Americans for African Adoptions, Inc. (AFAA)

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AFAA has been a continuously, US licensed, adoption agency since 1986.
AFAA has been an Indiana, non-profit corporation since 1986.
AFAA has been an IRS approved, 501 (c) (3) corporation since 1987.
AFAA has been a member of the Joint Council on International Children’s Services since 1988.
AFAA Managing Director was awarded the “Angels in Adoption” award from Senator Richard Lugar in 2006.
AFAA was the first licensed, North American adoption agency to work with African orphan children for adoption.
AFAA was the first licensed, US adoption agency to be approved by the Government of Ethiopia.

MALI, West Africa - 1986 - AFAA began an adoption & medical assistance program.
ETHIOPIA, East Africa - 1987 - AFAA began an adoption, sponsorship, educational & humanitarian aid program.
UGANDA, East Africa - 1988 - AFAA began a sponsorship & educational program.
SIERRA LEONE, West Africa - 1995 - AFAA began an adoption, sponsorship & medical assistance program.
NIGERIA, West Africa - 2001 - AFAA began a sponsorhip & educational program.
LESOTHO, Southern Africa - 2006 - AFAA began an adoption program.
1 January 1986


Person Relation type Date from Date to
Cheryl Carter-Shotts Executive Director
Hamza Sebuta Facilitator for 2008 Apr 01
Joseph Kagimu Facilitator for
Tigist Kebede Representative

Relations to other organizations

Organization Relation Type Organization Country Date from Date to
Americans for African Adoptions, Inc. (AFAA) Facilitates Adoption Alliance Ethiopia
Americans for African Adoptions, Inc. (AFAA) Member of Joint Council on International Children's Services
Americans for African Adoptions, Inc. (AFAA) Sponsor of World Initiative for Orphans (WIO)


Title Publication date
Couple defrauded but not deterred 19 July 2010
Agency's implosion shows peril of adopting abroad 15 July 2009


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