Title Publication date
Betty grows* up in a horror family: 'Shit Ethiopian, I regret that adoption so much' 21 April 2024
Al 134 meldingen over mogelijke onregelmatigheden bij adopties | De Standaard Mobile (Already 134 reports about possible irregularities in adoptions | The Standard Mobile) 24 March 2024
Three Ethiopian Belgians testify: unfortunately, adoption is not a feel-good story 21 February 2024
Lived in 'Traitor's' mother's basement 10 February 2024
Genesis of the project: International Social Service 19 January 2024
How software can digitally transform child adoption 18 January 2024
Guatemala’s baby brokers: how thousands of children were stolen for adoption 4 January 2024
Incentives 2023: how did the completed projects proceed? 21 December 2023
Sorin Dhondt (31) was adopted from Romania as a child: “They told my mother that I was dead” 15 December 2023
Foreign adoption freeze is new episode in long-running saga: 'Realize that this can be hard' 15 December 2023
CFAB - An overview of our history 30 November 2023
Adoptie: een toekomst voor kinderen die er geen hebben - Adoption: a future for children who don't have one 29 November 2023
The uncomfortable truth is that overseas adoptions will never be fraud-free Sculpture by Saskia Vanderstichele 29 November 2023
Several adopted children from Ethiopia appear not to have been given up voluntarily 23 November 2023
Tales From TikTok: Ethiopian Woman Shares Heartbreaking Illegal Adoption Story, ‘I Questioned My Existence’ 14 November 2023
Committee on Enforced Disappearances Marks First Anniversary of the Joint Statement on Illegal Intercountry Adoptions 20 September 2023
Ethiopian adoptee advocating for better cultural support for families 15 August 2023
These Babies Are Our Challenge 5 August 2023
Explainer: State Department releases annual report on intercountry adoptions 19 July 2023
ATTWIN Position Paper: 19 July 2023
Fewer and fewer families are able to adopt a child between waiting times, postponements, psychologists, social workers and the courts. And same-parent couples are left with only the hypothesis of foster care 9 July 2023
On the Rhetorics of Dr. Diane B. Kunz, Esq., Crusader for International Adoption 27 March 2023
10 Years Since Forced Adoption Apology 23 March 2023
Adopting a child is not emergency aid 15 February 2023
Flanders stops adoptions from Vietnam: “Insufficient guarantees to rule out malpractice” 14 February 2023
Malawian Judge Recommends Changes to Adoption Laws 13 February 2023
More African children will start their journey from institutions to families due to BEB’s Children First Software 6 December 2022
Recommendations for* child welfare care reform in the global south: Perspectives of 542 adults who were separated from parental care during childhood in 12 nations 22 September 2022
Mom Rescues Ethiopian Girl at Risk of Abduction by Satanist: ‘God Was in This Battle’ 17 August 2022
Separated from family in Ethiopia, these Bull Sharks players have become Bond brothers 14 July 2022
Adopted Lotte is afraid of negative image adoption 23 June 2022
Mother of Adoptees Helps Ethiopian Families Reunite Their Histories - Points of Light 21 June 2022
I would have given them a thatched villa to catch their breath together 15 June 2022
Father Rob Marrevee about foreign adoption: 'Had I known all this, I would never have done it' 13 June 2022
An adoptive mom was charged with abusing her Ethiopian son. Then the case was dropped 3 May 2022
She kept a secret during her song - and it was a matter of life and death 10 February 2022
How an adopted girl's tragic death became fiction: David Guterson on "bearing witness" 8 February 2022
The aftermath of transnational illegal adoptions: Redressing human rights violations in the intercountry adoption system with in 31 December 2021
“It is imperative to place rights and ethics at the center of the international adoption system” 10 December 2021
Root | International Social Service France 2 December 2021
Examining International Adoption 9 November 2021
Miss Belgium Kedist Deltour (24) visits her father, who left her in an orphanage 15 years ago: "I feel lighter, that's what I ha 6 November 2021
The New Question Haunting Adoption 19 October 2021
UNICEF statement on Ethiopia 1 October 2021
'It is our moral duty to put the best interests of the adoptee first' 15 September 2021
Heartbreak in Ethiopia 15 September 2021
Unicef Netherlands position in Intercountry Adoption ? 12 August 2021
Julie, adopted in Ethiopia at 6 years old: "I had to tell everyone that my mother was dead" 1 August 2021
The “stolen” children of Coutances: an adoption association in turmoil 1 August 2021
Ethiopia Adoption Scandal: Did Good Samaritans Sin Only Through Negligence? 29 June 2021
Right of reply from the adoption agency Les Enfants de Reine Miséricorde 29 June 2021
"Adoption has a hidden face, it brings complicated situations" 14 June 2021
US-Based Non-Profit Group Reunites Ethiopian Families Separated by Adoption 7 June 2021
US-Based Non-Profit Group Reunites Ethiopian Families Separated by Adoption 7 June 2021
Children abducted from Ethiopia 3 June 2021
New Zealander fears adoption delays could see niece left behind in Ethiopia 30 March 2021
Three Ethiopian children get New Zealand adoption but fourth misses out 22 March 2021
Who am I to determine that my child would be happier here? 16 February 2021
‘Adoption has been a journey from ignorance to enlightenment’ 7 February 2021
Miss Belgium finalist Kedist Deltour traded misery in Ethiopia for life full of opportunities 11 January 2021
Adopted, he believed he was an orphan: 22 years later, Antonin will find his biological parents 4 January 2021
Melkamu Frauendorf 30 November 2020
Country Programs | Department of Social Services,… 26 August 2020
International views on fraudulent adoptions, how do we respond to this? 28 June 2020
Aunt told she can't adopt her sister's four teenagers from Ethiopia 1 April 2020
Adoption & Samfund: Vi har ødelagt vores adoptionssystem 16 December 2019
Belgium: Internationale visies op frauduleuze adopties, hoe reageren we hierop? 2 December 2019
Internationale visies op frauduleuze adopties, hoe reageren we hierop? 2 December 2019
Slachtoffers adoptiefraude hekelen onderzoek: “Alleen witte mannen en vrouwen in panel” 22 October 2019
Talk Africa: Foreign Adoption of African Children 22 September 2019
Why would you run away from your baby and give her up for adoption? 18 August 2019
Aalsterse adoptieouders schrijven open brief over ‘Denderracisme’: ‘Onze kinderen worden steeds vaker geviseerd’ 20 June 2019
Expanding foster care changing Ethiopian communities 6 June 2019
Zodra met adopties geld te verdienen valt, loert fraude om de hoek 18 May 2019
Kinderen zijn geen koopwaar 9 May 2019
Ene klacht na de andere over gesjoemel met adopties 30 April 2019
Nieuwe getuigenissen over fraude bij adoptie uit Ethiopië 30 April 2019
Vandeurzen: 'Wie twijfels heeft over adoptiedossier, kan dat laten onderzoeken' 29 April 2019
Link to Flamish, original paper articles: Ethiopia 27 April 2019
Vandeurzen: 'Wie twijfels heeft over adoptiedossier, kan dat laten onderzoeken' 19 April 2019
Amy Documentary in The Netherlands: Facebook Comments 19 March 2019
Girl in return NPO 2, 20.55-22.00u. 18 March 2019
Girl in Return ( Amy's Film ) 3 March 2019
I Moved To Ethiopia To Help My Daughter Connect With Her Birth Family 2 March 2019
Støt Amy og hendes families fremtid 1 March 2019
Alarms about irregularities from the majority of major countries Sweden adopted from 21 February 2019
Newsday - Ethiopian adoptee hopes adoption is moving in the right direction - BBC Sounds 5 February 2019
Presenter Habtuma de Hoop returns to native Ethiopia 3 February 2019
Filmanmeldelse: Amy eller Tigist? – en adoptionshistorie 24 January 2019
Husker du Amy? Nu er pigen, der rystede adoptionssystemet, tilbage 23 January 2019
Husker du adopterede Amy, der blev tvangsfjernet med magt? Her er hun i dag 22 January 2019
Tv-premiere på Amys vilje 22 January 2019
Amy føler, hun blev købt og solgt som en vare, da hun blev adopteret fra Etiopien til Danmark 21 January 2019
Hilfsprojekte aus unserer Region: Wo der Spendenfranken gut aufgehoben ist 21 December 2018
Ethiopia post adoption guidelines | Department of… 29 May 2018
Scarborough mourns student who inspired despite a life of dislocation 9 April 2018
Ethiopia: Why Parliament Bans Adoption of Children By Foreigners 15 February 2018
Ethiopia adoption ban may curb trafficking, but poorest families need support 15 January 2018
107 Italian families waiting. Block adoptions from Ethiopia: couples in alarm 13 January 2018
Diplomacy and Law Enforcement Unite to Dismantle Major International Adoption Fraud Scheme 22 September 2017
Founder, CEO, and Employee of International Adoption Guides (IAG) Sentenced for Adoption Fraud Schemes 14 August 2017
Belgium: International adoption banned Families stranded in Ethiopia 17 May 2017
Adoption Alert—Update on Suspension of Adoptions from Ethiopia 16 May 2017
Adoption Alert—Suspension of Adoptions from Ethiopia 2 May 2017
US State Department: Adoption Alert—Suspension of Adoptions from Ethiopia 21 April 2017
Adoptions, broke the case of the non-profit organization Enzo B: families pay, but no children 15 January 2017
Nu ook problemen met tientallen Vlaamse adoptiedossiers in Ethiopië 16 September 2016
European Parliament: Briefing - Adoption of children in the European Union 1 June 2016
Communiqué relatif à la suspension des adoptions internationales en Éthiopie (4.05.2016) 4 May 2016
Uganda Tightens Foreign Adoption Rules 17 March 2016
Denmark will stop adoptions from Ethiopia 8 March 2016
Subsidiarity, and the notion that indigenous solutions should be preferred 1 February 2016
Adopties uit Oeganda: ‘Alsof we ons schuldig maken aan kinderhandel’ 2 January 2016
Adopties uit Ethiopië stilgelegd 9 December 2015
Ethiopia Program Update - CLOSURE 31 July 2015
Nieuw contact voor tracing in Ethiopië 30 June 2015
Foreign adoption order recognised at common law in Scottish legal first 15 June 2015
Mary Mooney of International Adoption Guides Has Changed Her Plea 4 June 2015
They Steal Babies, Don’t They? (E.J. Graff) 14 November 2014
Denmark Unity requires the rights of children in adoption debate 4 September 2014
The Ethiopian court overturns adoption at two Spanish couples 28 August 2014
Ambassador wonders: How can Ethiopia be a living hell? 11 August 2014
Two Spanish couples should returned their adopted children in Ethiopia by bureaucratic problems 10 August 2014
U.S. Adoption Executive Pleads Guilty to Ethiopia Scam 7 August 2014
EVAP stellt Adoptionsvermittlung aus Äthiopien ein 21 July 2014
Foreign adoption barriers unlocked 4 March 2014
Department of Justice - Employees of Adoption Services Provider Charged with Conspiracy to Defraud the United States in 11 February 2014
Ethiopia: Stakeholders, Public Has to End Foreign Adoption 26 December 2013
Adoptie Overleg Dutch Parliament 2 October 2013
International adoption: Saving orphans or child trafficking? 16 September 2013
International adoption: I was stolen from my family 16 September 2013
Adoptions: A Market? Adoption-vs-Human-Trafficking 11 September 2013
U.S. adoptive mother guilty of homicide in death of Ethiopian girl 9 September 2013
Misguided Saviors: An Analysis of International Adoption Issues and Necessary Considerations for Prospective Adoptive Parents 1 September 2013
Misguided Saviors: An Analysis of International Adoption Issues and Necessary Considerations for Prospective Adoptive Parents 1 September 2013
AFRICA: Call to reverse soaring adoption rates 6 June 2013
Betty/ ISS Australia 29 April 2013
DanAdopt attended the meeting 23 April 2013
Adoptions: False death certificates used 8 April 2013
Adoption middleman speaks out 8 April 2013
Danish Docu - Sunday 6 April (Line) 6 April 2013
DanAdopt forced to stop adoptions from Ethiopia 5 April 2013
Haekkerup stop controversial adoptions from Ethiopia 5 April 2013
DanAdopt forced to stop adoptions from Ethiopia 5 April 2013
CIFA: Renewed the accreditation for adoptions in Ethiopia 4 March 2013
Adoption system based on a colonial past 26 January 2013
Journalist assaulted after adoption case 14 January 2013
UNICEF in Ethiopia gets 5 million eksktra 26 December 2012
Horisont: Adoption eller menneskehandel? 4 December 2012
Documentary puts Danadopt on the spot 27 November 2012
Orphanages French scarred parents their children 11 November 2012
Argos: Adoption, market of corruption and happiness 6 October 2012
Australia: End of the line for Ethiopian adoptions 21 September 2012
Adopting from Africa, Saving the Children? 6 August 2012
Ethiopia-Australia Intercountry Adoption Program closed 28 June 2012
Closure of the Ethiopia Australia Intercountry Adoption Program 28 June 2012
Child removal results in violence accusations against council 5 June 2012
Concern over Africa adoption rise 30 May 2012
Profit-driven adoptions turn children into a commodity 29 May 2012
Adoption from Africa: Concern over ‘dramatic rise’ 29 May 2012
A Crack Down on International Adoptions 7 February 2012
Adopting families keep watch on financially strapped agency 5 February 2012
Child Trafficking and Australia's Intercountry Adoption System 1 January 2012
Report on Ethiopia delegation – December 2011 December 2011
Pre-Adoption Training Given to Ethiopian Adoptive Families 25 October 2011
Claimants Rummage through Samaritan’s Purse 11 September 2011
Notice: Confirmation of Orphanage Closures in Ethiopia 3 August 2011
Notice: Orphanage Closures in Ethiopia 21 July 2011
Blog: Ethiopia Orphanages Closures 21 July 2011
Link call to Herve Boechat 4 July 2011
Ethiopian Adoption Update!!! 15 June 2011
Ethiopia to Cut Foreign Adoptions by Up to 90 Percent 3 May 2011
Adoption : le double abandon d'Addis, petite Ethiopienne 21 April 2011
People for Ethical Adoption Reform / RESOURCE: Connecting the Dots in Ethiopia 10 April 2011
African adoptions drop as economic crisis bites 25 March 2011
Ethiopia moves to sharply reduce foreign adoptions 10 March 2011
Ethiopia to Cut Foreign Adoptions by Up to 90 Percent 5 March 2011
Ethiopia Revokes License of US Adoption Agency 10 February 2011
CHSFS - lies birthfamilies 9 February 2011
BFA revoking of licence 8 February 2011
Blog: Happy Birthday Berhanu and Divine Appointment (meeting Birth Mother) 1 February 2011
Ethica’s notes from U.S. Department of State meeting – Ethiopia Adoption: Solutions into Action 24 January 2011
Courtcase Dusseldorf - Ethiopian adoption refused 18 January 2011
Adoption en Éthiopie: «C'est comme si on achetait nos bébés» 15 January 2011
Les adoptions internationales en hausse de 14 % en France 12 January 2011
Arib wants clarity on adoption from Ethiopia 11 January 2011
Question Time 11 January 2011
Arib wants clarity on adoption from Ethiopia 11 January 2011
Focal point broadcast Ethiopia 10 January 2011
Kinderen te Koop (Brandpunt - Ethiopia) 9 January 2011
04-01-2011 - Brandpunt twittert over adopties uit Ethiopië 4 January 2011
Outcomes of Delegation to Ethiopia - 23 December 2010 23 December 2010
'Mijn Afrikaanse mama is heel ziek' 18 December 2010
Ethiopia Working with Child Advocacy Groups to Clean Up Adoptions 16 December 2010
Ethiopia meeting in Brussels 11 of EurAdopt’s member associations 13 December 2010
Birth Families and Intercountry Adoption in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1 December 2010
Court established new rules for foundlings 5 November 2010
19-10-2010 - Laatste nieuws adoptiebemiddeling Ethiopië 19 October 2010
Adoptions from Ethiopia rise, bucking global trend 12 October 2010
CCAI heads to the UK to tackle orphan issues globally 9 September 2010
Pilot Project Helps Ethiopian Orphans Avoid Overseas Adoption 7 September 2010
Pilot Project Helps Ethiopian Orphans Avoid Overseas Adoption 7 September 2010
US Senator visits Ethiopia to discuss plight of children 5 September 2010
LHS student reconnects with twin brother in Ethiopia 3 September 2010
"The Controversial Issue of Giving Children in International Adoption 18 August 2010
Families in the dark as adoption chief quits 8 July 2010
Pastors focus on missions, adoption 16 June 2010
Written Answers Irish Parliament 1 June 2010
Response from the Attorney-General's Department to questions from ABC News Online June 2010
Aantal adopties in Vlaanderen stijgt 26 May 2010
Update on Ethiopia-Australia Intercountry Adoption Program –New Fee Structure and Requirement to Attend Court Hearing – 21 May 2 21 May 2010
Scarlett Johansson's Mom Adopts a Baby Girl 20 May 2010
Sintayehu - Lost Little Sister 12 May 2010
Over 80 adopted children are abandoned each year 3 May 2010
New daughter melts Wright State coach’s heart 28 April 2010
Hague Training in Addis 24 April 2010
News stuns Chesapeake couple adopting Ethiopian kids 19 April 2010
Who's playing God? 26 March 2010
Ethiopia revokes licences of nine charitable organizations 25 March 2010
Founder of Ethiopian Children's Charity charged with sexual abuse of 6 Ethiopian children in U.S. court 24 March 2010
ore Prayer Requests 17 March 2010
Change in Processing Timeline for Adoption Cases 5 March 2010
Future of the Ethiopia–Australian Intercountry Adoption Program 4 March 2010
`Forgeries and lies' in Australian adoptions of Ethiopian children 3 March 2010
Fly Away Home 2 March 2010
Adoption watchdog suppresses Ethiopia findings 2 March 2010
USA: Adoption watchdog suppresses Ethiopia findings 2 March 2010
Payments to Ethiopia soared before local adoption agency collapsed 27 February 2010
25-02-2010 - Aanvulling op nieuwsbericht Adoptie uit Ethiopië, 19-02 25 February 2010
Ethiopia: The Hand That Rocks the Broken Cradle (Part II) 22 February 2010
Friday update from the Hams! (Read Thursday's first!) - meeting birth mom 19 February 2010
No reconsideration of adoptions from Ethiopia 18 February 2010
Letter Ministry of Justice - Ethiopia 16 February 2010
Child: U.S. Adoption Agency Bought Me 15 February 2010
Eine richtig glückliche Familie (mayor Aachen) 9 February 2010
Future of the Ethiopia–Australian Intercountry Adoption Program 1 February 2010
Blog - investigation - our adoption status 29 December 2009
Hamilton couple celebrates adoption through salvaged Cambridge agency 19 December 2009
Couple's dream of family in limbo 11 December 2009
Ethiopian adoption agreement 9 December 2009
Lives crushed as adoption program halted 9 December 2009
AAI Annual Holiday Letter 8 December 2009
Briefing by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Michele Bond on National Adoption Day 20 November 2009
Laatste nieuws adoptieprocedures Ethiopië 19 November 2009
Dutch Parliamentary Question - Teeven - Ethiopia 17 November 2009
Montana churches take on challenge in Ethiopia 11 November 2009
Adoption Notice - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE; no more abandonment cases 15 October 2009
Ethiopiërs en Nederlanders ontmoeten elkaar 14 October 2009
Creditors vote to revive Imagine adoption agency 21 September 2009
A Crushing Choice for Ethiopian Mothers With HIV 19 September 2009
Joint Council initiated an immediate assessment 18 September 2009
17-09-2009 - Wereldkinderen legt adoptieprocedures Ethiopië voorlopig stil en start nieuw onderzoek 17 September 2009
Home » Adoptie » Verklaring adoptiebureau Wereldkinderen Verklaring adoptiebureau Wereldkinderen Reportage: Wereldkinderen stopt 16 September 2009
Response to Christian World Adoption Statement September 16 September 2009
Ethiopian children exploited by US adoption agencies 15 September 2009
CWA Response to Australian TV Broadcast 15 September 2009
Heartbreak in Ethiopia/FLY AWAY CHILDREN 14 September 2009
Ethiopia – Single Applicants 10 September 2009
Ethiopia - Selling citizens, selling children and selling land 8 September 2009
Saving Imagine Adoption 31 July 2009
Agency’s collapse crushes adoption dream 17 July 2009
'Some of the children were actually not orphans' 17 July 2009
Agency’s collapse crushes adoption dream 17 July 2009
Agency folds, puts couple's adoption plans on hold 16 July 2009
Alberta adoption hopefuls in limbo after Ont. firm falters 16 July 2009
Debt mounting for Imagine Adoption 16 July 2009
Local couples left with nothing but grief 16 July 2009
Ethiopian kids in limbo as adoption agency folds 16 July 2009
Anxious adoptive parents wait for agency's bankruptcy to be sorted 15 July 2009
Adoption Agency Collapses, Takes Dreams with It 15 July 2009
Mother's fight to get newly adopted child 15 July 2009
Forum: Children's Home Society & Family Services Forums - Ethiopia - New Newsletter is out!! 1 July 2009
Ethiopian kids in limbo as adoption agency folds 1 July 2009
Blog: Today was our birth mother meeting 20 June 2009
Adoption of Ethiopian children halted, then resumed 18 June 2009
Kembata Tembaro Zone awards CHSFS-Ethiopia 7 June 2009
Blog: minder goed nieuws 3 June 2009
US State Department - Abandonment Requirements Ethiopia 1 May 2009
Ethiopia's orphans face life of hardship 4 April 2009
Condemn the Sale of Children under the Cover of Adoption 22 March 2009
Canadian parents raise concerns 19 March 2009
Sponsor A Child, Adoption Center collaborate on child rights 10 March 2009
Money for Children/Kindergeld 19 January 2009
Do not use Hope Adoption Agency 13 January 2009
EU and Ethiopia Cooperation history 2009
Nieuwsbrief Ethiopië December 2008
Facebook: Irene Piria about Ethiopian adoption 6 November 2008
Blog: PRAISE THE LORD....KOLFE UPDATE!!!!!! 18 October 2008
Mail Euradopt/Sandberg: Euradopt Discussion on Ethiopia 14 February 2008
Italy - Ethiopia budget Aid 2008
Niños arrancados en Etiopía 17 December 2007
180 adoptive parents protest against Agstner's criminalization of international adoption 29 August 2007
Ethiopia: Mission Assessor Valdegamberi 3 July 2007
Ethiopia: U.S. Families Adoption of Children, for Trade or Charity? 1 July 2006
Zahara Family Wants her Back !! 20 June 2006
Court Case Ethiopia - LJN: AV8244, Rechtbank 's-Gravenhage , 227088 4 April 2006
Public Executive Summary - Review November 2005
Comment Anke Hassel on TAZ article 22 May 2005
Spanish Adoption Rates Hit All-Time High 4 May 2005
International Adoption: Changes and Challenges 17 December 2004
Our Stories :: In the News :: "Blind Date in Addis", from The New York Times Relative Choices Blog 1 October 2003
Kind en Koning 30 June 2003
KINDESMISSBRAUCH Trau keinem, der weiß ist 16 August 1999
Charity's haven for famine children destroyed by paedophile scourge 22 July 1999
Support center for adoption questions 13 May 1998
Maureen Evans: International Adoption: Changes and Challenges 1 January 1997
Kosto: No accusation against child protection in an adontie affair 14 October 1992
Kosto geen verwijt Kinderbescherming in adoptie affaire (Ethiopia) 1 October 1992
'Adoption pause is necessary to really change'