Academy at Dundee Ranch
Academy at Ivy Ridge
Academy of California Adoption Lawyers (ACAL)
ACC, Autorité Centrale Communautaire, Belgium
ACCEPT - An Adoption and Counseling Center
Access Adoption Services
Access to Documents COM - about RP - Timmermans - GESTDEM 2021/3220
Accueil aux Enfants du Monde
Accueil et Partage
A Cherished Child
A Child Among Us
A Child's Dream
A Child's Dream - Nevada
A Child's Dream - Utah
A Child's Hope Foundation
A Child's Hope of North Carolina, LLC
A Child's Right
A Child's Story
A Child's Waiting
A Child's Waiting Foster Care and Adoption Program, LLC
A Child's Waiting Real Estate Holdings, LLC
A Child's Waiting Worldwide, Inc
A Child Waits Foundation
A Chosen Child
A Chosen Child Adoption Services
AC International Child Support (AC Børnehjælp)
Acquis Communautaire
A Cradle of Hope Adoption Counseling Center
Acres of Hope
Acres of Hope Liberia, Inc.
ACRI- Action for Child Rights International
Across the World Adoptions
ACT Case Amy
ACT CASE Arun Dohle
ACT Case Elizabeth Purve aka Nirupa