Title Publication date
She lost her mom in South Africa. Now she's safe in the embrace of a new Canadian family 5 April 2024
Children for Sale - When Guatemalan adoption became big business April 2024
Firsthand: Born in S'pore & adopted by US couple, woman, 27, now searching for father she never knew 23 March 2024
American founder of orphanage in Haiti is charged with having sex with minors 23 January 2024
US, Canadian Couples Adopt Specially Abled Orphans 14 January 2024
Like the Pope, some people view surrogacy as 'deplorable'. For many, it's a precious gift of parenthood 13 January 2024
Guatemala’s baby brokers: how thousands of children were stolen for adoption 4 January 2024
Nobody Wants India To Become "Industry Of Renting Womb": Delhi High Court On Surrogacy 15 December 2023
Canada has a secretive history of adoption, and some want it brought to light 10 December 2023
Salvation Army sues Manitoba family services agencies after allegations unmarried moms coerced into adoptions 2 December 2023
Luc (29) went abroad to pursue his desire to have children: 'It must be possible in Canada' 26 October 2023
Vancouver couple pleads not guilty to adopted son’s death 17 October 2023
2023: Sad days for ‘adoptable’ children in Greece 19 August 2023
‘I’ll never know where I’m from’: plight of the adopted children of Bangladesh’s Birangona women 11 August 2023
Center for Children, Law and Ethics 22 July 2023
ATTWIN Position Paper: 19 July 2023
Possible mass baby graves at Mother and Baby Home site could be 'worse than Tuam' - Irish Mirror Online 9 July 2023
'We found your birth mother': How Chile's children were stolen and adopted worldwide 28 June 2023
Toronto couple shares journey through adoption and surrogacy after cancer diagnosis 5 June 2023
System is broken says Ontario mom waiting 9 months to bring adopted Nigerian daughter home | CBC News 29 May 2023
Parents applaud push to close citizenship gap for foreign-born adopted children 19 May 2023
Man who was sold at age 6 for his organs the focus of new documentary 3 May 2023
Questions & Replies: Social Development 3 January 2023
A little-known initiative to help the 'war babies' 16 December 2022
Lies, love and deception: inside the cut-throat world of international adoption 6 December 2022
The Cappuccino couple's contribution to 1971's war babies' odyssey 22 November 2022
Lawyer, proprietress jailed 6 years over child adoption 28 October 2022
Lost and Found – The business of selling children in Romania 6 September 2022
Russian 'architect' of Ukraine child abduction scheme sanctioned by Canada 26 August 2022
Quebecers who adopt internationally will need to undergo mandatory training as of 2023 30 May 2022
A Jewish teen put her baby up for adoption in WWII. They just reunited. 25 May 2022
Archdiocese issues apology for role in post-war coerced adoptions 7 May 2022
Archdiocese issues apology for role in post-war coerced adoptions 7 May 2022
History matters in child care 19 April 2022
‘We were human beings’: UK families seek apology over historic forced adoptions 20 March 2022
Danish prime minister personally apologizes to removed Greenland children 10 March 2022
Complaint filed against radio host for comments about mothers 'abandoning' babies to adoption 2 March 2022
Forced adoption: 'My baby was taken' 27 January 2022
France: why are international adoptions in free fall? 28 December 2021
'I had to be prayed home' 28 December 2021
[Letter From Montana] | Cold War Kids, by Irina Aleksander | Harper's Magazine - Part 6 30 October 2021
Canada challenges compensation order for indigenous children 30 October 2021
After an early forced adoption, an Indigenous man rediscovers his identity 23 October 2021
Parents of trafficked children threaten to protest, but… 28 September 2021
Raymond Sheppard: Some or our African Nova Scotian children are missing 8 September 2021
Why is the US right suddenly interested in Native American adoption law? 23 August 2021
The systematization of 'child exports' for economic and political aims 13 August 2021
Adopted woman calls for changes to Canada’s child foster system 11 August 2021
Tokyo Olympics: Adopted from China, Canada’s Maggie MacNeil wins gold and Chinese social media laments its one-child policy 27 July 2021
Local adoption recruiter receives national recognition 13 July 2021
An adopted Bangladeshi girl in search of her biological family 20 June 2021
Canada: remains of 215 children found at Indigenous residential school site 28 May 2021
Canadians separated from adopted son in Nigeria say government has taken no action in 22 months 23 May 2021
B.C. calls for external review into international adoption 18 May 2021
Canadian couple stuck in India after travelling to adopt baby girl 10 May 2021
International adoption: parents separated from their child for months 12 December 2020
Disaster and bureaucracy leave stateless child stranded despite Canadians' quest to adopt her 21 March 2020
Research into Family Origins 5 December 2019
Canada’s ban on adoptions unjustified, Pakistan says; leaves family desperate for change 9 August 2019
Canada’s ban on adoptions unjustified, Pakistan says; leaves family desperate for change 9 August 2019
Adopted as a child, this Toronto chef grew up with 31 siblings from around the world Social Sharing 27 July 2019
New adoption rules coming into effect 12 June 2019
Teen ‘sexual cult’ in Ontario foster home known to Children’s Aid Society, victim says 12 June 2019
Social Services missing its own target to put kids on adoption list 7 June 2019
Adopt a child from abroad 13 May 2019
Fwd: FW: adoption world conference 5 May 2019
Changes to adoption policies internationally force Canadian agencies to shutter, leaving couples in limbo 11 April 2019
Officer sacked for taking bribe from Canadian who adopted baby 25 March 2019
Nunavut government commits to regulate custom adoptions 26 February 2019
Le nombre d'adoptions internationales toujours en baisse 2 February 2019
Grausam! Gestohlene Kinder – schreckliche Enthüllung von Babyhandel – ‚Stolen‘ newborn babies: Babies for sale 18 January 2019
How the international aid community again finds itself at centre of child exploitation allegations 10 January 2019
A gay Canadian man, a ‘well-rehearsed’ cover story, and a struggle to adopt a foreign child 10 November 2018
Drop in international adoptions forces closure of B.C. agency 18 October 2018
Peter Harry Pfund Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who 13 October 2018
Inquiry urges payouts for victims of postwar UK child migration scheme 1 March 2018
Jane Philpott doesn't see 'eye to eye' with Manitoba on First Nations child welfare reforms 3 January 2018
Delhi HC slams Central Adoption Agency, blames it for low adoption rates 21 July 2016
50 kids left in limbo by Canada/SA trafficking row 13 June 2016
SA baby's chance at new life in Canada foiled 13 June 2016
Hundreds of Ontario adoptions on hold amid Motherisk drug-test scandal 1 February 2016
Justice : plus d’adoption internationale en RDC jusqu’à nouvel ordre 3 November 2015
Misterul sicriului gol, ingropat timp de 21 de ani. Parintii unui copil din Valcea cred ca fiica lor a fost adoptata si e vie 27 October 2015
The Dominican children given up to Quebec's 'adoption machine’ 21 September 2015
Uprooted: the lost children of Hato Mayor 1 September 2015
Orphaned best friends from India reunited 10 years later in Canada 29 July 2015
Mom awaits Supreme Court nod 6 years after adoption 15 April 2015
Incredible story Edmond Mulet and children he exported 26 February 2015
Diplomat should be removed from UN over inquiry 20 February 2015
A man who ripped off an international adoption agency is scheduled for sentencing in February 21 December 2014
Ontario mother says she's forced to give up adopted child to get him help 5 December 2014
Manitoba reviewing U.S. adoption agency for fees based on child's race 30 October 2014
Failed adoption agency had little oversight, jurors told 23 June 2014
Nora is the first child in Romania who will be adopted by Americans. How many minors are gone in families from other countries 1 March 2014
Regina doctor who lied to Ukrainian authorities on adoption papers can’t raise children in Canada, court rules 12 February 2014
Congo : a new cry against child trafficking 24 January 2014
Misguided Saviors: An Analysis of International Adoption Issues and Necessary Considerations for Prospective Adoptive Parents 1 September 2013
Misguided Saviors: An Analysis of International Adoption Issues and Necessary Considerations for Prospective Adoptive Parents 1 September 2013
Notice – Processing is Suspended for Adoption Applications from South Africa 15 August 2012
Profit-driven adoptions turn children into a commodity 29 May 2012
Co?marul inimaginabil al unei feti?e adoptat? din România pentru a deveni sclava sexual? a unor pedofili canadieni 8 February 2012
Jail sentence for mom who exposed girl to pedophiles 7 February 2012
Adopting families keep watch on financially strapped agency 5 February 2012
Agency closure puts prospective parents on hold 3 February 2012
Surrogate not legally a baby’s mother, judge rules 13 September 2011
Successful adoption despite bankruptcy 22 July 2011
Liberals pass law to ease adoption of Crown wards 1 June 2011
Canadian parents wary as China confronts baby trafficking 25 May 2011
Court strikes down anonymous sperm-donor law 20 May 2011
Two charged in adoption agency fraud investigation 8 April 2011
Directors charged with defrauding adoption agency of $420,000 8 April 2011
Blog - Ahope/Kingdom vision 1 March 2011
10 000 US dollars for orphanage in Haiti March 2011
Romania: a new step towards the release of international adoptions 24 February 2011
Ottawa urged to bring stranded couple home 21 December 2010
Bolivian boy has found a family, at last (Canada, not finalised) 27 November 2010
Forcible foster care ‘genocide’: UN Declaration 25 November 2010
Kids of 'quiet migration' come of age 20 November 2010
Cops nab Congolese for child trafficking 18 November 2010
Baby left at hospital in first use of child abandonment program 20 September 2010
Prosecutor says defendant in human trafficking case could face more charges 9 September 2010
Minister Kenney’s visit to France, India, China, and the Philippines to focus on greater international cooperation on shared imm 3 September 2010
Alleged Child Traffickers on Board of Tamil TB Boat 13 August 2010
Adoption fees at private agencies hiked for first time in decade 22 July 2010
Girl to visit a home she never knew 21 July 2010
Of life lost and loved (50.000 $) 12 July 2010
Fighting to bring the family home 27 June 2010
Child trafficking bill passes Senate to become law 17 June 2010
Canadian fight to bring Ugandan kids home 9 June 2010
Canada halts adoptions from Nepal 6 June 2010
Moratorium Imposed on Adoptions from Nepal 4 June 2010
Young Chinese arrivals pure joy for Canadian families 31 May 2010
Sir Elton John won't be cowed by 'strict' adoption laws 23 May 2010
David Furnish had no adoption age concerns 21 May 2010
Outcry over archbishop's abortion comments 18 May 2010
Orphanage preparing for influx of children 13 May 2010
Vancouver to have first baby drop-off spot in Canada 29 April 2010
Saskatchewan Welcomes Adopted Children From Haiti Earthquake 20 April 2010
Would-be parents lobby against adoption restrictions 20 April 2010
Russian Ministry of Education and Science releases new list of homestudy agencies with missing postplacement reports 10 April 2010
CIC not prioritizing adoption 4 April 2010
Nepal Closure 10 March 2010
Couple wait for adoption paperwork to be approved by Canadian High Commission 10 March 2010
Invalid death certificate puts BC couple in African adoption limbo 9 March 2010
The forgotten children of Romania 6 March 2010
The forgotten children of Romania 6 March 2010
Payments to Ethiopia soared before local adoption agency collapsed 27 February 2010
IAWG urges better adoption process 24 February 2010
With one last flight to Haiti, Operation Stork winds down 29 January 2010
Orphaned Haitian children arrive in Ottawa 27 January 2010
Haiti's PM in Canada for International Meeting on Earthquake Recovery 24 January 2010
Plane with 1st group of Haitian orphans arrives in Canada 24 January 2010
Notice to Families Regarding Travel 23 January 2010
Ottawa urges prospective parents to be patient over adoptions 23 January 2010
Plane of adopted Haitian children to arrive Sunday 23 January 2010
Countries to fast-track Haiti adoption 22 January 2010
Harper says long-term challenge in Haiti is to rescue 'shattered society' 22 January 2010
Children missing from Haiti hospitals: UNICEF 22 January 2010
Canada, Bring Haitian Kids Home 19 January 2010
Now is not the time for Haitian adoptions, says agency 19 January 2010
L'adoption suspendue 16 January 2010
Orphanage: Adoption plan needed for Haitian children 15 January 2010
Misterul copiilor pierduti de Romania: "Nu stim care au fost adoptati" 11 January 2010
A new home for baby offered to me for $10,000. 5 January 2010
The Selling / Murdering of Canadian Children 2010
Hamilton couple celebrates adoption through salvaged Cambridge agency 19 December 2009
Woman hopeful as adoption agency revived 2 December 2009
Blog: Gelgela Director in Canada 1 December 2009
Surrey couple returns after long visa wait with adopted Nepali child 27 November 2009
Cum a mijlocit Klaus Iohannis disparitia definitiva a trei copii orfani 24 November 2009
Canadian bureaucrats strand Surrey parents in Nepal with adopted daughter 20 November 2009
B.C. parents stranded in Nepal with adopted daughter coming home 20 November 2009
Chinese culture embraced by Canadian adoptive family 17 November 2009
Britain to apologize over forced child migrants to Canada 15 November 2009
Uncovering a hidden past 14 November 2009
Accounts of Chinese children being kidnapped, bartered and sold to orphanages have many adopters wondering about their children. 11 November 2009
Conservatives' safe haven proposal panned 10 November 2009
Adoptions from Ghana dropped by rescued agency 4 November 2009
Gamete offspring have 'right to know' biological parents 26 October 2009
Canada queries China on child abduction claims 19 October 2009
Mom hopes feds take notice of China's adoption system 13 October 2009
Mom questions China's adoption system 26 September 2009
Kidnapping fears lead N. S. mother to call for halt to adoptions from China 26 September 2009
China’s adoption system worries Canadian mom 25 September 2009
Namibia: Judge Slams Official for Stalling Adoption 24 September 2009
Creditors vote to revive Imagine adoption agency 21 September 2009
Chinese babies stolen by officials for foreign adoption 20 September 2009
Agency restructuring may not be enough 15 September 2009
Ukraine quashes Elton John adoption hope 14 September 2009
Elton 'wants to adopt baby orphan' 12 September 2009
Plan proposed to save adoptions 10 September 2009
Canadian families asked to bail out bankrupt adoption agency 8 September 2009
Adoptions moving along at Imagine 12 August 2009
Elton John says wants to adopt Ukrainian baby 11 August 2009
Saving Imagine Adoption 31 July 2009
Gary Goodyear Continues To Deny Knowledge of Imagine Adoption Agency/Constant Energy Relationship 21 July 2009
Founder of orphanage in Ghana denies wrongdoing 20 July 2009
Parents ready to fight 20 July 2009
Province takes up adoption fight 19 July 2009
As agency goes bust, families organize to try to get kids to Canada 19 July 2009
Would-be adoptive parents take action 19 July 2009
Alta., feds to help families left in lurch by adoption agency 19 July 2009
Orphanage ordeal 19 July 2009
Firm's collapse impacts P.E.I. 19 July 2009
Adopted kids stranded in Ethiopia 18 July 2009
Adoption chaos for local family 18 July 2009
Bankrupt agency rented office space from company owned by Goodyear and wife 18 July 2009
Bankruptcy spurs flight to find child 18 July 2009
What went wrong with adoption group? 18 July 2009
Bankrupt adoption agency lists Lexus among its assets 17 July 2009
Parents unaware kids up for adoption 17 July 2009
Acrid Whiff Of Scandal Growing From Imagine Adoption Agency's Ashes 17 July 2009
Bankrupt adoption agency owed money to 400 families 17 July 2009
Adoption agency bankruptcy leaves Maritime families in limbo 17 July 2009
A Call to Action on Bill C-37: An Act to Amend the Citizenship Act 17 July 2009
Agency’s collapse crushes adoption dream 17 July 2009
Bankrupt adoption agency owed money to 400 families 17 July 2009
Agency’s collapse crushes adoption dream 17 July 2009
Ethiopian kids in limbo as adoption agency folds 16 July 2009
Agency folds, puts couple's adoption plans on hold 16 July 2009
Debt mounting for Imagine Adoption 16 July 2009
Local couples left with nothing but grief 16 July 2009
Alberta adoption hopefuls in limbo after Ont. firm falters 16 July 2009
Anxious adoptive parents wait for agency's bankruptcy to be sorted 15 July 2009
Agency's implosion shows peril of adopting abroad 15 July 2009
Mother's fight to get newly adopted child 15 July 2009
Adoption Agency Collapses, Takes Dreams with It 15 July 2009
Adoption Agency Goes Bankrupt 15 July 2009
Adoption agency's bankruptcy strands families 14 July 2009
Bankruptcy 14 July 2009
Adoption agency's bankruptcy devastates families 14 July 2009
Ethiopian kids in limbo as adoption agency folds 1 July 2009
Three jailed for child trafficking 26 June 2009
Adoptions from Africa are wrong, Kreviazuk says 23 June 2009
The lessons of Idah's long journey from Malawi to Burlington 21 June 2009
Canadian parents raise concerns 19 March 2009
State sees no loopholes in adoption 6 February 2009
French authorities visit Haiti 22 January 2009
Canadians wait for word on adoption of Haitian orphans January 2009
Zambian Adoption Program 2009
'God decided before he was born that I am his mother' 31 August 2008
International Adoptions - Moratorium on International Adoptions from Liberia May 2008
Adoptees claim they lost their biological parents through underhanded methods 27 January 2008
Bankrupt Cambridge adpotion agency had ties to suspect African orphanage 17 July 2007
Canada: The invisible children 28 April 2007
Here is correspondence from Lois Silo, Zomba KIDZ Coordinator, in Zomba: 26 January 2007
The Children’s Bridge Annual General Meeting – November 10/07 (& random info) 2007
Nachwuchs auf Bestellung 8 December 2005
Foreigners Vie to Adopt Black U.S. Babies 5 March 2005
Born in America, adopted abroad 27 October 2004
More and more U.S. birth mothers choose to place their infants with Canadian families 4 July 2004
Hungary: Reports of parents selling their children for purposes of adoption; prevalence of this activity and which social groups 18 November 2002
Religion vs. Sexual Orientation: 12 February 2002
The Moraru couple seems to be spending a quiet time in Canada 28 January 2002
Quebec halts adoptions from India 5 May 2001
Greece's Black-Market Babies Come Home -- Stolen Children Demand To Know Their Histories 22 September 1996
UNDER SUSPICION John Davies is a hero to some adoptive parents, a baby-selling profiteer to many governments 21 August 1995
Booming Polish Market: Blond, Blue-Eyed Babies 19 April 1992
Bevrijdingskinderen blijven zoeken naar Canadese vaders 27 January 1987
A question of interests : Inter-country Adoption 1 October 1983
Zwarte Handel in Canadese Baby's 11 February 1957
Certifying international adoption agencies
Bangladesh - war babies (1971)
Armies of Peace
The Global Horizons Immigrant Investor Program
Abandonment, institutional life and intercountry adoption: issues and impacts in adulthood