Title Publication date
CFAB - An overview of our history 30 November 2023
Abuses in foreign adoptions have not yet been investigated 18 July 2023
Children are collateral damage as DNA paternity tests rise 12 July 2023
29 orphanages shut down in Egypt due to higher rates of adoption 27 February 2023
The Story of Adoption 19 August 2022
The Harrowing Story of the 'Children of Sin' 1 June 2022
Trial of Métis children against the Belgian state: not a crime against humanity, according to justice 8 December 2021
Foster care: Why child adoption is the answer for abandoned children 6 September 2019
Stringent rules slowdown international adoption 26 August 2019
Stringent rules slowdown international adoption 26 August 2019
Stringent rules slowdown international adoption 26 August 2019
Zodra met adopties geld te verdienen valt, loert fraude om de hoek 18 May 2019
Jaak Albert werd uit Rwanda ontvoerd en groeide in België op zonder identiteit 30 April 2019
Michel excuseert zich bij kinderen van de kolonie 3 April 2019
About 900 children await adoption from orphanages 18 January 2018
Rwanda: Taken as a Toddler, 'Orphan' Reunites With Family 16 October 2017
Jeannette Kagame Shares Rwanda’s Journey to Orphanage-free Society 22 September 2017
Rwanda: Govt Lifts Ban on Foreign Adoption of Rwandan Kids 21 September 2017
East Africa: EALA Locks Out Foreigners From Child Adoption 22 August 2015
East Africa bans adoption of children by foreigners 19 August 2015
Rwanda outgrows its genocide orphanages 12 March 2015
141109 Ploumen leidt handelsmissie naar DR Congo en Rwanda 11 September 2014
Momma Mia! 23 October 2013
Rwanda: Children Council Rejects Adoption Age 3 May 2013
Saddleback aims for zero orphans in Rwanda 28 November 2012
Hope & Homes: National survey of institutions for children in Rwanda October 2012
A child-friendly adoption policy is paramount 20 July 2012
Rwanda: Adoption Policy Questioned 19 July 2012
Notice: The Hague Adoption Convention Enters into Force for Rwanda 1 July 2012
Suspension - pipeline 10 September 2010
Gov suspends new registrations for ICA (Hague ratification) 31 August 2010
Rwanda Adoption Program 2009
Unicef report: Starting from Zero 1994
History Sewers of Joy 1958