto family received ruling on annulment of Russian orphan adoption 20 February 2014
article - Officials to head to US for adoption training reg. Cambodia 13 February 2014
Department of Justice - Employees of Adoption Services Provider Charged with Conspiracy to Defraud the United States in 11 February 2014
Ukraine Is America’s New Adoption Mecca 1 February 2014
https://www.sdnyblog.com/files/2014/02/Allen-v.-Farrow-Custody-Ruling.pdf 1 February 2014
American Involvement in the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial Process 1 February 2014
A lost boy finds his calling - Romanian orphanage survivor hopes his documentary can spare children from suffering 30 January 2014
Australia simplifies overseas child adoption 26 January 2014
Fraud Revealed - a military family's real life story of discovering human trafficking 13 January 2014
Latvia - intercountry adoption - info from Latvian Ministry - only Hague countries 1 January 2014
Russian-US agreement on cooperation over issue of children adoption annulled 1 January 2014
US Shatto family absent at adoption annulment hearing in Russia 20 December 2013
Most Indian kids up for overseas adoption find homes in US 17 November 2013
Momma Mia! 23 October 2013
Global Families: A History of Asian International Adoption in America 11 October 2013
AdoptionLand Incest Continues: Craig Juntunen from Both Ends Burning shills for Gladney 3 October 2013
U.S. Senator: Russia Stalling On Adoption, Children's Rights Ombudsman An 'Ass' 20 September 2013
Adoption Democratic Republic of Congo Journeys of the Heart/Tumaini 17 September 2013
International adoption: I was stolen from my family 16 September 2013
International adoptions in decline as number of orphans grows 16 September 2013
Rising overseas adoptions -- for black American children 16 September 2013
International adoption: Saving orphans or child trafficking? 16 September 2013
Lebanon: Closed adoption system helping traffickers 9 September 2013
U.S. adoptive mother guilty of homicide in death of Ethiopian girl 9 September 2013
Agreement with US will 'open door' in adoption process 4 September 2013
Agreement would allow adoption from USA 3 September 2013
Meet the New Anti-Adoption Movement The surprising next frontier in reproductive justice 2 September 2013
Misguided Saviors: An Analysis of International Adoption Issues and Necessary Considerations for Prospective Adoptive Parents 1 September 2013
Misguided Saviors: An Analysis of International Adoption Issues and Necessary Considerations for Prospective Adoptive Parents 1 September 2013
US provides list of more than 60,000 Russian children adopted by Americans – Astakhov 13 August 2013
MP suggests returning adopted children back to Kazakhstan 5 August 2013
OSCE Parliamentarians Back Resolution On Intercountry Adoption 3 July 2013
Wicker to Introduce International Adoption Resolution 27 June 2013
Legea adop?iilor, in aten?ia ambasadelor Fran?ei ?i SUA 19 June 2013
Americans banned from adopting children from Kazakhstan 12 June 2013
Police question Mukono family over illegal adoption 30 April 2013
Taken & never returned: When adoption profits the middleman 19 April 2013
Well-known filmmaker killed in Encinitas shooting: John Upton advocated for Romanian orphans 29 March 2013
A Market for Children: Adoption Fraud in Guatemala 28 March 2013
Adopted children are used as medical ‘guinea pigs’ in U.S for pharmaceutical companies to test new drugs 13 March 2013
Indian baby under US foster care returns to Kolkata (Lead) 27 February 2013
Russia worried orphan 'harmed by lesbian couple' 20 February 2013
Death of adopted Russian child in U.S. spurs anger in Moscow 20 February 2013
Adopted kids in US not supervised by state officials - Roelie Post to RT (TF: Russia Today) 19 February 2013
3-year-old Russian boy killed by American adoptive mother in Texas 18 February 2013
International Adoptions By U.S. Parents Fell In 2012, Continuing Multi-Year Decline 24 January 2013
Pavel Astakhov - "KP": "Dima Yakovlev yet wasn't an orphan, and him already showed to Americans!" 27 December 2012
Russian Measure Banning Adoptions by American Citizens Is Sent to Putin 26 December 2012
Interview ACT: Russian parliament outlaws American adoptions 26 December 2012
In Sierra Leone, Illegal Adoption…15 Families Cry for Justice 17 December 2012
Americans to be banned from adopting Russian children? 17 December 2012
Russia demands US grant access to adopted child subject to abuse 30 October 2012
Cambodia reopens adoptions by Americans 30 October 2012
North Korea - House passes adoption bill 12 September 2012
Possibility of CIA infiltration - Pakistan kicks out aid agency 6 September 2012
Fresh scandal erupts over Irish children sold to America for adoption 5 September 2012
Mr., Mrs. Ted Holt celebrate 50 years 21 July 2012
Russia OKs U.S. adoption deal 11 July 2012
US couple detained in Ghana while trying to 26 June 2012
Struggle to adopt girl suddenly eases 3 June 2012
International case of missing orphan has local ties 2 June 2012
Journeys of the Heart ADOPTION SCANDAL in Marshall Islands 1 June 2012
Irish flock to Florida for child adoption opportunities 27 May 2012
Een echte Urker jongen 27 May 2012
Speaking of truth in Ugandan adoptions 2 April 2012
Left out in the cold: Russian official demands full ban on US adoptions 29 February 2012
Mexico Adoption Bust Reveals Vast Child Trafficking Ring 29 February 2012
Mexico Adoption Bust Reveals Vast Child Trafficking Ring 29 February 2012
Application acceptance from international adoption organizations suspended in Kyrgyzstan 20 February 2012
U.S. Department of State to delay resuming adoptions in Vietnam 1 February 2012
Mexican adoptions not affected 30 January 2012
BUSTED! - Suspected human trafficker arrested 17 December 2011
Russia may impose moratorium on child adoption for US 11 December 2011
Government expected to pass strict laws regarding adoption of children 10 November 2011
The Indian preacher and the fake orphan scandal 28 October 2011
Guatemalan court sentences 2 women for trafficking baby adopted by US family 25 October 2011
The ‘Enabling Violation’ of International Adoption 23 October 2011
In a tiny town just outside Joplin, a landmark adoption case tests the limits of inalienable human rights 20 October 2011
Authority to travel for talks on adoption agreements 10 October 2011
Juillian Michaels Warns Against International Adoption Unless You Have 'A Lot of Money' 4 October 2011
For Adoptive Parents, Questions Without Answers 19 September 2011
American adoptive parents do not face death penalty 7 September 2011
Russia not satisfied by U.S. "angry mom" sentence 30 August 2011
US caught up in legal battle over Guatemalan child 30 August 2011
Die verschwundenen Kinder von El Salvador 29 August 2011
Amid Allegations of Human Trafficking, Guatemala to Review Adoptions 24 August 2011
Tulsa woman refuses to give up attempt to adopt Pakistani girl 19 August 2011
Mo. couple seeks to protect adopted daughter 12 August 2011
Adoption dispute stretches from Guatemala to Liberty 7 August 2011
Guatemala mother searched 5 years for adopted girl 6 August 2011
Spain's baby market 4 August 2011
Salvadoran group dogged in search for children missing years ago in civil war 24 July 2011
Census: Adoptions on the rise in Erie, Crawford counties 24 July 2011
Drop in international adoptions sparks debate 24 July 2011
Money Back for Adoption Scam Victims 23 July 2011
CARA Announces Release of New Guidelines and Temporary Suspension of Acceptance of New Dossiers 22 July 2011
Notice: Orphanage Closures in Ethiopia 21 July 2011
Ambassador post blocked as US adoptive families fight for release of Vietnamese orphans 15 June 2011
Couples sue adoption agency for "bait, switch" scheme 15 June 2011
Authorities trafficking 'illegal' children 8 June 2011
U.S. man accused of raping Russian foster daughter says relations 'consensual' 6 June 2011
Profit, not care: The ugly side of overseas adoptions 5 June 2011
State moves to shut down Hollywood adoption agency 3 June 2011
Chinese baby trafficking leaves farmers forlorn 16 May 2011
Serbia - Blog about illegal adoptions 9 May 2011
US pressure on Romania to re-open intercountry adoption 6 May 2011
Ethiopia to Cut Foreign Adoptions by Up to 90 Percent 3 May 2011
CICIG requests explanation from US Senator Landrieu regarding illegal adoption comments in Guatemala 29 April 2011
USAID helps child adoption reform in Vietnam 27 April 2011
Russian Adoptions Slow but not Stopped a Year after Uproar 7 April 2011
Russia, America conclude treaty on adoption 30 March 2011
Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek Lawmakers Reluctant to Lift International Adoption Freeze 30 March 2011
African adoptions drop as economic crisis bites 25 March 2011
For-Profit Orphanages Keep Haitian Families Apart 21 March 2011
US Maintains Ban on Cambodian Adoptions 18 March 2011
L'ambassadeur français des adoptions s'inspire des Américains 17 March 2011
US envoy to take up Cambodia, Vietnam adoption 15 March 2011
Ethiopia moves to sharply reduce foreign adoptions 10 March 2011
Alleged illegal adoption… Mother collapses at HANCI Commission of enquiry 4 March 2011
Kenya: US Department of State Adoption Alert – March 2, 2011 3 March 2011
Adoption body sent delegation to US 25 February 2011
Romania: a new step towards the release of international adoptions 24 February 2011
US Asst Secy arrives Nepal to discuss inter-country adoption 16 February 2011
Attorney, wife file amended complaint in botched international adoption case 15 February 2011
Angelina Jolie has denied reports adoption of a child from Haiti 12 February 2011
Ethiopia: U.S. Adoption Agency Involved in Child Trafficking 10 February 2011
Adoption Moratorium Lifted 10 February 2011
Brangelina want to adopt Haitian girl 8 February 2011
Sierra Leone parents demand kids' return 2 February 2011
Efforts are under way in Oklahoma to find a home for Liberian-born sisters 31 January 2011
Adoptions of foreign children by Americans drop to lowest level since 1995 31 January 2011
Poinsette: Adopting Third World children is voluntary colonization 31 January 2011
Painful affairs of child adoption in Nepal 29 January 2011
American to apologize for ill-treating Russian adopted son 29 January 2011
US adoptive mother says she is not guilty of cruel treatment of Russian boy 28 January 2011
Appearance on Dr. Phil show leads to child abuse charge against Alaska woman 28 January 2011
Russian child rights ombudsman urges foreign adoption freeze 26 January 2011
Missouri high court sides with immigrant in adoption appeal 25 January 2011
Ethica’s notes from U.S. Department of State meeting – Ethiopia Adoption: Solutions into Action 24 January 2011
Russia may ban US adoptions 23 January 2011
Russian ombudsman investigates another adopted child abuse case 22 January 2011
Russian ombudsman investigates another adopted child abuse case 22 January 2011
Ombudsman urges expediting adoption deal 21 January 2011
Parents caught in adoption dispute 1 January 2011
Nepal -Parents caught in adoption dispute 1 January 2011
Elton John becomes father of boy born to surrogate mother 29 December 2010
The Baby Trade 21 December 2010
Obama signs two key adoption bills 21 December 2010
Women head east for wombs to rent 6 December 2010
Russia, U.S. must agree 4 key points to complete adoption talks - ombudsman 3 December 2010
U.S. hopes to finalize talks on child adoption with Russia this week 1 December 2010
WikiLeaks is Masha Allen 30 November 2010
Adoptive families blown away by costly fees 30 November 2010
Unwrapping Red Tape to Find the Gift of Family 24 November 2010
Russia, US to hold another round of talks on adoption 24 November 2010
Muslims seek to reconcile Islamic, western adoption law to find homes for orphans 24 November 2010
Anderson Cooper: Keeping Them Honest: Haiti's forgotten children 20 November 2010
House Leaders Weigh Haiti Bill as Vehicle for Immigration Measure 17 November 2010
They Stole My Baby 16 November 2010
Astakhov to demand moratorium on adoptions by US citizens 12 November 2010
Russian Official Doesn't Rule Out Possible US Adoption Freeze 12 November 2010
Deported from Chicago, she waits for Barack Obama 6 November 2010
Ukraine: U.S. Department of State Adoption Notice – November 3, 2010 (suspension) 5 November 2010
Adoption case attracts attention of immigration, advocacy groups 3 November 2010
Two-Way Street (NL/US) 1 November 2010
Speech Susan Jacobs - US State Dep Briefing on International Adoption-Related Issues 1 November 2010
Commission to probe Sierra Leone children missing in US 20 October 2010
Russian child adoptions by foreigners drop 50% over last 5 years 18 October 2010
Russia, US to sign adoption agreement by January –Children’s ombudsman 4 October 2010
Kim Brown Joins Board of Directors of Both Ends Burning Campaign 23 September 2010
Italian official claims link between homosexual adoption and human trafficking 21 September 2010
Baby left at hospital in first use of child abandonment program 20 September 2010
Edwardsville couple accuses adoption agency of conspiracy 17 September 2010
Anatomy of an Adoption Crisis | Foreign Policy 12 September 2010
Blog: "It costs the orphanages $2,500 U.S. to place children with the Ministry for adoption." 10 September 2010
Prosecutor says defendant in human trafficking case could face more charges 9 September 2010
American couple allowed to adopt slow-learner Indian kid 8 September 2010
FBI Busts Major U.S. Human Trafficking Ring In Hawaii 4 September 2010
LHS student reconnects with twin brother in Ethiopia 3 September 2010
Kids For Sale...By Orphanages 21 August 2010
A story of modern slavery in Utah 15 August 2010
Collegeville family fights halt on Nepal adoptions 14 August 2010
Alleged Child Traffickers on Board of Tamil TB Boat 13 August 2010
Immigrant sues over lost custody of child in Miss. 12 August 2010
US tops list of adoptions from India 9 August 2010
Introducing Andrew-Aleksandar Thomas Santor!! 5 August 2010
Supreme Court asks Union govt to modify adoption laws 4 August 2010
Government extends suspension of adoptions 4 August 2010
After Haiti Quake, the Chaos of U.S. Adoptions 3 August 2010
China - Discovering her birth parents was an exciting adventure for a 15-year-old girl 2 August 2010
Illegal adoption of 29 Sierra Leonean children 29 July 2010
Good comes from chaos in Haiti 28 July 2010
Colombian visitors get teary adios 22 July 2010
Evan - died in Israel just after having been adopted 21 July 2010
Russia-U.S. adoption agreement to come into effect by yearend - ministry 21 July 2010
Fighting for the children 20 July 2010
Gordon Supports Bill to Aid Adopting Families 20 July 2010
Bethany Reports Adoption Increases Up 26 Percent for 2010 19 July 2010
Couple defrauded but not deterred 19 July 2010
Lawyers For Doctor Accused of Killing Daughter Speak Out 13 July 2010
Adoption agencies seeking local families 10 July 2010
Court reverses custody ruling 10 July 2010
22 Haitian orphans get permanent families in Colorado 10 July 2010
French Supreme Court Recognizes Foreign Gay Adoption 9 July 2010
Joint Council Meets Ambassador Jacobs 8 July 2010
Ugandan adoption odyssey over for Washington couple 5 July 2010
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton appoints Ambassador Susan S. Jacobs 1 July 2010
U.S. Ambassador to Romania Advocates Resumption of International Adoption From Romania. 30 June 2010
Nepal will soon allow foreign nationals to adopt Nepalese children 27 June 2010
Adoption home scams give rise to a legit worry... 21 June 2010
Der US-amerikanische botschfater in Rumänien ist dafür, dass Rumänien bald wieder Kinder ins Ausland vermittelt. 18 June 2010
Meet Mazie Grace: This is the 3-year-old's journey from Haiti to Cadott 18 June 2010
Adoptive mother stranded in Uganda 17 June 2010
International briefs: Russia says adoption deal OK'd 17 June 2010
De facto statelessness places adoption on the table for children of N.Korean women in China 17 June 2010
Pastors focus on missions, adoption 16 June 2010
The Baby Business 15 June 2010
American Fly-by-night woman cons orphanage 14 June 2010
The father and son: From orphanage bond, a family grew 13 June 2010
Chinese Embassy holds reception for American families with children adopted from China 13 June 2010
Failed adoption US - Kind en Toekomst 9 June 2010
MEDIA: Sierra Leone Parents Seek Answers In Adoption Case 5 June 2010
Local filmmaker explores foreign adoption 4 June 2010
Dr. Phil Show Strikes Right Tone With Wrong Title 3 June 2010
Sierra Leone parents seek children adopted by Americans in late 1990s, saying no consent given 3 June 2010
Thai children reunite half a world away 1 June 2010
Adoption agencies: the shift from evaluators to partners in adoption 25 May 2010
Duped by Indian adoption agency, US family cautions couples 23 May 2010
Ombudsman says foreign adoptions suspended 21 May 2010
David Furnish had no adoption age concerns 21 May 2010
Sex-obsessed culture, lack of social services blamed for rise in human trafficking at Fort Worth 21 May 2010
Adoption struggle: One woman's emotional road 20 May 2010
Scarlett Johansson's Mom Adopts a Baby Girl 20 May 2010
Russian FM says US adoptions should be frozen 19 May 2010
Foreign Adoptions Are Back – Along with the Doubts 10 May 2010
Desperate parents abandon children in Haiti 9 May 2010
U.S. couples fear hurdles rising for foreign adoption 8 May 2010
Bigger love: Declo family enriched by adopted children 5 May 2010
U.S. families still adopting Russian children - minister 5 May 2010
Russia to present draft child adoption agreement to U.S. delegation 5 May 2010
Russian Orphanage Offers Love, but Not Families James Hill for The New York Times At Orphanage No. 11. in Moscow, the rooms are 3 May 2010
New daughter melts Wright State coach’s heart 28 April 2010
DOS Adoption Alert - Kyrgyzstan 28 April 2010
Kay Warren Questions Christianity of Persons who Neglect Orphans 24 April 2010
Pastors' lineup includes adoption focus 23 April 2010
Bethany outlines int'l adoption process 23 April 2010
US families persevere in seeking Kyrgyz adoptions 23 April 2010
Woman linked with illegal adoptions is deported from the U.S. 22 April 2010
Adoption Extremes Hurt Children 21 April 2010
A Long Way From Home 21 April 2010
U.S. Lawmakers Launch Adoption Bill for N.Korean Orphans 20 April 2010
'I'm scared to be just dropped off at the border' 20 April 2010
News stuns Chesapeake couple adopting Ethiopian kids 19 April 2010
Errant priests’ secret children to sue church 18 April 2010
Fairview case draws scrutiny from Liberian ambassador 18 April 2010
International adoption: Everyone wants the best for children 18 April 2010
Father takes adopted son to see boy's homeland 17 April 2010
Split arises over adoptions from Haiti 14 April 2010
Baby dearth snags adoption 12 April 2010
Red tape chokes adoption 12 April 2010
Sisters’ adoptive Oklahoma family reflects 11 April 2010
Russian Ministry of Education and Science releases new list of homestudy agencies with missing postplacement reports 10 April 2010
Divisions arise over push for adoptions from Haiti 10 April 2010
WACAP's representative office in Primorye 9 April 2010
Little Maya Esther's Adoption Is Official 8 April 2010
Kyrgyzstan ‘family-oriented' 8 April 2010
Mom, dad warned Dakota County: Boy is a danger 8 April 2010
Adopted boy, 3, in a coma; parents investigated 8 April 2010
Madonna takes Lourdes back to visit the Malawi orphanage from where she adopted David Banda 8 April 2010
Change in Processing Timeline for Adoption Cases in Ghana 7 April 2010
Haiti's devastating quake reminds us that orphans matter to God. 7 April 2010
Special Humanitarian Parole Program for Haitian Orphans Draws to a Close at Request of Haitian GovernmentUSCIS Update 7 April 2010
210 Million Reasons to Adopt 7 April 2010
'Miracle' comes full circle with reunion of Haitian baby and parents 6 April 2010
Consulate General Guangzhou Issues One Thousand Hague Adoption Visas April 2010
Children for Sale: Trafficking by Foreign Embassies 29 March 2010
Most Adoptions From China Now Special-Needs Cases 28 March 2010
Adopted Alabama teen wants Bolivia to lift adoption restrictions 25 March 2010
Founder of Ethiopian Children's Charity charged with sexual abuse of 6 Ethiopian children in U.S. court 24 March 2010
Seven Claim Adoption Agency Rolled Them 24 March 2010
Foreigners queue for Bulgarian patients sick children 23 March 2010
H.R.4986 - North Korean Refugee Adoption Act of 2010 23 March 2010
Former adoption director avoids prison by paying up 22 March 2010
Jennifer's kids want their mother back 21 March 2010
Russians, Pa. Officials Meet On Boy's Death 20 March 2010
Adoption Agencies Banned From Asking Parents About Guns 19 March 2010
'Adopted' woman fights for identity 18 March 2010
Christians needed to love orphans in Russia 12 March 2010
Win a raffle, become a parent 11 March 2010
Blog: Waiting - Ghana 11 March 2010
Blog: bad news 9 March 2010
The forgotten children of Romania 6 March 2010
Change in Processing Timeline for Adoption Cases 5 March 2010
Russian officials call for suspension of adoptions to U.S. parents after death of Dillsburg-area boy 5 March 2010
Caution About Pursuing an Adoption in Nepal 4 March 2010
Couple on probation in Samoan adoption case adopt child 3 March 2010
USA: Adoption watchdog suppresses Ethiopia findings 2 March 2010
Nepal's stolen children point to flawed system 2 March 2010
Fly Away Home 2 March 2010
Swaziland International Adoptions Halted. 1 March 2010
Alleged Human Trafficking in Steelton - Harrisburg 1 March 2010
PEAR Statement on Nepal Adoptions 26 February 2010
Get a womb: Gay couples outsource Indian mothers 26 February 2010
Questions surround status of Haitian kids in Pa 25 February 2010
IAWG urges better adoption process 24 February 2010
Fraud case vs. adoption agency ends 24 February 2010
PEAR's Cautionary Statement on Adoptions from Poland 24 February 2010
Vietnam's hill tribe children "stolen" for adoption (Feature) 23 February 2010
Questions Surface After Haitian Airlift 23 February 2010
Nepal's Adoption System Unreliable: US 23 February 2010
Viewing cable 10CAIRO344, ILLEGAL ADOPTIONS IN EGYPT 22 February 2010
Former President Bill Clinton on Haiti, Orphans, & Adoption 22 February 2010
U.S. won't admit 12 BRESMA orphans 20 February 2010
Blog: Baby Trafficking (China) 17 February 2010
Child: U.S. Adoption Agency Bought Me 15 February 2010
‘Sorry, I can’t disclose the identity of Haynes’s mum’ 9 February 2010
Haitian boy’s new family in Lolo struggles to pay the bills 8 February 2010
Child-adoption reforms deserve support 8 February 2010
Bleak Portrait of Haiti Orphanages Raises Fears 6 February 2010
'US couple didn't tend to adopted kid' 6 February 2010
More Haitian orphans coming to Utah 6 February 2010
Nepal 'should suspend' adoptions 5 February 2010
Minnesotan also encounters Haitian orphan issue 5 February 2010
Trafficking in Samoa/petition to sign February 2010
Child arrives from Haiti 1 February 2010
Setting Orphans' Path to U.S. 29 January 2010
Utahns working on last minute deal for Haitian orphans 29 January 2010
Haitian children stand by waiting plane for clearance to fly to Utah 29 January 2010
Haiti's orphans: Why they remain in limbo 27 January 2010
Haïti. Les mercenaires de la foi prospèrent sur les décombres 27 January 2010
Senators speak out for Haitian orphans 27 January 2010
Child experts warn not to rush Haiti adoptions 26 January 2010
Senators push for more efficient Haiti adoptions 26 January 2010
Haiti Halts Departures of Orphans 26 January 2010
Fears that child traffickers are targeting Haitian orphans in quake chaos 26 January 2010
Haiti, La Clinton Contro Bertolaso: ''Troppo Facile Fare Il Processo Del Lunedì'' 25 January 2010
Girls’ Rescue From Haiti Expands Family by Two 25 January 2010
Disaster in Haiti gives adoption 'new energy' 25 January 2010
Haiti's PM in Canada for International Meeting on Earthquake Recovery 24 January 2010
83 Haitian adoptees arrive in Miami 23 January 2010
Haitian girl arrives safely in Utah for adoption 23 January 2010
Notice to Families Regarding Travel 23 January 2010
Adopted orphans arrive in France as UNICEF raises trafficking fears 22 January 2010
Feds sorting out status of 2-year-old Haitian orphan flown into PBIA 22 January 2010
Children missing from Haiti hospitals: UNICEF 22 January 2010
Countries to fast-track Haiti adoption 22 January 2010
Sisters relieved to have Haitian orphans in Pa. 21 January 2010
Haiti hope all in the family 21 January 2010
Miami Herald reports that Haitian community wants children to be cared for in Haiti 21 January 2010
Haitian girl, 2, still in federal custody 21 January 2010
53 Haitian orphans arrive at Pittsburgh airport 19 January 2010
Pedro Pan plan for Haiti unlikely to happen 19 January 2010
Haitis Erdbebenkinder sind begehrt 19 January 2010
U.S. Working On Processing 300 Adoptions Of Haitian Children 18 January 2010
Orphaned Haitian Girl, 2, Detained At Airport 16 January 2010
STOLEN TO ORDER 16 January 2010
Child Trafficking Major Concern After Quake 15 January 2010
Misterul copiilor pierduti de Romania: "Nu stim care au fost adoptati" 11 January 2010
American adoptive father daughter rape case cited concern about China adoption process has been questioned 5 January 2010
S.Leone police investigate child trafficking allegations 29 December 2009
Blog - investigation - our adoption status 29 December 2009
PLAN Adoption to close Dec. 31 26 December 2009
Ind. child care agencies: Cuts will hurt children 15 December 2009
Building a Baby, With Few Ground Rules 12 December 2009
CBS pays for trip in adoption story 11 December 2009
Major Co. judge to decide family’s sentence in adoption abuse 11 December 2009
Preview: The Lost Children 10 December 2009
Guatemala pushes for DNA tests of kids adopted in U.S. 8 December 2009
Escalation of Child Trafficking in China 6 December 2009
Bringing Madison home: Adoption of Vietnamese toddler has been held up 7 months 30 November 2009
Great News for Thanksgiving 26 November 2009
Adoption encouraged as holidays approach 25 November 2009
Cum a mijlocit Klaus Iohannis disparitia definitiva a trei copii orfani 24 November 2009
Child offered for adoption on Craigslist 22 November 2009
Guatemala reopening international adoptions 20 November 2009
Briefing by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Michele Bond on National Adoption Day 20 November 2009
Somalia to join child rights pact: UN 20 November 2009
Boy says yes to adoption 14 November 2009
Child Trafficking: HANCI Boss Confesses 12 November 2009
Child Trafficking: HANCI Boss Confesses 12 November 2009
Montana churches take on challenge in Ethiopia 11 November 2009
Couple raises questions following adoption 10 November 2009
Police in Vietnam have arrested two people suspected of trafficking 20 babies in the communist country since 2007, a report said 9 November 2009
Over Child Adoption Saga...HANCI Speaks Out 7 November 2009
HANCI Refutes Allegations of Child Trafficking 5 November 2009
S Leone fury at 'forced adoption' 4 November 2009
Guatemala Confronts One of its Largest Businesses: Adoptions 1 November 2009
Assets from adoption scammer to go to victims 29 October 2009
150 Kids Missing - HANCI Implicated 28 October 2009
Skin deep 23 October 2009
How Our Children 29 Kids Were Trafficked To America! 21 October 2009
HANCI not receiving funds from foster parents’ - Director clarifies. 20 October 2009
Foreign adoption treaty sets up double standard within U.S. 20 October 2009
Italians make best parents for adopted Indian children 19 October 2009
Adoption Notice - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE; no more abandonment cases 15 October 2009
The US Embassy Interview . . . 15 October 2009
Tweede adoptieorganisatie in VS 6 October 2009
Josephine Baker's Rainbow Tribe 2 October 2009
Adoption Notice 30 September 2009
Adoption group is under shadow 27 September 2009
Chinese babies stolen by officials for foreign adoption 20 September 2009
Local couple waits as foreign government investigates adoption processes 20 September 2009
A young Chinese girl pines for her twin 20 September 2009
Some Chinese parents say their babies were stolen for adoption 20 September 2009
Skin deep 19 September 2009
The Catholic church sold my child 19 September 2009
Adoptions suspended 17 September 2009
NEWS MIDDLE EAST Egypt jails US couples for adoption 16 September 2009
Seven Nepali kids handed over to adoptive parentsKantipur Report 15 September 2009
Ethiopian children exploited by US adoption agencies 15 September 2009
CWA Response to Australian TV Broadcast 15 September 2009
Ukraine quashes Elton John adoption hope 14 September 2009
HHS Awards $35 Million to States for Increasing Adoptions 14 September 2009
Red tape holds up adoption of over 30 children/Bal Vikas 12 September 2009
Guatemalan army stole children for adoption, report says 12 September 2009
Va. Beach agency in dispute over adoption of Ukrainian sisters 11 September 2009
The Speed Up Rumor 10 September 2009
International adoption resumes for Nepalese children 10 September 2009
Guatemalan soldiers sold children in war - gov't 10 September 2009
Forum Joint Council Update: Program Child Permanency and Welfare 9 September 2009
K&T stopt met bemiddeling VS 1 September 2009
Costs adoption Kind en Toekomst 1 September 2009
Joint Council on Intl Children's Services speaks out on CDC's TB policy for adopted children 13 August 2009
Ghana official takes tour of local adoptive homes 12 August 2009
Authorities return Ukrainian sisters to program 11 August 2009
Child-trafficking ring smashed: media 9 August 2009
Criminal Investigation Bureau busts smugglers 9 August 2009
Program Gives Older Orphans A Five-Week Taste of Family 6 August 2009
[Hankyoreh 21 Cover Story] Holt International’s price for children 24 July 2009
US congress members pressure Romania to resume international adoptions - report 23 July 2009
US residents charged with kidnapping Mexican baby 21 July 2009
Adoption-records advocates to protest in Phila. 21 July 2009
Ties that bind: Families who adopted children from Russia gather together in Dover 20 July 2009
Japan lacking on intl adoption Nation needs to ratify Hague convention to protect children 17 July 2009
American Parents of Russian Adoptees Make Voices Heard in Russian Government 15 July 2009
U?oar? relaxare a adop?iilor interna?ionale 14 July 2009
Kidsave Brings Columbian Orphans to LA in Search of a Forever Family 9 July 2009
International adoptee, Miss Indiana Courtni Hall, promotes adoption awareness 4 July 2009
China Checks Out Charges Babies Taken From Home 3 July 2009
Adoption scammer pleads guilty 3 July 2009
Christianity becomes a driving force in adoptions 3 July 2009
Girls seized, handed over for adoption 2 July 2009
More single black women are adopting, adoption official says 1 July 2009
"Create" an abandoned child 1 July 2009
Duke U. Official Caught in Alleged Child Sex Sting 26 June 2009
Three jailed for child trafficking 26 June 2009
People & Power - Stolen Babies - 24 June 09 24 June 2009
US Dear Birthmother website 23 June 2009
AIT requires face-to-face interviews for kids’ US visas 20 June 2009
Dozens of human smugglers captured 19 June 2009
Taiwan smashes 'largest-ever' human smuggling ring 18 June 2009
Largest-ever human smuggling ring smashed (Update-1) 18 June 2009
Taiwan smashes 'largest-ever' human smuggling ring 18 June 2009
Adoption of Ethiopian children halted, then resumed 18 June 2009
More than 1,800 U.S. adoptees from Russia in 2008 16 June 2009
Whatever happened to Jane's baby? 14 June 2009
Whatever happened to Jane's baby? 14 June 2009
Madonna is my new mum, New York here I come... 13 June 2009
Madonna 'donated £12 million to Malawi' 13 June 2009
Minister Hirsch Ballin wil regels doe-het-zelf-adoptie flink aanscherpen 11 June 2009
Adoption body orders inquiry into US case 11 June 2009
Liberia: Former Dep. Health Minister Queries WACSN's Suspension 10 June 2009
Japan: Occupation orphan traces roots 6 June 2009
Sollen homosexuelle Paare Kinder adoptieren dürfen? 3 June 2009
Ga. set to become 1st state with embryo adoption law 28 May 2009
GroenLinks wil behoud deelbemiddeling voor homo-paren 25 May 2009
Kamervraag PvdA - Deelbemiddeling VS 19 May 2009
PETITIE: Deelbemiddeling moet blijven 13 May 2009
US State Department - Abandonment Requirements Ethiopia 1 May 2009
House bill seeks to protect Oregon kids adopted outside U.S. 1 May 2009
Operation Babylift from an Adoptees Perspective May 2009
Stricter requirements in respect of adoption from the United States 28 April 2009
Nonprofit adoption agencies often profit someone other than children, families 26 April 2009
Tighten rules for adoption of Russian children by foreign (Lavrov) 16 April 2009
Russia, U.S. discuss treaty on child adoption 7 April 2009
Ethiopia's orphans face life of hardship 4 April 2009
Das Adoptionsverfahren in den USA 1 April 2009
A Guide to Outgoing Cases from the United States April 2009
Freedom at Last: 37 Liberian Kids Survive Illegal Adoption; Trafficking Denied 26 March 2009
Kyrgyz police accuse foreigners of illegal child adoption 5 March 2009
Adoption scandal has prompted only minor changes 14 February 2009
State sees no loopholes in adoption 6 February 2009
French authorities visit Haiti 22 January 2009
Do not use Hope Adoption Agency 13 January 2009
Les dérives de l'adoption au Cambodge January 2009
Police in Sierra Leone Investigate NGO on Child Trafficking Allegations 1 January 2009
Katherine Heigl and Husband Adopting a Girl 2009
Über die Adoption ihres Sohnes Daniel aus den USA im Dezember 2008 berichtet Familie V. aus Niederösterreich. 2009
Intercountry Adoption Reform Based on the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption: An Update on Guatemala in 2008 29 November 2008
Parents found selling kids' identity to trafficking ring 9 October 2008
Shining a Light in the Playroom: Improving Transparency in Inter-Country Adoptions Under the Hague Convention. 23 September 2008
Deelbemiddeling in Verdragstaten 22 September 2008
3 Nepali kids set to land in US 9 September 2008
Adoptees say local adoption system not free from irregularities 14 May 2008
Kemerovo Closed . . . 4 May 2008
Hague Guide on Outgoing Cases April 2008
Parents facing criminal charges want their troubled adopted teen from Panama back 31 March 2008
Faked papers hinder Guatemala adoptions 10 March 2008
City’s single dad teams up with Ranchi orphanage 7 March 2008
Paper Orphans 21 February 2008
Adoption agency investigated Boulder-based company closes amid lawsuits, angry prospective parents 17 February 2008
Former Erie trustee draws 90 days' jail, 12 years' probation Novak barred from adoption work 17 February 2008
Are U.S. Dollars Supporting Abortion in China? 4 February 2008
Grenzenloser Kinderwunsch 17 January 2008
So you want to adopt a baby ... 2 January 2008
Banana Republic to Baby Republic - Guatemala could shut down its massive adoption industry 5 November 2007
Why did an adoption agency tell Angelina Jolie I had died of AIDS when they gave her my baby? 26 September 2007
Adoptions From Guatemala Face an Uncertain Future 17 May 2007
Family law expert pioneers program in child advocacy 16 April 2007
Adoptee, felon fighting deportation to India 24 March 2007
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly - A New Way of Looking at the Intercountry Adoption Debate 1 March 2007
California Couple Arrested After Trying To Illegally Adopted A Baby In Mexico 12 February 2007
For Negroponte, Move to State Dept. Is a Homecoming 29 January 2007
The Deadly Trade of Child Organ Trafficking 20 January 2007
Adoption Advocate Answers Your Questions 12 January 2007
Salvadoran war orphan finds closure through DNA results and family reunion 21 December 2006
Who is Liviu Turcu? 27 October 2006
Beth Petersen and Ellie Skeele - Fees 12 September 2006
Forum: WACAP adoption red flags non disclosure 28 August 2006
Parchetul ia la bani marunti adoptiile internationale 16 August 2006
US embassy cables: First ladies of India and California get on wonderfully – up to a point 4 August 2006
Ethiopia: U.S. Families Adoption of Children, for Trade or Charity? 1 July 2006
Opinion My position on inter country adoptions Author: Baroness Emma Nicholson 24 May 2006
Child Sex Abuse Victim Recounts Story to Whitfield's Subcommittee 3 May 2006
Sperm donor father traced on Internet 1 May 2006
US Bill - US Senate - Smith 6 April 2006
Blog: Amazing Brazil Adoption 23 March 2006
International Adopees United 2006
Adoption victim meets mother after 9 years: Deccan Chronicle 26 December 2005
U.S. Backs European Request for Romanian Adoptions To Proceed 16 December 2005
Nachwuchs auf Bestellung 8 December 2005
Stratham woman among those shut out of Romanian adoption 8 December 2005
US State Department Adoption Brochure Haiti December 2005
Romanian Adoption Policy Examined as Human Rights Issue 14 September 2005
Helsinki Commission Testimony 14 September 2005
Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe “Helsinki Commission” 14 September 2005
Craig to Promote Adoption in India 18 March 2005
Foreigners Vie to Adopt Black U.S. Babies 5 March 2005
Hopes on hold 24 February 2005
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Hawaii hosts Marshallese baby market 21 November 2003
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Romania extends ban on international adoptions under EU pressure 8 October 2002
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A Detroit native has another overseas destination. After her Senate confirmation hearing, Susan Jacobs is congratulated by husb 11 August 2000
Girl adopted for £13,000 must be sent back to US 11 July 2000
Girl adopted for £13,000 must be sent back to US 11 July 2000
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Billings Gazette Newspaper Archives 8 March 1959
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UPDATE on BCFS: Using the word “Baptist” in the Government organization title doesn’t make it a Church