Ethica, Inc.


Person Relation type Date from Date to
Brenda Romanchik Board member 2004 Jan 01
Carrie Kent Board member
Kimberly Kennedy Board member 2004 Jan 01
Melissa Griebel Board member
Tracy Desserich Board member
Usha Rengachary Smerdon Board member
Linh Song Executive Director
Trish Maskew Founder of
Trish Maskew Founder of
Melissa Griebel President 2008 Jan 01 2010 Jan 01
Rachel Schatz Wegner President 2010 Jan 01
Trish Maskew President 2002 Jan 01 2008 Jan 01
Regina Reeves-Solomon Treasurer
Kitty Vickers Vice President 2004 Jan 01
Melissa Griebel Vice President 2004 Jan 01
Usha Rengachary Smerdon Vice President

Relations to other organizations

Organization Relation Type Organization Country Date from Date to
Ethica, Inc. Member of Joint Council on International Children's Services
Ethica, Inc. Organizes Adoption Ethics and Accountability Conference (October 15-16, 2007)
Ethica, Inc. Participates in Joint trip Nepal - 2008


8639 16th Street #156
Silver Spring