Roelie Post to Drimmelen - Dank voor het gesprek (Thanks for the conversation)

16 November 2007

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From: Roelie Post 

Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007, 12:33 PM

Subject: Re: Thanks for the conversation

To: Eiko Smid 

Hi Eiko,

It was also a real pleasure and I spent a long time thinking about it. Because such a conversation always brings new insights.

I checked and the infamous Amici dei Bambini, who leads the adoption lobby in Europe, is a founder of Euradopt. So also world children.

Both organizations thus apparently have a different goal in mind with the Hague Convention:

- Wereldkinderen sees it as guaranteeing the rights of the child; working on a local solution and eventually phasing out adoption

- Amici dei Bambini sees it as regulating the market and opening up international adoptions worldwide.

With a good strategy, this should nevertheless lead to an interesting discussion within Euradopt.

Anyway, I wonder where it all leads. Can you say that Wereldkinderen can absolutely count on my support.

Nice weekend,




On 11/16/2007, Eiko Smid < > wrote:

hello Roeli,

I just wanted to thank you via e-mail for the conversation of Tuesday afternoon,

As well as being informative and useful, I was also immensely fascinated by your story, and it kept me busy for the rest of that evening.

I can process the input you gave me well in my story, I will also keep you informed of the text,

greetings again, and good luck with your 'struggle', take care!

Eiko Smid

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