Title Publication date
Adoption: High cost, tedious process spike illegal sale of babies - Business Hallmark 17 January 2024
Illegal adoption: NAPTIP nabs Anambra ‘baby factory’ founder 4 October 2023
Onitsha children’s home shut over human trafficking 17 August 2023
Anambra govt seals orphanage home over illegal adoption 16 August 2023
System is broken says Ontario mom waiting 9 months to bring adopted Nigerian daughter home | CBC News 29 May 2023
Nigeria's Anti-Human Trafficking Agency, NAPTIP Conducts DNA Tests To Determine Biological Parents Of 20-Year-Old Woman Allegedl 27 March 2023
Legal Child Adoption in Nigeria – What You Need To Know. 10 March 2023
'Amazing, exhilarating, exciting': Nigerian adoptee finally home in Orlando 26 February 2023
How Lagos policeman, ‘ministry’ paid N185,000 for newborn, mother demands baby 6 January 2023
I adopted, didn’t steal 20-year-old lady at birth – Foster mother 10 December 2022
More African children will start their journey from institutions to families due to BEB’s Children First Software 6 December 2022
‘She’s our child’: Moore couple struggles to bring adopted daughter home 8 October 2022
Baby sale booms, cartels devise means to beat clampdown 15 September 2022
Baby sale booms, cartels devise means to beat clampdown 10 September 2022
Activist Petitions Nigerian Attorney-General Malami From Prison, Seeks Investigation Into Child Trafficking Case Allegedly Invol 25 August 2022
Lagos lawyer arraigned for trafficking 11-year-old girl 25 August 2022
“It’s just unbelievable”: Family fights to bring home adopted daughter from Nigerian orphanage 20 July 2021
Central Florida family struggling with international adoption 21 June 2021
NHRC calls for speedy adoption, Implementation of child Rights’ Act 28 May 2021
Foundation opposes UK over ban on child adoption in Nigeria, others 25 May 2021
Canadians separated from adopted son in Nigeria say government has taken no action in 22 months 23 May 2021
How a Nigerian mother fought to hold on to her child in Italy 1 May 2021
Baby Farms Nigeria 8 February 2021
Lucky baby 3 February 2021
Trafficking: Eight kids rescued, expectant mothers arrested 28 January 2021
Police Burst Child Trafficking Syndicate Operating Baby Factory In Anambra 27 January 2021
Nigeria police rescue 10 people after ‘baby factory’ raid 2 December 2020
Cross-Border Adoption in Nigeria 1 December 2020
Fifty years ago in Biafra, the over-media coverage of a human drama 24 August 2020
Orphanage Owner Held For Keeping 74 Children 25 July 2020
Letter Dutch Ministry of Justice 30 June 2020
NEWSCCB probes CJN, NJC, Delta Judiciary, others over alleged child trafficking, illegal adoption of children 19 February 2020
DIPLOMAT 'BRIBE' British ambassador denies claims she adopted an African child by bribing 4 August 2019
Trafficking: Delta Govt secretly places embargo on children adoption, CDHR reacts 31 July 2019
NEWSTrafficking: Delta Govt secretly places embargo on children adoption, CDHR reacts 31 July 2019
Orphanage home’s matron, others nabbed over alleged child-trafficking in Delta, Oyo 17 May 2019
Orphanage Home’s Matron, two others arrested over alleged child-trafficking; 2-year-old baby recovered in Delta 16 May 2019
Ai.Bi. autorizzata a operare in Nigeria. L’Africa nuova frontiera della adozione internazionale 15 April 2019
Alarms about irregularities from the majority of major countries Sweden adopted from 21 February 2019
Grausam! Gestohlene Kinder – schreckliche Enthüllung von Babyhandel – ‚Stolen‘ newborn babies: Babies for sale 18 January 2019
The Adoption Series with Abimbola Adeluwoye: For the Child of the State 19 February 2018
Terre des Hommes reageert op uitzending Nieuwsuur over Biafra-kinderen 27 October 2017
Gros coup de filet à Bruxelles: arrestation d'une proxénète nigériane à la tête d'un important réseau 11 May 2017
Child Rights Activist Raises Alarm Over Missing Adoption Register, Accuses Delta Govt Of Child Trafficking 6 October 2016
Nigerian Child Forcefully Adopted in Norway 4 November 2014
Norway Forcefully Adopts Nigerian Woman's Baby 2 November 2014
Benin detains 10 people in child trafficking probe 23 July 2014
Denmark bans Nigeria adoptions after raid on suspected baby factory 30 April 2014
Adoptions from Nigeria suspended (29/04/2014) 29 April 2014
Momma Mia! 23 October 2013
Baby thieves 13 April 2013
Police charge couple, others to court for alleged child trafficking in Abia 10 April 2013
Human trafficking in Abia: Baby auction! Man sells only son for N350,000 to procure Greek visa 10 April 2013
Nigeria: Police Arrest Woman Over Selling of Babies 8 April 2013
Nigeria: 32 Pregnant Teenagers Rescued From Baby Factory 4 April 2013
Couple can keep Nigerian baby after 'scam' 18 October 2012
Blog - problems Nigeria, Congo, Ghana - Netherlands 1 October 2011
NAPTIP warns couples on illegal child adoption 11 August 2011
Foreign countries adopt 142 Lagos orphans 13 May 2011
Wereldkinderen Wikipedia 1 January 2011
Orphanage: Succour to barren parents 9 September 2010
Britain’s secret child slaves 5 September 2010
Mary’s Perpetual Help Orphanage accused of human trafficking July 2010
Hassles of Adoption in Nigeria 29 June 2010
Nigeria calls for poverty alleviation programs against child trafficking 29 June 2010
Judgement Day For Jesus Cares Orphanage Home 15 June 2010
Lagos rescues 10 children from illegal orphanage 11 June 2010
Nigeria: Octogenarian, Doctor Arrested for Allegedly Selling Babies 27 May 2010
Nigeria: Police Rescue Stolen Babies in Asaba 25 May 2010
Nigerian police discover illegal orphanage selling babies 24 May 2010
'Invisible' children at risk from unofficial fostering 20 February 2010
Nigerian Priest scandal unfolds 30 January 2010
Nigeria: Citizens Tasked On Child Adoption 24 January 2010
Orphanage gives out 750 children for adoption 8 September 2009
Nigeria: Saving the Orphan 19 June 2009
Child's Rights Act: The cure for trafficking 9 June 2009
Madonna gives Mercy 7 June 2009
Madonna 'wants to adopt Nigerian baby' 7 June 2009
Sponsor A Child, Adoption Center collaborate on child rights 10 March 2009
Wikileaks - adoption - organs 18 March 2003
Sex slaves for sale 1 December 1999