Title Publication date
Sweden is considering stopping adoption from the Philippines 28 January 2024
Activists not convinced about Norwegian adoption investigation 23 January 2024
Adoptees live in a hostage situation 19 January 2024
Europe winds down adoptions from South Korea 18 January 2024
Taiwan affected by international adoptions decision 18 January 2024
Guatemala’s baby brokers: how thousands of children were stolen for adoption 4 January 2024
Sweden stops adoptions from Madagascar and Panama 24 November 2023
Adoptionscentrum - Förbundet / The Federation 30 October 2023
Nordic Adoption Council, NAC, statement in accordance with the conference in Reykjavik in September 2023 September 2023
ATTWIN Position Paper: 19 July 2023
For Swedes, surrogacy is more popular than adoption 4 July 2023
Hanna and Ismael have three children via surrogate mothers: "Very happy" 1 July 2023
'We found your birth mother': How Chile's children were stolen and adopted worldwide 28 June 2023
Fighting human trafficking: Council agrees position for stronger rules 9 June 2023
South Korean inquiry to look into 237 more foreign adoptions suspected to have laundered origins 8 June 2023
Intercountry adoptions – JUSTICE INSTITUTE 2 June 2023
All records must be unsealed for Korean adoptees who want it, argue experts : National : News : The Hankyoreh 18 May 2023
Sweden: Moroccan children removed from their families? 10 April 2023
Swedish investigator says S. Korea key to her adoption probe 22 March 2023
Sweden ramps up investigation on origins of South Korean adoptees 21 March 2023
S. Korea, Norway to Cooperate on Wrongful Foreign Adoption Cases 27 February 2023
Swedes adopted in Chile can receive compensation 13 January 2023
FFIA - History Adoption Agency Romania 2014 2 January 2023
FFIA - India 28 December 2022
Mia was stolen from her mother and sold to Sweden: "I still dream of hugging her" 27 September 2022
Adoptions from six countries must be scrutinized 31 August 2022
Research report - Health and social living conditions of internationally adopted adults 13 June 2022
Home blind to make the Adoption Center experts on themselves 23 May 2022
Internationally adopted people must receive more professional conversational support 22 April 2022
Suicide among foreign adoptees - an ignored tragedy 19 April 2022
Maria was stolen and adopted to Sweden: My biological parents demanded me back 17 April 2022
Children steal to do good? The Swedish adoptions from the time of the military dictatorship in Chile are finally examined in mor 14 March 2022
Babies stolen by the Pinochet regime embarrassing Sweden 1 January 2022
Finally, Linn has got the answer: Found mother and brother after 35 years 17 December 2021
Swedish teen who fled to Mumbai for boyfriend sent back 12 December 2021
Sperm donors with hundreds of children 'just want to help' 8 December 2021
The government distorts the truth about adoptees 8 December 2021
Irregularities in international adoptions must be investigated 14 November 2021
Adopted Linn found her mother and brother in Sri Lanka after 35 years 12 September 2021
Residential Child and Youth care in a Developing World 3 September 2021
The hidden face of international adoptions and mothers' rights in Vietnam 30 August 2021
The systematization of 'child exports' for economic and political aims 13 August 2021
Unicef Netherlands position in Intercountry Adoption ? 12 August 2021
Parents brought child back to Russian orphanage 14 July 2021
Decision today: The government will investigate international adoptions to Sweden 15 June 2021
US-Based Non-Profit Group Reunites Ethiopian Families Separated by Adoption 7 June 2021
US-Based Non-Profit Group Reunites Ethiopian Families Separated by Adoption 7 June 2021
Financial support for adoption organizations 5 June 2021
The government should investigate international adoptions as soon as possible 3 June 2021
"Many Christians do not understand the complexity of adoptions" 30 April 2021
Viktor was adopted from poverty in Romania - Viktor adopterades från fattigdomen i Rumänien - P4 Örebro | Sveriges Radio 31 March 2021
“More Beautiful Than Something We Could Create Ourselves” 11 March 2021
Adoption abroad a kind of child trafficking 9 March 2021
Parents outraged: Sending adopted child back 9 March 2021
Parents in Jönköping County repented - returned adopted children 9 March 2021
Adoptive parents "repented" - returned children after 1.5 years 9 March 2021
Then Sweden became the largest in adoptions 7 March 2021
The discussion on international adoptions 4 March 2021
Anitha Clemence was put to sleep and flown to Sweden: "Terrible" 27 February 2021
Develop instead of phasing out support for adoptees and their families! 24 February 2021
Jenny was adopted illegally: "Was shocked when I found out" 23 February 2021
Children at all costs: They want to know the truth about their adoptions 22 February 2021
Authority: Irregularities in adoptions should be investigated 12 February 2021
The stolen children of Chile | Chile | The Guardian 26 January 2021
The missing piece (part 3): My father's rejection 30 December 2020
From orphan to football agent: the remarkable journey of Michael Kallbäck 22 December 2020
Mail from Swedish Central Authority abt subsidiarity 27 August 2020
The DNA test revealed Patricia's unknown relative 20 July 2020
Parliament Majority for a Lex Little Heart 9 April 2020
Privata aktörer gör adoptioner till handel med barn 7 January 2020
Efter 37 år – nu ska Valeria träffa sin biologiska familj 4 January 2020
Swedish Couple adopt Baby Indian Girl who was Discarded 29 November 2019
"The positive image of adoption is not true!" 2 November 2019
Preet Mandir, Pune 2 September 2019
America Vera-Zavala: Adoptions can be fantastic, but we have to watch the shit 1 August 2019
Tobias Hubinette FB - Adoptionscentrum - conference - sexual abuse 2001 19 July 2019
Adoptionsbyråns högste chef presenterades som allas vår far 10 July 2019
Adoptionsturismen till Sri Lanka 1 July 2019
Adoption tourism to Sri Lanka 1 July 2019
Medlemsorganisationer 13 June 2019
Adopted by Swedish couple 30 years ago, woman meets her biological mother for first time 11 June 2019
Pune: Adopted 30 years ago, woman meets biological mother for first time 11 June 2019
Jag stals från min mamma vid födseln 30 May 2019
50-year-old hero saga in rocking 25 May 2019
Sänkt straff för våldtäktsman när offret var utlandsadopterad 3 May 2019
From Sweden to Chennai: Mary Christina Rhedin's quest for her family 29 April 2019
Swedish Tamil woman who has been searching for relatives for years 22 April 2019
Tráfico de niños: La historia de Kristoffer Ohrn, un bebé mapuche que fue secuestrado en dictadura 15 April 2019
Alarms about irregularities from the majority of major countries Sweden adopted from 21 February 2019
Lucilas upptäckt: Jag blev kidnappad och såld som baby 21 January 2019
Sweden: Responsible authority does not investigate the adoptions (Chile) 25 November 2018
Over 600 adoptions from Chile to Sweden investigated in 'children of silence' probe 16 November 2018
The investigation of illegal adoptions is growing - 600 children may have been affected 15 November 2018
No news from the inquiry about Chile adoptions 29 August 2018
Kristersson betrayed the stolen children 20 July 2018
Sweden at the center of illegal adoptions with Chilean children 30 January 2018
Bengaluru : Swedish Woman Meets Her Birth Mother For The 1st Time 30 Years After Adoption. 17 January 2018
Swedish Women Reunites With Her Long-Lost Mother After 30 Years. 17 January 2018
MIA and Nigel Cantwell 'Report to Swedish Government March 2015 - Commission conc bilateral agreements on intercountry adoption.pdf' with you 27 December 2017
Trafficking of children: who became millionaires 30 October 2017
Utred adoptionerna från Sri Lanka till Sverige 2 October 2017
MANUFACTURED ORPHANS - Channel NewsAsia documentary 18 May 2017
Indian on the outside, Swedish on the inside 28 April 2017
Indian on the outside, Swedish on the inside 28 April 2017
Kolkata: After 28 years, an adopted woman tries to find her roots by tracking a trafficking racket 21 February 2017
Kolkata: After 28 years, an adopted woman tries to find her roots by tracking a trafficking racket 21 February 2017
They are the first same-sex couple in Sweden to adopt internationally 3 November 2016
Fwd: one more serbia story - THE PROCEDURE OF ADOPTION OF THE CHILD CONTINUES The Swedes are still given a boy from Zrenjanin 29 September 2016
from Zrenjanin, who was a family from Sweden last Friday took from its host Ljiljana Radulovic, which is "Alo!" He wrote yesterd 29 September 2016
BOY TAKEN FROM THE FOSTER MOTHER, took her baby and gave it to strangers! 28 September 2016
THE DESTINY OF THE ADOPTED BOY SHOOK ENTIRE SERBIA: People will go on the streets because of him! 28 September 2016
European Parliament - Regulating international surrogacy arrangements - state of play 21 July 2016
European Parliament: Briefing - Adoption of children in the European Union 1 June 2016
Reunited Indonesian twins on Swedish television 16 May 2016
"Holiday trip to Sri Lanka ended up getting a whole new family" 4 March 2016
Projects / Capacity Building on Right(s) Way Forward 7 December 2015
Förenad med mamman efter 42 år 27 September 2015
Svenska adoptivföräldrarnas får vänta länge på besked 25 August 2015
Court orders adopted Kenyan children taken away from foreign couples 16 August 2015
Commission Concerning Bilateral Agreements on Intercountry Adoption - Report to the Government 2 March 2015
SERBIAN CHILDREN WAS VERY EXPENSIVE: Doctors stealing babies and sold abroad during the SFRY! 9 September 2014
Adoption agencies looked at with suspicion following news report on 'baby-selling' 2 September 2014
BARNMAKT – en metodbok om rätten till inflytande 1 January 2014
Adoption of a child is over 5 December 2013
Swedish adoption from Montenegro 1 November 2013
Adoptions to Italy halted 25 March 2013
“Sucker Love is Heaven Sent” – A Romanian Yoga Cult Under Investigation 21 December 2012
Tre barn utvisas ur Sverige 8 March 2012
Tre barn utvisas ur Sverige - till barnhem 8 March 2012
Adopted twins find each other again after 30 years via Facebook 20 February 2012
UN bashes Swedish children's rights 8 October 2011
Lost in Vasai 31 yrs ago, sisters found in Sweden 23 February 2011
Sawistri, 25, searches for the truth about her adoption 18 February 2011
Unfinished business 11 August 2010
République tchèque : les enfants roms concernés par l’adoption internationale 12 July 2010
CCAA Delegation Headed by Deputy Director-General Ms. Chu Xiaoying Visited Sweden and Norway 22 June 2010
Adopted daughter left behind in The Gambia 15 June 2010
Foreigners queue for Bulgarian patients sick children 23 March 2010
IAWG urges better adoption process 24 February 2010
Guatemalan army stole children for adoption, report says 12 September 2009
Girls seized, handed over for adoption 2 July 2009
Adopting in Sweden: a draining process with amazing returns 15 June 2009
Adoption kan vara barnhandel 8 November 2008
Mail Sandberg to: EU changes position (Strategy) 1 November 2007
Born a girl - sent away the adopted child 15 June 2004
A young Thai Girl search for her roots in Thailand 31 May 2004
A young Thai Girl search for her roots in Thailand 31 May 2004
Bulgarians not to adopt orphans 2004
No Swedish adoption organisations seek authorisation for 2004 (Cambodia) 16 December 2003
Children in Residential Care Conference, Stockholm 12-15 May 2003 15 May 2003
ISS Report - The activities of International Social Service and their legal bases 2002 6 December 2002
Adopted children may have been stolen from Thailand 30 September 2002
Stolen children? without identity (Thailand) 18 April 2002
Greece's Black-Market Babies Come Home -- Stolen Children Demand To Know Their Histories 22 September 1996
World congress against the sexual exploitation of children Stockholm (organised crime) 1 January 1996
Booming Polish Market: Blond, Blue-Eyed Babies 19 April 1992
Five childless Swedish couples heading for Colombia to adopt... Plane crash 27 November 1983
Braziliaanse van illegale adoptie baby's verdacht 24 February 1983