Adoptionscentrum was founded in 1969. Since then, more than 20,000 children from over 50 countries have acquired a new family through Adoptionscentrum. This makes us one of the largest and most experienced adoption organisations in the world. Adoptionscentrum is currently working with authorities and non governmental organisations (NGO’s) in over 20 countries.

Adoptionscentrum is a non-profit members' organisation with just over 8,500 member families, the majority of whom are adoptive parents. These are organised into 24 regional subdivisions throughout Sweden. One of the subdivisions, the Forum for Adoptees, is aimed specifically at adoptees.


Person Relation type Date from Date to
Elisabet Sandberg CEO
Ulf Kristersson Chairman 2003 Jan 01 2005 Jan 01

Relations to other organizations

Organization Relation Type Organization Country Date from Date to
Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) Accredited Adoptionscentrum
Consejo Nacional de la Niñez y Adolescencia, Ecuador Accredited Adoptionscentrum
The Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonia Accredited Adoptionscentrum
China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) Accredited Adoptionscentrum
Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB) Philippines Accredited Adoptionscentrum
Adoptions of Indiana Accredited Adoptionscentrum
Ministry of Justice, Bulgaria Accredited Adoptionscentrum
Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (ICBF), Colombia Accredited Adoptionscentrum
Autoridade Central Administrativa Federal, Brazil Accredited Adoptionscentrum
Swedish Intercountry Adoptions Authority (MIA) Accredited Adoptionscentrum
Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MOWA) Accredited Adoptionscentrum
ABBA adoptions Facilitates Adoptionscentrum
FANA Facilitates Adoptionscentrum
La Casita de Nicolas Facilitates Adoptionscentrum
Los Pisingos Facilitates Adoptionscentrum
Bijela aka Mladost Facilitates Adoptionscentrum
Ebunoluwa Foundation, Nigeria Facilitates Adoptionscentrum
Chiquitines Facilitates Adoptionscentrum 1978 Jan 01
CRAN Facilitates Adoptionscentrum
Adoptionscentrum Member of Euradopt
Adoptionscentrum Member of Nordic Adoption Council
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) Provided grant to Adoptionscentrum
Adoptionscentrum Sponsor of Chiquitines
Adoptionscentrum Sponsor of SA Cares for Life 2006 Jan 01 2008 Jan 01


Title Publication date
Adoptionscentrum - Förbundet / The Federation 30 October 2023
Unicef Netherlands position in Intercountry Adoption ? 12 August 2021
Adoption abroad a kind of child trafficking 9 March 2021
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50-year-old hero saga in rocking 25 May 2019
The stolen children: 'Hundreds' of babies were taken from their mothers to be adopted in Sweden... through an agency later run b 2 January 2019
Sweden: Responsible authority does not investigate the adoptions (Chile) 25 November 2018
Over 600 adoptions from Chile to Sweden investigated in 'children of silence' probe 16 November 2018
The investigation of illegal adoptions is growing - 600 children may have been affected 15 November 2018
No news from the inquiry about Chile adoptions 29 August 2018
Kristersson betrayed the stolen children 20 July 2018
Sweden at the center of illegal adoptions with Chilean children 30 January 2018
Trafficking of children: who became millionaires 30 October 2017
MANUFACTURED ORPHANS - Channel NewsAsia documentary 18 May 2017
from Zrenjanin, who was a family from Sweden last Friday took from its host Ljiljana Radulovic, which is "Alo!" He wrote yesterd 29 September 2016
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BOY TAKEN FROM THE FOSTER MOTHER, took her baby and gave it to strangers! 28 September 2016
Projects / Capacity Building on Right(s) Way Forward 7 December 2015
Problems with the agreement between Social Welfare Society, Inc. and Adoptionscentrum 10 October 2015
Court orders adopted Kenyan children taken away from foreign couples 16 August 2015
Ask the EU - correspondence EURADOPT 16 December 2014
Vietnam police to probe rumor of adoptee trading at Hanoi pagoda 23 July 2014
Swedish adoption from Montenegro 1 November 2013
Ghana: Gender Ministry to Regulate Child Adoption 22 August 2013
Caretakers struggle to raise abandoned children 12 May 2013
International Adoptions: UNICEF urges Ghana to the ratification of the Hague Convention by June 2013 11 March 2013
"Adoptionscentrum blundar för misshandel och korruption" 13 December 2012
Ghana To Streamline Inter-Country Adoption 4 June 2012
Amici dei Bambini, second biggest agency in Europe 17 May 2012
Sawistri, 25, searches for the truth about her adoption 18 February 2011
Inga auktorisation för Vietnam/No authorization for Vietnam 17 November 2010
Small Children - Big Money 6 June 2008
Mail Euradopt/Sandberg: Euradopt Discussion on Ethiopia 14 February 2008
Mail Sandberg to: EU changes position (Strategy) 1 November 2007
Part of Euradopt minutes - written by Elisabeth Sandberg 1 October 2007
Stone Juul Petersen, Vice President of NAC and in DanAdopt's board writes: (European) 2 February 2007
Letter Adoptionscentrum to EU Commissioner Margot Walstrom 8 January 2007
ADOPTIONSCENTRUM 3 year project promoting foster homes and national adoptions - Serbia 1 January 2007
A young Thai Girl search for her roots in Thailand 31 May 2004
No Swedish adoption organisations seek authorisation for 2004 (Cambodia) 16 December 2003
Stockholm Declaration on Children and Residential Care 15 May 2003
Adopted children may have been stolen from Thailand 30 September 2002
Stolen children? without identity (Thailand) 18 April 2002
The Child's Right to Grow Up In a Family - Guidelines (India) 1 January 1997
Five childless Swedish couples heading for Colombia to adopt... Plane crash 27 November 1983
U.S. organization donates over $26,800 for Vietnam orphans


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