Title Publication date
Sweden is considering stopping adoption from the Philippines 28 January 2024
Danish Report Underscores 'Systematic Illegal Behavior' in South Korean Adoptions 28 January 2024
Is the end coming for intercountry adoption in Europe? 26 January 2024
Believes the authorities must take full control over all adoptions 22 January 2024
Taiwan affected by international adoptions decision 18 January 2024
Norway considers halting overseas adoptions as Denmark's only international agency winds down work 17 January 2024
Ministry: 'Most serious crisis in ten years' 16 January 2024
VG reveals: This is how Norway was notified about the sale of children, corruption and false identities 4 September 2023
VG reveals: This is how Norway was notified about the sale of children, corruption and false identities 4 September 2023
Simpler child adoption process gives families, children ‘better chances’ – Daza 14 June 2023
Toronto couple shares journey through adoption and surrogacy after cancer diagnosis 5 June 2023
What if you cannot provide a birth certificate? 30 March 2023
Parental authority over an adopted child 14 December 2022
Stuck in Limbo: Filipino Children up for Adoption Face Long, Uncertain Wait While Some Grow Too Old to be Adopted 11 September 2022
Stuck in Limbo: Filipino Children up for Adoption Face Long, Uncertain Wait While Some Grow Too Old to be Adopted 11 September 2022
Adoption process simplified by Alternative Child Care Act 28 June 2022
Adoption guidelines in PH 24 June 2022
Cases on children's adoption now with DSWD’s NACC not before trial courts 21 June 2022
Orphan crisis in PH: ‘A situation worth crying over’ 17 February 2022
Consent of legitimate children during adoption 16 February 2022
Defensor defends LGBT Pinoys' right to adopt a child 14 February 2022
Last year 46 children were adopted in Flanders 18 January 2022
Duterte signs law easing child adoption process 13 January 2022
Law creating policy-making body on adoption, child care signed 13 January 2022
Not always enough adoptive parents in their own country 29 December 2021
With which countries will Flanders still cooperate for adoption? Stricter screening must prevent abuses 10 December 2021
My parents hid the fact I was adopted, but I instinctively knew 23 October 2021
Report: Thailand remains a popular choice for Finnish families looking to adopt 2 September 2021
Domestic adoption bill en route to Senate after House approval 28 July 2021
Adoption: a compassionate emergency measure 3 July 2021
12-year-old child risks deportation over adoption issue 16 February 2021
House probe sought into alleged illegal adoption schemes on social media Read more: 10 February 2021
Country Programs | Department of Social Services,… 26 August 2020
Did he father his child for the abuse? 2 June 2020
Review of child adoption process sought to curb trafficking of infants 4 December 2019
DSWD issues IRR on nat’l feeding program, child adoption 8 October 2019
Poe seeks to eliminate judicial process in child adoption 7 October 2019
DSWD spearheads staging of inter-country adoption meet 1 October 2019
EXCLUSIVE: Revealed - the Filipino baby and teen mom at center of human trafficking claim: Utah woman posed as newborn's aunt 9 September 2019
Adoption in the Philippines 6 September 2019
Baby smuggling at Philippines airport was part of an illegal adoption: authorities 5 September 2019
American couple accused of falsifying Filipino child’s adoption documents 13 July 2019
'Forced to sleep in shipping container': Perth girl claims adoptive parents abused her 7 June 2019
Woman admits buying baby for illegal adoption in Cyprus 27 February 2019
Alarms about irregularities from the majority of major countries Sweden adopted from 21 February 2019
649 children legally available for adoption in Central Visayas 3 February 2019
Congress ratifies bill simplifying adoption process 13 January 2019
2 women ‘steal’ baby in Danao 20 September 2017
Intercountry agreement on adoptions from the Philippines 18 August 2016
The Philippines has 1.8 million abandoned children. Here’s what keeps many from adoption 28 May 2016
Malta in talks with at least 12 governments over inter-country adoption agreements 3 May 2016
Italian envoy arrested for child trafficking 7 April 2014
Philippines: Italian Diplomat Daniele Bosio Arrested for Alleged Child Trafficking 7 April 2014
Minister Kenney’s visit to France, India, China, and the Philippines to focus on greater international cooperation on shared imm 3 September 2010
Pastors focus on missions, adoption 16 June 2010
Filipino mother gives birth here to have the child adopted 12 June 2010
Filipina allowed to live with family 11 June 2010
Woman who thought she was arrested leaves court free 11 June 2010
Hurenbock-Kinder 17 May 2010
Pastors' lineup includes adoption focus 23 April 2010
Sad state of adoption in Australia 26 February 2010
Adopting a poor child 8 February 2010
Child-adoption reforms deserve support 8 February 2010
Illegally adopted Filipino babies traced 1 February 2010
Justitie onderzoekt illegale adopties 19 November 2009
DSWD holds Davao gab on Adoption Law 5 November 2009
Geen straf voor illegale adoptie 29 September 2009
Huge global demand for kids’ adoption but… 12 August 2009
Over 5,000 want to adopt children 29 June 2009
The Baby Merchants – Part 1 1 June 2009
Abandonment Act 12 March 2009
S'porean adoption agency owner accused of baby-trafficking 21 December 2008
Support center for adoption questions 13 May 1998
VG avslører: Slik ble Norge varslet om salg av barn, korrupsjon og falske identiteter - VG