Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone


Title Publication date
Adopted biracial woman's royal roots turning into a real-life fairy tale 27 June 2021
Adopted American woman discovers she’s a Sierra Leone princess 18 December 2020
Sierra Leone adoption scheme sparks controversy 24 April 2019
From war orphan to ballerina, Michaela DePrince shares her incredible story 18 September 2017
Is it a School or Adoption Agency? 19 December 2013
In Sierra Leone, Illegal Adoption…15 Families Cry for Justice 17 December 2012
In Sierra Leone, Over the alleged HANCI child trafficking case: Prosecution Witnesses Testify In Court 29 August 2012
Child Trafficking… Parents Complain to Journalists 28 August 2012
Sierra Leonean Parents Fight Non-Consensual Adoptions 1 June 2012
Sierra Leone parents support adoption inquiry 8 May 2012
Deputy Minister pursues HANCI kids in USA 24 April 2012
Sierra Leone: HANCI Adoption Saga - Aggrieved Parents Plan Demo to U.S. Embassy, State House 16 November 2011
The Makeni Children 9 August 2011
Sierra Leone: Former HANCI Boss Testifies in Adoption Case 19 May 2011
Alleged illegal adoption… Mother collapses at HANCI Commission of enquiry 4 March 2011
In Sierra Leone, Investigation on ‘Missing Children’ Begins 3 March 2011
Sierra Leone parents demand kids' return 2 February 2011
Commission to probe Sierra Leone children missing in US 20 October 2010
Illegal adoption of 29 Sierra Leonean children 29 July 2010
Sierra Leone: Gov't to Probe Child Adoption Saga 8 June 2010
MEDIA: Sierra Leone Parents Seek Answers In Adoption Case 5 June 2010
Sierra Leone parents seek children adopted by Americans in late 1990s, saying no consent given 3 June 2010
Sierra Leone parents seek answers in adoption case 3 June 2010
Sierra Leone: Child Adoption Saga - Parents Demand Children's Return 19 May 2010
S.Leone police investigate child trafficking allegations 29 December 2009
Child Trafficking: HANCI Boss Confesses 12 November 2009
Child Trafficking: HANCI Boss Confesses 12 November 2009
Over Child Adoption Saga...HANCI Speaks Out 7 November 2009
HANCI Refutes Allegations of Child Trafficking 5 November 2009
S Leone fury at 'forced adoption' 4 November 2009
150 Kids Missing - HANCI Implicated 28 October 2009
How Our Children 29 Kids Were Trafficked To America! 21 October 2009
HANCI not receiving funds from foster parents’ - Director clarifies. 20 October 2009
Adoptions suspended 17 September 2009
Police in Sierra Leone Investigate NGO on Child Trafficking Allegations 1 January 2009
Children of Sierra Leone Still Paying the Price of ?Blood? Diamonds 15 December 2006
Not a hero ... just a dad 4 May 2006
Hopes on hold 24 February 2005
Police Dismantle Child Trafficking Syndicate 31 August 2004
Senegal RPCV Majken Ryherd's family is now 5 strong with latest adoptions from Africa 25 December 2003