Italian Associations trafficked children» The shocking report in Parliament

13 October 2016

October 13th"Italian Associations trafficked childrenĀ» The shocking report in Parliament

Silvia Della Monica, vice president of the International Adoptions Commission at the hearing

MPs ask: there are Italian associations involved in child trafficking , there have been trafficking in minors with Congo? "There were, unfortunately there were" replies the Commission Vice-President for International Adoptions (Cai), themagistrate Silvia Della Monica: "Families are desperate . And they come to us asking the government to be helped. " It is one of the most dramatic moments of the hearing of Wednesday afternoon before the House Judiciary Committee. A confrontation that lasted over two hours, an hour longer than planned, in which Della Monica has also denounced the campaign of aggression and delegitimization fielded by the Aibi (repeatedly cited) of Marco Griffini, 69, famous entrepreneur of solidarity. He has confirmed the "Espresso" said the investigation "Italian children Thieves" : "The investigation published Espresso brings serious facts of which the Commission for international adoptions is fully aware. The attempt to trivialization or even negationist attitude does not reflect the priority of clarity and support Parker ' inescapable cleaning action which must be brought to the end and that I intend to bring to the bottom, because of my official duties , of my personal history. But mainly because of the protection of the Italian government. "


"I understand that families are lost in the face of what they have suffered from some entities: a particularly entity that is under investigation by the Commission and also under criminal investigation for a very serious facts, facts very serious. I interrogherei also: but if these facts are true, and the Commission for adoptions took note of the serious facts, it is right that we can move forward in a system of this kind? "Asks Silvia Della Monica to the deputies:" I do not we're just talking about the Congo. we are talking about very serious events that occurred in other countries . Recently the European Court of Human Rights has intervened with regard to the situation in Bulgaria, where it comes to abuse by pedophiles "of children adopted through Aibi then in Italy.


Marco Griffini, president of Aibi, posing as a minister

Marco Griffini, president of Aibi, posing as a minister

"The Commission for international adoptions took over 50 adoptive procedures in Congo, six of them with parents desperate for not having their own children .All families (Italian) who denied tenure institution, have asked to be protected by the Italian government. All have warned the agency Aibi, "says Della Monica," interfering in their adoption procedures. And while the Commission was working to resolve this delicate situation, others have been working to prevent rather a happy solution using any means to that end .Beginning with a systematic media campaign to discredit the Commission and institutions that were currently helping the Commission to pull off these adoption procedures so delicate. I recall that a priest highly esteemed in the Congo has been accused of nonexistent child abduction . We have had a systematic action against this person, while their desperate adoptive families said no one has kidnapped our children. Just as it happened with regard to another entity accused of performing non-existent traffic of minors, even claiming that these children had been transferred illegally in Italy. "


"Since May 2014, as they reached the first 31 children from the Congo, and intensified relations with that country would lead to the solution of the moratorium," reports the Vice President Cai, "we found ourselves in front of the complaint by concerned families of facts that are outlined in brief as very serious , and have asked the Commission to address the need, not only to pursue with determination and firmness the investigations on such a serious matter of protecting families and children involved, but also to take all necessary care to prevent such a situation from reverberate negatively on the solution of the crisis in Congo: threatening to engulf not only Italy's position , that is, the 181 children adopted by Italian families, but also those of others countries involved, that is, more than 1,500 children adopted by families of seven other countries. You can imagine what would be reflected at the international level. First, children would no longer be reached .Secondly, we should speak of this Commission, with the presence of the controller-controlled because the body Aibi expressed directly in committee a representative . As part of the Forum of Family Associations and the Governing Council of the Forum of Family Associations, (Aibi) he should have been present at a time when there was an ' administrative inquiry and criminal investigation . "


Della Monica thanked the Italian adoptive families and organizations that sided with the law and that in the year and a half of difficult negotiations have been patiently waiting for the release of all their children, illegally detained in orphanages related to Aibi and Marco Griffini in Congo . "I would not forget," continued the Vice President Cai, 'how severe the conditions in particular in North Kivu from which came many children who have been adopted by Italian families and for reasons which are the subject of a thorough investigation by the Commission and which has also been submitted to competent authorities in the criminal courts, were illegally detained at the expense of their interests, and against the wishes of their families . "While, according to the magistrate Silvia Della Monica, Aibi hindered the arrival of adopted children in Congo, more friends organizations accused the authorities of Belarus endangering the adoption procedures to Italy currently underway for a hundred and thirty children, "The Belarusian authorities They say they are astonished of ' arrogance of Italian authorities, who consider private entities under the control of the government Italian. Only the excellent relations between Belarus and Cai have averted a new block of adoptions. We received formal written protests of the Belarusian authorities, as formal protests have received from the authorities of the Democratic Republic of Congo. " Protests that have made it necessary "long negotiations to be understood that the Italian central authority was well aware of the importance of the work that the same countries of origin were taking place. And that was a work designed to prevent trafficking of children occur . "

The false leads IN PARLIAMENT

During the hearing before the House Judiciary Committee has also denounced the role that Aibi has had in ' direct the activities of some MPs : "I think it will be possible to clarify with respect to a variety of news and incorrect statements that have been conveyed even more authoritative sites, such as the parliamentary one, of which I have a great respect, instrumentally and by some with an exclusive aim to delegitimize the work of the Commission for International adoptions, even to divert attention from serious incidents and to counter a decisive legal action undertaken in these two years that has produced a change of pace of international adoptions Commission. " It would be an urgent need for new regulations that restrict the duration that the government entrusts private entities as Aibi to accompany families in cases of international adoption, and to represent the Italian state abroad: "Institutions can not have a license perennial , "says Della Monica:" it is possible that the hard authorization until revocation, which does not involve the possibility of a suspension. This also would put the bodies in a different light. Today there are just guarantees to institutions, but not just for the families . "


"I must strongly emphasize the delicate question of the presence of conflicts of interest in a surveillance authority and control", adds the magistrate Della Monica, opening another chapter. For the "Family Forum", this association by law within the Commission for Intercountry Adoption, which is the maximum control of the government authorities. But the same "Forum of families" has on its steering the Aibi association , ie an entity authorized by the government and this is prohibited by law. From time ie an entity controlled sits in Cai which is the authority that controls it. It would be enough to step back Aibi and its president Marco Griffini with the exit from "Family Forum" and the matter would be resolved. But it did not happen. " In the Commission sit controllers and controlled ," denounces the vice president of Cai. So "the presence in the Commission of those who surreptitiously represent the entities, because they are expressed in the Executive Forum, ends up creating a problem of legitimacy of the resolutions . And as such was raised the issue to the Commission, even asking us to review the resolutions that were issued previously, as these decisions are going to impact on other authorized bodies that are not represented. And rightly so do not should be no one in the Commission. ' The magistrate explained to MPs that they are 'the so-called subsidiarity projects in relation to the fact that they have been approved only some and not others, only a few related to certain bodies, one of which is directly represented in the Commission and in respect of which no there is no control . Or by an external committee to the Commission itself for international adoptions as it normally does when you talk to a notice that has to distribute public money, either in a subsequent assessment activities of the regular execution in the foreign country of the activities that have been financed with public money.All this has produced a serious investigation to understand how founded the request of the authorities to re-evaluate this sensitive activities. " A situation that prevents the Cai summit to bring together twenty commissioners because whatever their act could be challenged and declared illegal . Especially since the first and only constituent meeting of the new Commission, two years ago, the commissioners in blatant conflict of interest autocertificavano the opposite : "In the first meeting of the Commission in which it was to discuss the legitimacy of its constitution," the complaint at the magistrate Della Monica, "on behalf of those same subjects, so that they had a full-blown conflict of interest , it was assumed to have no conflicts of interest and also signed a document in which it was stated something that is absolutely not true."