Title Publication date
Reclaiming Culture and Identity as a Central Asian Adoptee 17 November 2023
'Keep all administration regarding intercountry adoption files in one central place' 14 September 2023
Three countries of origin are given the green light for further adoption cooperation after extensive screening 14 February 2023
Flanders stops adoptions from Vietnam: “Insufficient guarantees to rule out malpractice” 14 February 2023
Toegewezen kindjes | Het Kleine Mirakel (Assigned children | The Little Miracle) 12 September 2021
Kazakhstan: Suspension of Intercountry Adoptions Reconfirmed 1 November 2019
18yo boy adopted by American couple dies in parents home in U.S. 29 October 2019
Kazakhstan: Suspension of Intercountry Adoptions Continues 12 July 2019
National adoption agency needed to meet Kazakh children’s needs, says Ana Uii executives 29 January 2019
Call for proposal: Quality Alternative Care for Children and De-Institutionalisation 19 February 2018
$1.5 million database for orphans and potential parents: Dealing with corruption in orphanages 9 March 2015
MP suggests returning adopted children back to Kazakhstan 5 August 2013
Americans banned from adopting children from Kazakhstan 12 June 2013
Les adoptions internationales en hausse de 14 % en France 12 January 2011
U.S. Department of State Adoption Alert – November 24, 2010 24 November 2010
Unwrapping Red Tape to Find the Gift of Family 24 November 2010
Irish couples may adopt from three new countries 13 September 2010
Aantal adopties in Vlaanderen stijgt 26 May 2010
Adoption Alerts for Nepal and Kazakhstan. 26 May 2010
Kazakhstand party to Hague Convention 1 March 2010
Adoption from Kazakhstan to the Netherlands 15 February 2009
Little Kazman 4 February 2009
Adoption agency investigated Boulder-based company closes amid lawsuits, angry prospective parents 17 February 2008
The Supreme Court has clarified the rules of international adoption of Kazakh children 5 October 2007
KIDSAVE: Over 1,000 Happy Endings 1 August 2004
Kidsave Miracle Walk for Orphans 1 July 2002
politics: Fighting child trafficking: The twins Oleg and Zhenya cost $23,000 8 March 2000
The Baby Houses and Orphanages of Kazakhstan