Council of Europe


Person Relation type Date from Date to
Maud de Boer-Buquicchio Employed by 1969 Jan 01 2012 Jan 01
Regina Jensdottir Employed by
Michael Hancock, MP Member
Pieter Omtzigt Member 2008 Jan 01
Maud de Boer-Buquicchio Vice President 2002 Jan 01

Relations to other organizations

Organization Relation Type Organization Country Date from Date to
Council of Europe Organizes 2009 Conference: CHALLENGES IN ADOPTION PROCEDURES IN EUROPE - Strasbourg
Council of Europe Development Bank Part of Council of Europe
Working Party Revised European Adoption Convention Part of Council of Europe 2002 Jan 01 2008 Jan 01
Council of Europe Participates in Lobby for a European Adoption Policy/cross-border adoption


Title Publication date
Abused foster children: Europe calls for compensation to be paid to victims 26 January 2024
Landmark ruling for donor-conceived people regarding DNA-testing of gamete donors 23 October 2023
Exposed: The Murky Maltese Connections of the Author of European Resolution on Gender Self-ID 30 January 2020
Council of Europe rejects surrogacy guidelines 17 October 2016
Conflict of interest at the Council of Europe: rapporteur on surrogacy report is involved in surrogacy practices in Belgium 25 January 2016
Intercountry adoption: children as hostages of international relations 29 January 2013
L’adoption internationale : garantir le respect de l’intérêt 18 April 2011
Parliament ratifies European Convention on Adoption of Children 16 February 2011
“Challenges in Adoption Procedures in Europe: ensuring the best interests of the child” 30 November 2009
Doc. 11538 Prevention of Abandonment 1 June 2008
Claire Gibault and international adoption 30 April 2008
European Union: common platform for adoptions presented 20 February 2008
Press Release: “They need a home” 20 November 2006
The rights of children in institutions: follow-up to Recommendation 1601 (2003) of the Parliamentary Assembly 8 February 2005
CoE: Information on the use of your contributions and donations: help for abandoned children in Romania 1 February 2004
Mike Hancock : «Any country that fails to love its children has no right to call itself civilised !» [SERA like language] 2 April 2003
ISS has consultative status with The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) The United Nations International Children's Fund (UNICEF) The Council of Europe The Organization of American States (OAS) 9 October 2002
Meeting Guy Devel/CoE with Romanian Minister 17 September 2002
International adoption: respecting children’s rights 26 January 2000
Doc 8592 International adoption: respecting children’s rights 2 December 1999
CoE - Abuses of Intercountry Adoption (Cantwell) 2 July 1998
Doc. 8076: Abuse and neglect of children 24 April 1998
Recommendation 1371 (1998)[1] Abuse and neglect of children 23 April 1998
International adoption - Order No. 543 (1998)1 - Mafia networks 1 April 1998
Doc. 8041: Abuse and neglect of children 17 March 1998
Romania Is Acting to Keep Families Together 15 December 1996
Stoffelen Report on Trade in Children (CoE) - Doc 5777 1 January 1987