Title Publication date
Russian Duma to Ban Adoption by Citizens of Sex Change-Permitting Countries 20 November 2023
Baby trafficking in Chania: Infant of “unknown parents” sold to an Australian woman 6 November 2023
EU Parliament Designates Surrogacy as Human Trafficking 6 October 2023
Committee on Enforced Disappearances Marks First Anniversary of the Joint Statement on Illegal Intercountry Adoptions 20 September 2023
Children arrive in Belarus after being illegally removed from Ukraine 19 September 2023
REVEALED: How 'caring' Christian couple welcomed Ukrainian orphan Dima Tower into their family with holidays, birthday parties and game nights - before he 'slaughtered them to death and lay their bodies head-to-head in blood spattered home' 7 September 2023
The Kremlin’s War Against Ukraine’s Children 24 August 2023
Adopting a child as a single man 7 August 2023
Explainer: State Department releases annual report on intercountry adoptions 19 July 2023
40 km swim to adopt 5 Ukrainian children 10 July 2023
Declassified files expose British role in NATO’s Gladio terror armies - The Grayzone 19 June 2023
In kyiv, the return of children deported by Russia: "I was afraid of being there forever" 23 March 2023
SOS Children's Village spokesman: "We condemn every illegal adoption" 28 February 2023
Illicit international adoptions of children 10 February 2023
EC family's hope of adoption halted by Ukrainian conflict 1 November 2022
Ukraine’s foreign ministry initiates case against Russian ombudswoman for illegally adopting a Ukrainian child 27 October 2022
Children are being taken from Ukraine and adopted in Russia, US think tank says 27 October 2022
Ukrainian children say they were taken against their will by Russian forces and placed up for adoption in Russia, where the proc 22 October 2022
These families were adopting Ukrainian orphans. Now they have to wait out Russia's war 15 October 2022
UN statement on illegal intercountry adoptions lacks nuance 12 October 2022
JOINT MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION on human rights violations in the context of the forced deportation of Ukrainian civilians to and 14 September 2022
Ukraine Struggles To Locate Thousands Of Orphans Scattered By War 13 September 2022
UN terms accusations that Moscow forces take Ukrainian children forcibly to Russia for adoption as 'credible' 8 September 2022
Russian 'architect' of Ukraine child abduction scheme sanctioned by Canada 26 August 2022
Kyiv accuses Russia of illegally giving more than 1,000 Ukrainian children up for adoption 23 August 2022
Why commercial surrogacy is little better than the sex trade 18 August 2022
Disabled children abused in Ukraine's orphanages, warns UN 11 August 2022
Russia Is Transporting Ukrainian Orphans Over The Border, Violating International Law 3 August 2022
Dozens of babies born to Ukrainian surrogates were illegally sold in the Czech Republic 2 August 2022
Ukraine war: Why I never gave up trying to find my children 18 July 2022
The Mark Gitenstein interview:- "[Putin] totally underestimated the unity between the two largest democratic systems in the worl 11 July 2022
Ukraine: "Thinking about causes is not appeasement" 4 July 2022
This article is more than 1 month old Visa delays leave UK families with adopted babies stranded in Pakistan 21 June 2022
Single man can 'buy' child with impunity 15 June 2022
Ukraine simplifies the adoption procedure of Ukrainian children through a "fast digital process" 1 June 2022
Call for a moratorium on intercountry adoption in response to the conflict in Ukraine 27 May 2022
Intercountry Adoption is a Child Protection Measure 19 May 2022
Birth by GPA in France: a complaint has been filed 6 May 2022
Completing an Adoption Out of Wartime Ukraine 5 May 2022
The impact of the war against Ukraine on women European Parliament resolution of 5 May 2022 on the impact of the war against Ukr 5 May 2022
Disabled children 'dumped' in Ukrainian institutions 4 May 2022
Vulnerable Ukrainian children at risk of illegal adoption 25 April 2022
Americans have rushed to rescue Ukrainian orphans. One mission led to a child trafficking probe 22 April 2022
Should we ban adoption from abroad? That doesn't just follow from the facts 18 April 2022
»The demand for women and children from Ukraine has increased enormously« 9 April 2022
Expert explains how war-time crisis is a difficult time to consider adoption 6 April 2022
Save the Children: No adoptions of single children from Ukraine 28 March 2022
Former NEK Woman Does Her Part To Help Ukrainian Refugees 28 March 2022
Ukraine’s Propaganda War: International PR Firms, DC Lobbyists and CIA Cutouts 22 March 2022
US should expedite adoption of Ukrainian orphans, NC congresswoman says 21 March 2022
"Such a big war and such small children..." about the Ukrainian refugees in Romania 20 March 2022
Nurse cares for surrogate children in Kyiv as war stops her seeing her own 16 March 2022
Former WA Rep. Matt Shea, accused of domestic terrorism, working to secure adoptions for Ukrainian children in Poland 16 March 2022
Family waits in fear to bring adopted son home while Ukraine adoptions in limbo 14 March 2022
Ukraine - Adoption Update 9 March 2022
“Collateral damage”: The invasion of Ukraine reminds us of the cost of surrogacy, and who pays the price 8 March 2022
Order of March 7, 2022 temporarily suspending international adoption procedures for children residing in Ukraine 7 March 2022
Adoption process stalled for Colorado family hoping to provide new home for three Ukrainian girls 5 March 2022
‘A hero to us’: Ukrainian-American adoption advocate from St. Louis dies in invasion 4 March 2022
Upstate families mourn Ukrainian man killed during invasion who helped them adopt children 3 March 2022
Ukrainian Brothers Set for American Adoption Separated in Heavy Attacks 3 March 2022
Polish charity to take in 2,000 Ukrainian orphans 2 March 2022
Statement on the war in Ukraine | Dr. Oetker press release 28 February 2022
Donor detectives expose cheating 28 February 2022
Invasion deals eleventh-hour blow to Ukrainian orphans’ adoption 26 February 2022
Crisis in Ukraine puts Iowa family’s adoption plan on hold 25 February 2022
Local group working to get more orphans out of Ukraine 24 February 2022
Texas couple flees Ukraine with adopted son near death 19 February 2022
A Child of the Decree: Keeseville memoirist reflects on life in Romania, coming to America 12 February 2022
North Texas woman who played role in horrific abuse pleads guilty in adoption scam Read more at: 19 November 2021
Albany family's plan to bring home adopted daughter from Ukraine derailed by COVID-19 7 May 2020
Ukraine busts ‘human trafficking ring’ that sold BABIES to Chinese ‘single men of certain orientation’ 26 April 2020
'Daughter, forgive me.' Weeping birth mom who gave up Ukrainian 'dwarf' denies US adoptee is an adult 'sociopath' masquerading a 4 November 2019
Court Denies Bail to Woman Accused of Trafficking Children 11 June 2019
Ukrainische Leihmutter ist rechtliche Mutter des Kindes 23 April 2019
Alarms about irregularities from the majority of major countries Sweden adopted from 21 February 2019
Contributing to EU Human Rights Dialogue with Ukraine 16 July 2014
13 INVESTIGATES: Overseas Adoption Dangers 19 May 2014
Russia - press release Unicef politicizing Ukraine 23 April 2014
Topeka family stuck in Ukraine amidst protests 20 February 2014
Regina doctor who lied to Ukrainian authorities on adoption papers can’t raise children in Canada, court rules 12 February 2014
Ukraine Is America’s New Adoption Mecca 1 February 2014
Ukraine. Priority to the adoption of children between 7 and 10 years: from 2014 no longer have to remain in institutions. 12 November 2013
Hochgerüsteter Kidnapping-Service: Italiens Polizei fasst professionelle Kinderentführer 31 October 2013
Ukraine Moves to Probe Foreign Adoptions 23 February 2013
Ukraine: Ratification of Hague Adoption Convention to help learn fate of children adopted by foreigners 17 January 2013
UNICEF urges Ukraine to ratify the Hague Convention 16 January 2013
Lumos: Ukrainian study visit to London 19 November 2012
TV review: Ukraine's Forgotten Children 18 June 2012
Kate Blewett uncovers the disturbing fate of children in Ukraine 14 June 2012
Cases Reece's Rainbow - disruption, killed 1 June 2012
Tihipko: All orphan children must be adopted 1 June 2012
Ukraine/adoption: 2 Français arrêtés 21 March 2011
Baby, stranded in Ukraine, to join Belgian parents 22 February 2011
Parliament ratifies European Convention on Adoption of Children 16 February 2011
Elton John 'broke promise to take care of tragic Ukranian orphan' 2 January 2011
Women head east for wombs to rent 6 December 2010
Adoptive families blown away by costly fees 30 November 2010
Jugendhilfe: Reiche Eltern sollen zahlen 11 November 2010
Ukraine: U.S. Department of State Adoption Notice – November 3, 2010 (suspension) 5 November 2010
Martyrium statt Familienidylle 20 September 2010
Sir Elton John won't be cowed by 'strict' adoption laws 23 May 2010
David Furnish had no adoption age concerns 21 May 2010
Elton John: My heartache over adoption 18 April 2010
Ukrainian kids, new victims of Israeli 'organ theft' 3 December 2009
Elton John to 'support' young Ukrainian boy he wanted to adopt 8 November 2009
Ukraine pours cold water on Elton's wish to adopt baby 15 September 2009
Ukraine quashes Elton John adoption hope 14 September 2009
Elton 'wants to adopt baby orphan' 12 September 2009
Va. Beach agency in dispute over adoption of Ukrainian sisters 11 September 2009
Authorities return Ukrainian sisters to program 11 August 2009
Elton John says wants to adopt Ukrainian baby 11 August 2009
Blessed By A Child 4 February 2009
Wikileaks - no evidence trafficking - Ukraine 6 March 2006
Ukraine: families for Children Program USAID / HOLT 1 September 2004
Kinderporno, Kinderspiel 24 August 2004