Title Publication date
Malawian Judge Recommends Changes to Adoption Laws 13 February 2023
More African children will start their journey from institutions to families due to BEB’s Children First Software 6 December 2022
Melissa, the former street child among the most vulnerable minors in Malawi 23 January 2022
Malawi Court to Rule On Dutch Man's Application to Dismiss Indecent Assault Case On May 26 22 May 2021
Sick toddler Teleza (1.5) finally has a Dutch passport for much needed heart surgery 9 April 2021
Madonna has taken my girls for ever? That can’t be true! 19 February 2017
Malawi: How Madonna Managed to Beat the Law of Adoption 14 February 2017
Malawi: Madonna Under Fire for Using Celebrity Status to Skirt Malawi Laws to Adopt Children Tagged: EntertainmentMalawiSouthern 8 February 2017
Madonna back in Malawi 1 April 2013
Malawi: Law Fails to Protect Children 16 October 2012
Journeys of the Heart ADOPTION SCANDAL in Marshall Islands 1 June 2012
Malawi: Homosexuals barred from adopting children (and stronger laws) 12 October 2011
Madonna abandons her plans to build school in Malawi 26 March 2011
African adoptions drop as economic crisis bites 25 March 2011
Madonna’s Charity Fails in Bid to Finance School 24 March 2011
Madonna could face lawsuit from Mercy's family 6 February 2011
Madonna breaks $15m promise to Malawi 21 January 2011
Your Story is Our Story: The Adoption and Baptism of My Son 28 November 2010
Some chiefs in the Northern Region recently called for the abolition 24 November 2010
Protecting legacy 2: Gwede in cahoots with Jumani 10 September 2010
Madonna denies access to Mercy 29 August 2010
Have mercy on a father, Madge 8 August 2010
Of Mama, Kamuzu’s ‘son’ identity saga: Molehill develops into mountain 27 July 2010
Jumani is not Kamuzu's son says mother 17 July 2010
No father on Kamuzu’s ‘son’ certificate 16 July 2010
Orphanage sells Malawian children to Dutch Agency 6 July 2010
Madonna takes Lourdes back to visit the Malawi orphanage from where she adopted David Banda 8 April 2010
Dad of Madonna's adopted daughter Mercy saving money to fly out to see her 7 April 2010
Madonna leaves Malawi after week’s charity tour 31 October 2009
Madonna to take Chifundo to Malawi, dine with President and meet daughter’s father 18 October 2009
Josephine Baker's Rainbow Tribe 2 October 2009
Malawi: Madonna, Mercy And Neocolonialism 23 July 2009
Madonna's adopted daughter Mercy was to be returned to family, grandmother claims 28 June 2009
Mercy's world of Madgeness 21 June 2009
The lessons of Idah's long journey from Malawi to Burlington 21 June 2009
Madonna is my new mum, New York here I come... 13 June 2009
Madonna allowed to adopt second child 13 June 2009
Madonna 'donated £12 million to Malawi' 13 June 2009
Madonna allowed to adopt second child 13 June 2009
Malawi orphanage welcomes Madonna adoption verdict 13 June 2009
Madonna, Mercy and Malawi: her fight to adopt a second African child 12 June 2009
Ruling on Madonna's Malawi adoption due Friday 11 June 2009
Judges to show Madge Mercy 9 June 2009
Will Madonna now look to adopt a baby in Lesotho - and is that why she saw Prince Harry at the polo? 6 June 2009
Adoption Order Madonna - Adoption REFUSED - Online 4 March 2009