Mail Euradopt/Sandberg: Euradopt Discussion on Ethiopia

14 February 2008

Van: Sandberg Elisabet []

Verzonden: donderdag 14 februari 2008 15:48


Onderwerp: Ethiopia in GM

Dear      ,

We are in the Ex Board very grateful that you in Wk have taken upon yourself to collect information about Ethiopia for the GM. Will it be possible for you to prepare a document for the discussion? We are thinking not only of a summary of the answers to the concrete questions, but also of some basis for a discussion about our adoption practice. Thoughts and/or questions. This is the best way to discuss our principles, both the Ethical Rules and Financial Factors Guidelines document.

The discussion also needs to include how we can keep up our standards when the reality in Ethiopia becomes more difficult, and the pressure from too many applicants increases.

As we are thinking about it right now, we plan for Angelo to chair the session, so that you from Wk are free to discuss. And we would like the person or persons who speak for Wk to sit in front with him and be leading the discussion with him. It is of course up to you if it is Anke, or yourself, or both, that take care of the Ethiopia discussion for Wk.

I am looking forward to hearing from you about this!

Best regards,