Abused and murdered adoptees and foster children


Title Publication date
Pleegouders zwaargewond meisje (10) opgepakt voor poging tot doodslag 27 May 2024
Friends of murdered mom adopting her kids 10 years later 19 March 2024
Prospective adoptive parents charged with first-degree murder of child in Burlington 1 March 2024
Wyoming Police: Children endured decade of torture, abuse inside adoptive parents' home 23 February 2024
Waimanalo couple accused of murder retain parental rights 6 February 2024
Mother, 39, is found guilty of murdering her adopted baby daughter more than a decade after child's death 9 November 2023
Vancouver couple pleads not guilty to adopted son’s death 17 October 2023
'Abused' by American Foster Mom, Woman Searches for Birth Family in Lucknow 26 September 2023
REVEALED: How 'caring' Christian couple welcomed Ukrainian orphan Dima Tower into their family with holidays, birthday parties and game nights - before he 'slaughtered them to death and lay their bodies head-to-head in blood spattered home' 7 September 2023
Man indicted for murder of autistic adopted son 10 August 2023
Tortured by 'mom and dad': Boy, five, died after his brain was 'obliterated by couple who adopted him then beat him' - and who then launched a brazen GoFundMe after 'killing' youngster 31 July 2023
Mystery deepens as child adopted illegally dies 16 July 2023
Man handed life term for rape & murder of adopted daughter (5) 16 July 2023
Woman sentenced for life for killing adopted child 29 June 2023
'We Were Once a Family' explores flaws in foster, adoption systems and 6 children's resulting deaths 11 April 2023
Former US intel director's daughter gets 35 years for murder 1 April 2023
Essonne: Sentenced to 12 years in prison for having attempted to murder his adopted daughter with an ax 23 March 2023
79 children died in specialised adoption agencies from April-December 2022 16 March 2023
Man Sexually Assaults, Kills 4-Year-Old Adopted Daughter: Ghaziabad Cops 14 March 2023
Was Delias fatally abused by foster mother? "I never wanted to hurt him" 14 March 2023
Couple torture adopted child to death, receive life sentence in Jordan 23 February 2023
4-Year-Old Dies After Being Subjected to Exorcism and Other Abuse by Adoptive Parents, Authorities Say 27 January 2023
California megachurch elder and her parents charged with murder, torture of adopted 11-year-old daughter 11 November 2022
Vaishali murder: Adopted minor daughter, her friend apprehended 30 September 2022
Missing 7-year-old adopted boy found dead inside washing machine 29 July 2022
Indore: Woman inflicts burns on nine-year-old adopted daughter as punishment for bedwetting, booked 25 July 2022
UP: Woman Burns Adopted Daughter With Hot Oil 14 July 2022
An adoptive mom was charged with abusing her Ethiopian son. Then the case was dropped 3 May 2022
Die Antwoord’s Adopted Son Alleges Years of Abuse and Exploitation 27 April 2022
Chennai: 64-year-old, sons rape adopted daughter for 2 years, four held 7 April 2022
Foster parents, 2 sons arrested in Chennai for sexually abusing adopted daughter 7 April 2022
Adoptive parents arrested in killing of 2 California boys 3 March 2022
N.C. man and school counselor accused of child abuse, attempted murder of 11-year-old adopted son 10 February 2022
How an adopted girl's tragic death became fiction: David Guterson on "bearing witness" 8 February 2022
Russian priest who adopted 70 children jailed for abuse 24 December 2021
Carlos (29) was severely abused and mutilated as a child, now he gets artificial skin 16 December 2021
Telangana: French woman killed, adopted daughter held 12 September 2021
Adopted daughter of former top diplomat John Negroponte charged with murder in Maryland stabbing 14 February 2020
“She Never Said I Was the Monster”: Denton Husband Accused of Child Abuse Claims Innocence 19 September 2017
Lawyer Held For Murder, Year After Adopted Daughter’s Death 9 June 2017
Uncle was called by the defendant on the day of the murder: - He seemed very distant 8 June 2017